Trent Becker/Robbins/Layton (as played by Roscoe Born on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Trent Becker/Robbins/Layton

* Dean of Physics at Salem U.
* Wrote book, "Cold Fusion."
* Max Brady dislikes him.
* Working closely with Nick Fallon, regarding his prototype.
* Was thought to be a father to Melanie Layton/Jonas and is father to Max Brady.

Who's played Trent Becker/Robbins/Layton over the years?

Roscoe Born (May 29 - September 26 2008) (On contract until October 30)

Past History

Trent Becker Robbins came to Salem as a Physics University Professor and the Dean of Salem U. He met with Nick Fallon, another professor at Salem U, about his prototype. He penned a book called "Cold Fusion" and had a book signing, where Max Brady, his son, let him have it. Max didn't think the Dean's theories were true in his book and hated Trent since he was an abuser. This piqued the Dean's interest and he tried to talk with Max about it but Max looked to the man with disdain. Trent is an abuser. He was married to Nicole Walker and it was revealed that he still is, making her marriage to Victor Kiriakis was a sham. Nicole kept the marriage a secret because he was abusive and she had run away from him to save her life. Trent also revealed a daughter, Melanie Layton, who he has used in the past to get what he wants. He blackmailed Nicole into spying on Max so he could find out what his biological son was up to and find his daughter Melanie who was hiding out in France. Steve Johnson ran a background check on him when he hired him to find Nick Fallon who had gone after Max to help him find Melanie. Steve and Hope learned that Trent Becker was really Trent Robbins who was married to Misty Circle (Nicole Walker). When Nick and Max caught up with Melanie, they learned that he pimped her out to pay off gambling debts. Trent was a hated man in Salem. He crossed many, even John Black when he hit on Marlena.

Trent found Caroline Brady at the cemetery, visiting Shawn's grave, and later, the cops found Caroline beside his body as he lay dead with a knife sticking out of his back. Caroline was arrested. The suspect list was long and included Max, Nicole, Nick, Melanie and a man named Claude who he owed money to for gambling. It later came out that Nick Fallon killed Trent. Nick killed the man because he knew Trent was abusive to Melanie and he'd become obsessed with her.


Flings and Relationships





Melanie Layton (Later it was revealed that Daniel Jonas was her father)
Max Brady


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