Connor Lockhart (as played by Noah G. Segan on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Connor Lockhart

* Plays a 17 year old.
* Failed to get his high school diploma because he was in the rodeo.
* Just came to town to help his mother, Bonnie, out of a jam.
* Helped Bonnie bury the skeleton belonging to his father!
* Left town before Bonnie confessed to murdering David, his father (she didn't do it).

Who's played Connor Lockhart over the years?

Noah G. Segan (January 8, 2007 - March 2007)
Austin Wolff (1999 - 2000)

Past History

Connor's family is quite dysfunctional. With a mother like Bonnie, it couldn't have been easy to grow up a good boy! He lived outside in a tent for a time, when his dad lost his job, and then later on, Habitat for Humanity built them a house at Belle's insistence. (She helped organize it for them.)

Connor has been off the canvas for a few years. He has been in juvenile detention and on the rodeo circuit and has recently come back to Salem, at his mother's instruction. He is needed to help the family get out of a jam.

He and Bonnie have so far broken into the morgue to steal the skeleton that Max and Mimi found in an abandoned church basement, when they were kidnapped and put there by Victor Kiriakis to keep them from finding out that Philip was back in the USA. Connor and Bonnie are hilarious to watch as they scheme to hide this skeleton. They are hiding it because it is Bonnie's husband!

They told Mimi who it belonged to and she took it to the police!! Connor wasn't taken in for his part in the burial of the bones and left town in February 2007.

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