Chloe Lane Wesley Black Horton Jonas (as played by Nadia Bjorlin on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Chloe Lane Wesley Black Horton Jonas

* Turned 18 in September 2002.
* Toured Europe.
* Used to like to dress in all black! (Was called Ghoul Girl)
* Taunted Jan with a dead rat!
* Was diagnosed with Leukemia but overcame it.
* Faked her death to avoid revealing some nasty scars after an accident!
* Married Brady and moved to Europe, but later returned to Salem without Brady!
* Divorced Brady and later started fooling around with Philip Kiriakis.
* Dating Lucas currently
* Had an affair with Daniel Jonas while dating Lucas Horton. Ended affair shortly thereafter.
* Married Lucas in Vegas March 17 2009
* Divorced Lucas and married Daniel Jonas.
* Divorced Daniel after she had Philip Kiriakis' baby from a one-night stand. Turns out the kid is really Daniel's.
* Attempted suicide after childbirth when she was going through post-partum depression.
* Was blackmailed by Quinn into becoming a prostitute.
* Left prostitution pretty fast.
* Got into teaching kids how to sing.
* Left Salem for Chicago for a while.
* Returned to Salem and agreed to be a surrogate for Daniel and Nicole. The attempt at IVF didn't work so she went back on her own afterward and became pregnant. She hid it for a long time until the baby was born when she fell into a coma. After she woke up, she told Nicole the truth but didn't like that Nicole was dating  Deimos Kiriakis and decided to get full custody. She did so and Nicole kidnapped the kid and took off. Once she returned, the kid went back to Chloe who realized that she should be with her mother. Chloe gave Holly back to Nicole.

Who's played Chloe Lane Wesley Black Horton Jonas over the years?

Nadia Bjorlin (1999 - June 13, 2003 - contract; December 2003 - January 2004; August 2004 - September 2004; December 2004 - September 16, 2005; November 2007 - Tuesday, September 27, 2011 and back January 4, 2013 - April 16, 2013, Friday June 10, 2016 - present.)

Past History

Raised in various foster homes, Chloe was told and always believed that her parents died in a car accident. It wasn’t until she was introduced to and went home with Nancy that Chloe found out her biological parents, Nancy Miller and Craig Wesley, were indeed alive. Although Chloe attempted to runaway from home after witnessing an argument between her parents – even after watching Nancy get hit by a truck – she thought better of it and returned to her mother’s side and played a part in awakening Nancy from a coma with her beautiful voice!

Although her relationship with her father was anything but stress free, Chloe accepted the fact that she’d promised her mother she wouldn’t let Craig know ‘she knew’ he was her dad and found a way to relate to him as a friend. While rebelling in school by dressing in Goth attire, Chloe was befriended by Shawn Douglas Brady, Isabella Black and Phillip Kiriakis who stood up for her against her fellow peers.

Just as things appeared to be going smoothly for Chloe, her biological grandfather, Dr. Albert Miller, came to Salem and approached his granddaughter with his knowledge of her paternity. Although Chloe almost left town for a life with her grandfather, she confided her troubles in Belle who helped her decide to stick it out at home with her friends and parents. When Craig finally found out who Chloe really was, he didn’t take the news too well but later accepted his daughter – and became Chloe’s confidant when she began turning away from her mother!

After attending the Last Blast dance together, Phillip became more attracted to Chloe and even took over the brunt of a nasty joke meant for Chloe when he stepped in front of her and into oncoming chicken blood! Just as the two were about to share their first kiss, her mother interrupted them, causing Chloe to lash out at Nancy once again. Although the kiss came later down the road, Chloe was heartbroken to find out that Phillip asked her the dance on a bet with Shawn!

Later, Chloe’s life was turned upside yet again when Mimi and her family moved into the Wesley house at a time when they were down and out. Although Chloe did everything she could to make their stay unpleasant, it only helped contribute to her failing relationship with her mother.

As Chloe ran away from her feelings for Phillip, she was pushed into close quarters with Brady Black. However, the two butted heads and Chloe started dating Phillip on a more permanent basis to which resulted in a friendship with Stefano. However, just as Phillip and Chloe were about to make love, Victor appeared – after Phillip had made her believe he was dead! Chloe immediately fled the scene then accused Phillip of trying to rape her as payback! Though she finally fessed up to the lie, and reunited with Phillip, it wasn’t long before Jan and Mimi caused Chloe and Phillip problems by posting nude pics of Chloe in the shower online! After Phillip fell into Mimi and Jan’s trap, and turned on Chloe, she refused to go on the class trip with him once he found out the truth…

While Phillip was gone, Chloe and Brady started becoming friends, which caused Phillip to explode upon his return! Through a period of being torn between her love for Phillip and her fresh feelings for Brady, who was in love with Chloe, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Although Chloe’s family started thinking that Nancy’s rapist, Fredrick Sykes was Chloe’s biological father, and set out to find him in order to get Chloe a bone marrow transplant, Craig proved himself to be her dad! In the end, Chloe’s life was spared after Nancy’s newborn proved to be a match!

During the scare, after Phillip had Brady falsely arrested, Chloe finally told him it was over and moved on and developed a relationship with Brady. However, once recovered from her illness, Chloe was offered a singing gig with Cecilia Marin and was forced to chose between her new love for Brady and her dream to which Chloe chose the latter and left Salem behind…

It wasn’t until 2003 when Victor summons Chloe back to town that she decided to stay in Salem with Brady. However, she quickly left again at the next opportunity. Chloe’s life again took a turn for the worse after suffering some dreadful scars, resulting from an accident, to which she begged her mother to tell her friends and family she was dead – for fear of being seen in that condition. When a surgical procedure became possible for Chloe, she returned to Salem and was amazed that not only did Brady forgive her – but he proposed before the surgery, accepting Chloe for who she was.

After the surgery proved to be a success, Chloe and Brady married and left Salem for good while she engaged in a singing tour of Europe. Now, years later, Chloe returns to Salem in November 2007 when she can't find Brady, after he was kidnapped. She befriends Shawn and Philip but when she doesn't come clean about all that happened to Brady, Marlena and Belle aren't so friendly. She recently helped Shawn and Belle find Claire by going with them to New Ross, Ireland.

When they returned from Ireland, Chloe and Philip continued flirting with each other, but she noticed that Philip also developed a relationship with Morgan. Chloe backed off when things between Morgan and Philip picked up.

While Lucas was under house arrest, Chloe and Lucas forged a friendship. Lucas broke his house arrest to see her and they ended up making love when they got stuck in the Salem Inn elevator. Much to Philip, Kate, and Sami's dismay, Chloe and Lucas started dating. Eventually, Philip gave Lucas and Chloe his blessing and fixed his friendship with Chloe. Chloe and Lucas live together at the Horton Cabin but she is annoyed at his ties to Sami, and Chloe has doubts about being a mother figure to Allie, Lucas' daughter with Sami. Chloe sees how much Kate's recent cancer diagnosis has worried Lucas and Philip, so in an effort to reach out to Kate, they have reached a temporary truce.

The truce doesn't last when Kate finds out Chloe is having an affair with Daniel. Chloe and him get cozy when Chloe donates her bone marrow to Kate, who needed it to help with her lung cancer. Chloe has let go of Daniel, and married Lucas in Vegas, but Kate still wants revenge. She's trying to kill Chloe and set up Daniel. Chloe and Daniel still love each other, though Chloe is trying to put him behind her.

Chloe has now told Daniel she wants to divorce Lucas and be with him, but since Kate has been poisoning her, she is in the hospital, fighting for her life. Chloe came out of her coma, but Lucas had already found out about the affair. They parted ways and Chloe and Daniel Jonas got together. Chloe was manipulated by Vivian Alamain when she came to town to try to kill Carly Manning. Vivian manipulated Chloe into thinking Carly and Daniel were having an affair and tried to talk Chloe into killing Carly. It didn't pan out. Chloe and Philip had sex one night when Philip thought Melanie was going to leave him and Chloe assumed Daniel was having sex with Carly. Philip and Chloe had a one-night stand that resulted in a pregnancy but when Chloe had the DNA testing done, the results were switched to make it appear as though Daniel was the father. Chloe and Daniel married. Chloe struggled with wanting to tell Daniel the truth about the one-nighter but in the end, the paternity came out while Parker was being christened and everyone learned Parker was Philip's baby. Daniel divorced Chloe, and she fell into post-partum depression. She attempted suicide and Philip saved her life. After, she did get better, and tried her hand at teaching Opera singing. She bumped into Quinn, and they had a drunken night of sex which he taped. He blackmailed her with the evidence. Either she become a prostitute or she won't get custody of her son, because he'd show the video of her taking his money after sex. Chloe tried to reason with him, but she wound up becoming a hooker. She later learned Kate was behind it. She kept it up in order to pay for an apartment and be seen as a good provider in the eyes of Child Protective Services. She made an appointment on her own, knowing the Salem Stalker was out beating hookers and was beaten by Gus, who she named when she came out of a coma. Brady and Nicole learned she was hooking and Brady set her up with an audition in Chicago to sing. She and Kinsey took off and became roomates. Chloe returned a few years later and told Daniel that Parker was really his kid. With her mother's help, she tried to break-up Jenn and Daniel to get back together with him. Chloe blackmailed Jenn in order to dump Daniel and threatened to keep Parker from him if Jenn didn't comply. Jenn dumped Dan but Daniel soon realized Chloe's scheme and reconciled with Jenn. Chloe realized her mistakes and went into rehab. She became healthier and allowed Daniel visitation rights to his son. Parker now spends time with both parents. Chloe returned to Salem when Daniel died and again when Deimos sought her out after Kate pushed him into the river during a fight. It turned out they knew one another and had been intimate. Soon, Chloe realized she was pregnant and thought he was the father. She told Nicole, but feigned that Philip was the father. Philip went along with this until a paternity test revealed to Deimos that neither he nor Philip could be the father. Chloe was astounded, and left town. She realized that Daniel was the father, and flashed back to (new episodes) a time when Nicole and Daniel asked her to be a surrogate for them. The procedure didn't take but Chloe had it done one more time. She was told by the clinic that it didn't work and realized that it actually had. She was faced with a decision - tell Nicole the truth or protect the child from Deimos, who she felt was controlling. She decided to keep it a secret and then went to court and got custody of Holly, when the child was born. She got custody but Nicole kidnapped the kid and made Chloe realize through her own grief how Nicole must have felt not being able to be with her child so she decided to give the child back once Nicole was sentenced with community service and a fine for the kidnapping.

Flings and Relationships

Deimos Kiriakis (fling 2016)
Lucas (Roberts) Horton (dating/lovers/Married March 17 2009)
Philip Kiriakis (ex-boyfriend)
Brady Black (lovers)
Quinn (Lovers)
Dr. Daniel Jonas (married - separated January 2011; divorced)


Craig Wesley (father)
Nancy Miller Wesley (mother)
Joy Wesley (sister)
Albert Miller (grandfather)


Parker Jonas (with Daniel Jonas)
Surrogate for Daniel and Nicole (Holly)


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