Brady Black (as played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Brady Black

* Came to Salem as a bad boy, was rude to Marlena.
* Interest in little sister, Belle's friend, Chloe.
* Sang with Chloe at the pier.
* Lived with Victor, in the mansion.
* Was part of the saviors who went to Melaswen to save survivors of the Salem Stalker!
* Thought Chloe had died in car accident in Paris and moved on with Nicole (fling).
* Found out Chloe was alive and later married her.
* Duo left town for Europe.
* Brady got involved in drugs while in Europe and wound up in a rehab treatment center.
* Divorced Chloe May 27, 2008.
* Returning to Salem November 08.
* Was engaged to business tycoon Madison James of MadWorld Cosmetics until her death.
* Left Titan to join forces with his dad and re-open Basic Black.
* Fell off the wagon and married Theresa Donovan in Vegas.
* Got an annulment from Theresa.
* Had an accident when Eric was drunk driving and required a new heart. Daniel died in the accident and Brady received his heart.
* Brady ran after Nicole when she kidnapped Holly.
* Brady was shot by Xander and almost died.

Who's played Brady Black over the years?

Eric Martsolf (Thursday November 13 2008 - Present)
Kyle Brandon Lowder (2000 - September 15, 2005)
Piers Cox (2001 in flashbacks)
Eric and Brandon Billings (1994 - 1999)
Alex, Max, and Dash Lucero (1992 - 1994)

Past History

Brady Black is the son of John Black and deceased Isabella Toscano. He was sent to private school and returned on a college break, not returning home. He resented John for dating Marlena so soon after Isabella's death and treated her disrespectfully, even though Marlena was the one who basically brought him up. Marlena was convinced Brady was trying to kill Belle and when Belle was injured in a train accident, she blamed him, though he is the one who saved Belle. Roman shot Brady by accident and Brady was paralyzed from the waist down. Brady started getting the use of his legs back, but he was determined to get back at Marlena and get her out of his life. After a time, the two were able to see through their differences and they forged a relationship. Isabella came to him in visions and guided him through life and issues with Philip, who was dating Chloe Lane, with whom he cared for. Chloe and Brady finally got together and Chloe found out she had leukemia. She fought and the disease went into remission and she left for Europe.

Brady moved in with Victor and turned to Nicole Walker for support and they became close, but NIcole showed her true colors soon and when Chloe returned from Europe, he knew he still loved her. Victor "died" in the Salem Stalker storyline, and Chloe, he thought had died in a car accident overseas, but when he found out Victor was alive on an island, (Melaswen) he was one of those who went to save him. Nicole and Brady were still together until he wound up in hospital and found out that Chloe was really alive, but hiding because of a scar on her face. He eventually married her and they left for a honeymoon and to Europe to live. Chloe returned to Salem November of 2007, without Brady, and it was found out that Brady had turned to drugs - and divorced her. Family blame Chloe for getting Brady into drugs, because her friends were into that. He has been through rehab and is now on his way back to Salem, November 2008.

Brady returned sober and made amends with family. He and Chloe, now divorced, remain friendly. He is currently working at Titan and interested in Arianna Hernandez, a waitress at the pub. They dated and had an on and off relationship with much turmoil before finally calling it quits. Brady attempted to get together with Nicole, but found she was lying to him. His demons returned and he started drinking. He learned that Vivian was going to lock Maggie into a sarcophagus, because Maggie and Victor are interested in one another. Brady put a stop to that and turned the tables on Vivian. He kept her in the sarcophagus several days. Nicole, Victor and Kate caught on. Eventually, Vivian got out and threatened to take revenge on all of them, but ended up quitting and leaving town. Brady and Nicole attempted to get together again but that didn’t last.

Brady met Madison James, the owner of MadWorld Cosmetics, who came to Salem to get into business with Brady and Victor and Titan Industries. They started seeing each other. Meanwhile, John and Marlena came back to Salem and after John was accused of stealing retirement funding from his Basic Black employees, he was proven innocent and used all his assets in an effort to pay back his employees. Brady decided to leave Titan and convinced John to work together to rebuild Basic Black. He happily proposed to Madison and while awaiting her answer, found out that she was still married to a man named Ian McAllister. Furious, Brady told Madison to leave him alone and they are on the outs. This didn't last and soon, Madison explained that she has been trying to get away from Ian for some time. The pair continued to date and Ian finally agreed to a divorce. Brady and Madison became engaged and were to marry when the "Daysaster" struck and the gas pipes in Salem blew. She was killed in the explosion and Brady found it difficult to move on. When Kristen DiMera returned to town, he hated her on sight, because of her murder attempt on Marlena some fourteen years earlier. Eventually, he came to see another side of her - as she manipulated him - and they got together. Marlena, John and the rest of the family were furious with him for dating the enemy but he defended Kristen and though she has been playing him, he does not yet see it.

Flings and Relationships

Chloe Lane Wesley Black (dated and married September 16, 2005 and divorced May 27, 2008)
Nicole Walker (brief fling 2005, dating May 2017)
Arianna Hernandez (Dated 2010)
Madison James (Dated 2011)


John Black (father)
Isabella Toscano (mother now deceased)
Belle Black Kiriakis Brady (paternal half-sister)
Santo DiMera (paternal grandfather, now deceased)
Colleen Brady (paternal grandmother, now deceased)
Victor Kiriakis (paternal Grandfather)
Loretta Toscano (maternal grandmother, now deceased)
Yurgos Kiriakis (maternal great-grandfather, now deceased)
Sophie Kiriakis (maternal great-grandmother, now deceased)
Marina Toscano (maternal half-aunt, now deceased)
Bo Brady (maternal half-uncle)
Philip Kiriakis (maternal half-uncle)
Stefano DiMera (paternal half-uncle)
Shawn Douglas Brady (Current) (maternal half-cousin)
Chelsea Benson-Brady (maternal half-cousin)
Zack Brady (maternal half-cousin, now deceased)
Claire (Kiriakis) Brady (Current) (paternal half-niece/maternal half-cousin; once removed)
Tyler Kiriakis (maternal half-nephew)
Alexander Kiriakis (paternal great-uncle)
Tony DiMera (paternal half-cousin -but not through blood)
Renée DuMonde (paternal half-cousin, now deceased)
Megan Hathaway (paternal half-cousin, now deceased)
Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks Carver (paternal half-cousin)
Benjy Hawk (paternal half-cousin, now deceased)
EJ Wells DiMera (paternal half-cousin)
Justin Kiriakis (paternal first cousin)
Alexander Kiriakis (paternal second cousin)
Joseph Kiriakis (paternal second cousin - badoption)
Victor Kiriakis II (paternal second cousin - adoption)
Jackson Kiriakis (paternal second cousin)
Steven Hawk (paternal half-cousin)
Theo Carver (current) (paternal half-cousin)
Andre DiMera (paternal second cousin)
Shawn Brady Sr.(paternal great-uncle)
Eric Brady (paternal great-uncle)
Molly Brady (paternal great-aunt)
Colin Murphy (paternal cousin, and now deceased)
Roman Brady (paternal cousin)
Kimberly Brady (paternal cousin)
Kayla Johnson (paternal cousin)
Frankie Brady (paternal cousin, - adoption)
Max Brady (paternal cousin, ; via adoption)
Carrie Brady Roberts Reed (paternal second cousin)
Samantha Brady Horton DiMera (paternal second cousin)
Samantha Brady Horton DiMera (paternal second cousin)
Rex Brady (paternal second cousin)
Cassie Brady (paternal second cousin)
Andrew Donovan IV (paternal second cousin)
Jeannie Donovan (paternal second cousin)
Stephanie Johnson (current) (paternal second cousin)
Joey Johnson (paternal second cousin)
Will Roberts (paternal second cousin)
Alice Caroline Horton (paternal second cousin)
Johnny DiMera (paternal half-cousin)


Tate (with Theresa Donovan)


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