Bonnie Lockhart (as played by Judi Evans-Luciano on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Bonnie Lockhart

* Name is actually Bonnie Maureen Lockhart.
* She went by Maureen when first on the show.
* Lives at 860 Whitley St.
* As of January 24th seen on an acceptance letter Chelsea got from Salem U.
* Went to prison for her daughter.

Who's played Bonnie Lockhart over the years?

Judi Evans (September 3, 2003 - March 1, 2007; Friday July 21 - present)
Robin Kathy Connell (August 15, 2000 - June 7, 2002) Riker (July 11, 2000 - July 31, 2000)

Past History

Bonnie Lockhart is a single mother and has three children, Mimi, Connor and Patrick. She is a con artist, always on the lookout for a new scheme. Bonnie's husband abandoned her when Mimi was a teenager. In 1994, Belle Black got the Habitat for Humanity to build the Lockhart family a home, after she found out that they lived in a tent outdoors.

Bonnie pursued Mickey Horton for his money, after Maggie Horton was murdered by the Salem Stalker. (She wasn't dead, but turned up alive on Tony DiMera's island.) She almost married Mickey. She lived with him and ran Maggie's restaurant. She even turned it into a country bar (Alice's). She moved in with Mickey and when they were almost wed, Maggie showed up alive. Mickey had to make a choice on whether or not to marry Bonnie or stick with Maggie. In the end, he chose Maggie and Bonnie was left in the cold. She was given the bar as a pay off by Mickey. She ran the bar and got into Mimi's life as well as Patrick's and had a brief flirtation with Roman Brady.

When Mimi was living with Rex DiMera, she became pregnant and Bonnie encouraged her daughter to abort the child. Mimi did so but is now infertile because of the infection she got when she aborted the child.

Bonnie is often seen scheming for money and when a skeleton turned up in an abandoned basement, Bonnie went to Patrick and Connor for help. The three have something to do with this skeleton which proved to be Mimi's father, David. Mimi accidentally killed her father while they were arguing. Bonnie was able to convince her daughter to let her take the blame for his death and went to prison. Mimi and Connor left Salem.

With Anjelica Deveraux and Hattie Adams' help, Bonnie Lockhart, who is a dead ringer for Adrienne Kiriakis, and BFFs with Hattie, was released from prison while Adrienne was drugged and thrown in prison to replace her. Adrienne tried to get the attention of the guard but he refused to listen to her. Meanwhile, At Anjelica's behest, Bonnie dumped Lucas, even though she found him irresistible, and she reunited with Justin so that she could move into the Kiriakis mansion and take revenge on Maggie Horton Kiriakis for taking Mickey Horton from her, years ago. Eventually, she'd dump Justin and Anjelica was to pick up the pieces, but when Bonnie had sex with Lucas while he was drunk, Anjelica and Hattie found out. They argued and Anjelica died of a heart attack. Bonnie moved into the mansion with Justin while Hattie set the scene, making it appear as though Lucas and Anjelica had sex.

Flings and Relationships

Mickey Horton (married, but invalid)
Roman Brady (brief flirtation)




Connor Lockhart (son with David)
Mimi Lockhart-Brady (daughter with David)
Patrick Brian Lockhart (son with David)


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