Bo Brady (as played by Peter Reckell on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Bo Brady

* Name is actually Beauregard Aurelius Brady.
* Resides on Copper Lantern Drive with Hope Brady.
* Owns a boat named Fancy Face, that was destroyed in a bad storm that Willow and Shawn were in.
* Has a bad temper but a big heart!
* Birthday is November 2
* Had a life-saving surgery when his pancreas shut down.
* Daughter Chelsea moved to England for school and to be with Max.
* Split up from Hope and became lovers with Carly.
* Carly dumped Bo and now he and Hope will get back together.
* Ciara ran away when she wrongly thought her parents weren't happy. She was found the same day.
* Was almost murdered by Hope when she was under the influence of drugs.
* Attacked by thugs and in a coma in 2012.
* Resigned from the Salem PD when there were budget cuts.
* Took mother Caroline to California for Alzheimer’s treatment, then went sailing with Hope and Ciara before they returned to Salem without him.
* Sent a note to Hope in 2014 that he was undercover and unreachable indefinitely. The note turned out to be a fake and he was actually being held prisoner.
* Escaped his captors with Steve Johnson’s help and returned to Salem in time to save Hope from being murdered by her new husband Aiden Jennings.
* Shortly after his return his sister Kayla diagnosed him with an inoperable brain tumor.
* Died in Hope's arms on November 20, 2015.

Who's played Bo Brady over the years?

Peter Reckell (1983 - 1987, 1990 - 1992, 1995- October 30, 2012; September 8, 2015 - December 2, 2015)
Brandon Lawrence (1997 in flashbacks)
Robert Kelker-Kelly (1992 - 1995)
Micah Bedrosian (1990 in flashbacks)

Past History

Bo Brady came to Salem as a leather jacket wearing, motorcycle riding middle class kind of guy! He fell for Hope Williams, who was from the other side of the tracks, and engaged to Larry Welch. Hope fell for Bo but married Larry briefly. Once divorced, she married Bo.

Bo always thought that he was completely a Brady, but found out that drug and crime lord, Victor Kiriakis, was actually his father, from an affair that his mother Caroline Brady had with Victor, years ago.

Bo and Hope tried to get pregnant while living in the Kiriakis mansion, however, the stress made Hope miscarry, then she became pregnant once again with Shawn-Douglas and they set sail around the world.

They wound up involved with evil Ernesto Toscano, and Hope ended up being caught in an explosion and presumed dead. A devastated Bo went back to Salem with Shawn to live and later was involved with Dr. Carly Manning. Carly had a son with Lawrence Alamain, who was also presumed dead. While she tried to commit to Bo, she ended up back in Larry's arms. They moved to Switzerland and Bo turned to Billie Reed. The two eventually married. However, Bo was not ready to be married. He still loved Hope, so Billie moved to Paris and gave him an annulment. When it turned out that Hope was alive, the two got back together. They didn't make it far after Hope stumbled in upon Bo and Billie in a compromising position. Nothing happened, but Hope didn't believe Bo and left him.

Bo and Billie went undercover and were involved in a drug smuggling case, after Shawn was shot by a drug dealer, J.L. King, and Bo and Billie had to marry in order to prove that they were on the up and up. During this time, Bo still loved Hope and held out that she'd come to her senses and trust him, and that nothing happened. Hope turned to Franco Kelly for comfort, and Bo thought that she had given up on him, so he made love to Billie, who had a stillborn baby in the Bayou, in New Orleans. Billie told Bo that she miscarried because of an argument that she and Hope had and the two were kept apart a while longer.

Bo tried to help Hope find out what she was doing all those years after the explosion, and they went to the Bayou and met 'Swamp Girl', whose name was really Princess Greta (the real Gina's daughter) who had the key to Hope's past. It turned out that Hope was brainwashed into thinking she was Princess Gina, who was an art thief and friend to Stefano DiMera. Gina and Hope switched places, with Gina faking who she really was. She shot Shawn D and found that Hope was in Europe, imprisoned with Stefano. She was pregnant! Bo married Hope, thinking the child couldn't have been his. It was John Black's child. The baby was switched at birth with Marlo's (Stefano's henchman Rauf's niece) sickly child, and Lexi Carver was given Hope's child to raise. Eventually the two found out and took their son from Abe and Lexi, while losing custody of J.T. to his biological father. Isaac was brought up with Hope and Bo.
When the Salem Stalker storyline came about, the two fought to find out who the culprit was. They became bounty hunters and eventually found that Billie knew that the Salemites were not killed but stranded on a replica of Salem, Melaswen (new Salem).

Upon their return to Salem, Bo found that his daughter Georgia was alive, not stillborn as he once thought. He and Billie went to search for the child as Hope and Bo's marriage was on the rocks. Once they found Chelsea, she turned to be a real bad apple. Chelsea went to great lengths to keep Bo and Hope apart and when Bo agreed to let Chelsea drive his car one night, she accidentally drove over her little brother, Zack. Hope and Bo fought over this for a while, and each lost in their own devastation, Hope turned away from Bo, and Bo seemed to have sided with Chelsea. When it was found that Chelsea was trying to keep the two apart, by intercepting emails from Bo to Hope, it was almost too late for them. Hope went to the arms of Patrick Lockhart. They made love and Hope became pregnant. Patrick paid off Dr. Bader to tell everyone that the child was his, but Bo and Hope's love was strong, and they started on the road to mend their marriage. When Lockhart kidnapped Hope, at EJ Wells' instruction, Bo found the two in an abandoned warehouse. Hope had gone into labor, so Bo and Patrick helped deliver baby (Ciara). Patrick came clean and told the pair that the child was Bo's baby!

Bo and Hope reunited and helped Shawn and Belle, who were on the run with their child, Claire.

After helping Shawn and Belle in their battle with Philip over Claire, Bo and Hope decided to investigate the root of the DiMera/Brady feud. They learned about Colleen Brady,Shawn's sister who had had an affair with Santo DiMera, Stefano's father. When Claire was kidnapped by Crystal Miller, Bo and Hope, as well as John, Marlena, Belle, Shawn, Philip, Chloe, Steve, and Kayla, went to Ireland to find Claire. They were surprised to meet an alive Colleen Brady, and learned that Colleen had Claire to protect her. Colleen revealed the source of the Brady/DiMera feud when she admitted to her affair with Santo DiMera. She also revealed that she was John's mother and that she was terminally ill. She died shortly after. While on the trip, Bo experienced severe back pain and his health deteriorated.

On the way home from Ireland, Bo and Hope, as well as everyone else flying back, faced a traumatic plane crash due to plane sabotage. Bo's health deteriorated further during the ordeal on the plane. His father, Shawn Brady Senior, died as a hero on the plane.

Upon his return to Salem, Bo was immediately hospitalized and tests revealed that his pancreas was shutting down. Victor flew in a specialist, Dr. Jonas, who revealed that Bo's only chance at survival was a risky pancreatic transplant, but they needed a donor. Bo's family and friends were tested, and Chelsea was revealed as the perfect match. With his family and friends by his side, Bo underwent a successful surgery and was able to attend his father's funeral. Bo also wished his son, Shawn, and Belle a safe trip as they left Salem to sail around the world.

With his health back on track, Bo returned to work. He investigated the Paul Hollingsworth case, in which he found evidence (a tape) incriminating his brother, Philip. When Victor suffered a stroke, Bo decided to withhold this evidence, as per Victor's bedside request. This weighed heavily on Bo's conscience, especially since he kept it from Hope. Bo surprised Hope with a beautiful ceremony to renew their wedding vows. This ended in Bo being arrested for corrupting evidence. Eventually Bo was cleared of the charges. With Stefano back in Salem, Bo returned to work.

Upon Abe's recent election as Mayor, Bo was named the new Police Commissioner of the Salem PD. He and Hope are now working together to solve the murders of Dean Trent Robbins and ex-Mayor Marino. The mystery was solved when the killer came looking for Sami, who was hiding out in a safe house with FBI agent, Rafe Hernendez, after witnessing the murder of Mayor Marino. Since then, Bo has started having visions about something happening to those loved ones around him, since falling off a ladder when putting up the star on the Christmas Tree. He saw Theo falling down the stairs at the DiMera mansion and acted on it quickly, getting there just after it happened, he saw Hope with another man, Roman, in bed, but that vision turned out to be a partial truth when Roman was with Hope in a hotel room, in a police sting. He recently had another vision of Ciara getting lost in the woods. He stopped having visions and Ciara was kidnapped by a new cop to Salem PD. Hope and Bo disagreed about how to handle the crisis and once they found Ciara, they separated. Carly Manning returned to Salem and he and Carly got back together. They live in Bo's house while Hope moved to the Kiriakis mansion. Bo and Hope went through difficult times apart, especially Hope, who turned to drugs to help her sleep. The medication though, made her psychotic and she went around mugging the men of Salem. She attempted to kill Bo, but he caught her and videotaped her confessing to her crimes. She awoke the next day and turned herself in with Bo's help. He promised to stick by her. She went to jail and he's busy trying to help Ciara get through her mom being away. He and Carly have broken up. Bo learned that there was something going on in the prison and helped Hope escape. They're on the run, but warden Jane has captured him. Hope and Carly saved them and the warden and Jane went to jail, along with Ben. This pushed Hope and Bo together and he dumped Carly for Hope. Ciara soon ran away after thinking they'd be better off without her but she was found the same day by a prostitute and by RoboRafe the Rafe impostor. Bo continued working on the prostitution cases with Hope.

Once the prostitution cases were solved, Bo and Hope continued working together on other cases, including Johnny DiMera's alleged kidnapping. They also revealed their big 'secret' project: the revival of the Town Square, which they dedicated to Tom and Alice Horton. During this project, Hope found a letter and some other clues that tied Alice to EJ and Stefano DiMera. She and Bo are currently trying to figure out why Alice was corresponding with Stefano. They also seek marriage counseling with Marlena, as Hope wants to face the grief she still has over Zack's death.

Bo was attacked while on the job with Roman and was in a coma. He came out of it a few weeks later with Hope at his bedside. He and Hope continued counseling and became closer as a result. Bo started to feel he wasn't doing enough as a police officer and decided to resign. When his mother Caroline was diagnosed with Alzheimer's he took her to California for treatment. When Hope and Ciara returned to Salem without him Hope told everyone they had gone sailing as a family and Bo would return later.

Hope eventually learned Bo was back undercover with John, but in the spring of 2014 John returned to Salem with a note from Bo. Bo said that he was going further undercover and would be unreachable for an indefinite amount of time. Hope was heartbroken and eventually divorced him and moved on with another man.

In reality, Bo had been trying to find some evidence to lock Stefano up when he was kidnapped by thugs looking for information about an experimental drug Victor had developed to cure Caroline of her rare condition that mimicked Alzheimer’s. He was held captive for two years but was able to escape with the help of his friend Steve Johnson. Despite a plane crash and other difficulties, Bo made it back to Salem in time to save his wife Hope from being murdered by her new husband Aiden Jennings.

Bo was ecstatic to be home with Hope and his teen daughter Ciara. Shortly after arriving, Bo fainted and his sister Kayla had him checked out and diagnosed him with an inoperable brain tumor. He made love to Hope one last time, then died in her arms a short time later, in the spot where they shared their first kiss, as a gentle snow began to fall.

Flings and Relationships

Carly Manning Kiriakis Brady Alamain (Katerina Von Leuschner) Dated and lived with.
Diane Parker
Janet Nelson
Britta Englund (deceased)
Megan Hathaway (deceased)


Victor Kiriakis (father)
Caroline Brady (mother)
Isabella Toscano (half-sister - deceased)
Philip Kiriakis (half-brother)
Roman Brady (half-brother)
Kimberly Brady Donovan (half-sister)
Kayla Johnson (half-sister)
Frankie Brady (half-brother by adoption
Max Brady (half-brother by adoption)
Yurgos Kiriakis (grandfather - deceased)
Sophie Kiriakis (grandmother - deceased)
Alexander Kiriakis (uncle - deceased)
Justin Kiriakis (cousin)
Brady Black (half-nephew)
Carrie Brady Roberts Reed (half-niece)
Eric Brady (half-nephew)
Sami Brady (half-niece)
Rex Brady (half-nephew)
Cassie Brady (half-niece)
Andrew Donovan IV (half-nephew)
Theresa Donovan (half-niece)
Stephanie Johnson (half-niece)
Alexander Kiriakis (first cousin)
Victor Kiriakis II (first cousin by adoption)
Joseph Kiriakis (first cousin by adoption)
Jackson Kiriakis (first cousin)
Claire Kiriakis Brady (granddaughter)


Shawn Douglas Brady (Son with Hope Williams Brady)
Chelsea Benson-Brady (Daughter with Billie Reed)
Zack Brady (Son with Hope Williams Brady, deceased)
Ciara Alice Brady (Daughter with Hope Williams Brady)


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