Billie Reed (as played by Lisa Rinna on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Billie Reed

* Birthdate is August 29, 1972.
* Was raped, drugged and led into prostitution by Curtis Reed - now deceased father.
* Bo got her off drugs.
* Went on trial for killing father Curtis Reed.
* She had a baby with Bo, but she was led to believe that the daughter was stillborn. She was living in Salem the entire time!
* Lived at the Lockhart home until mid-January 2007.
* She and Chelsea moved to 110 Guilford Street, into Lucas' old apartment.
* Worked at Titan's London office as head of security.
* Worked for Countess Wilhelmina.

Who's played Billie Reed over the years?

Julie Pinson (September 13, 2004 - January 2008)
Lisa Rinna (September 21, 1992 - September 28, 1995, July 3, 2002 - January 8, 2003; March 2012; February 13, 2018 - present)
Krista Allen (September 6, 1996 - November 5, 1999)
Courtney and Erica Chasen (1994 in flashbacks only)
Heather Lauren Olsen (1994 in flashbacks)

Past History

Billie Reed arrived in Salem just after her brother Austin in 1992. She had a tumultuous past with drugs, prostitution, stripping and dabbling in the adult industry as a 'porn star'. She had been sexually abused by her father Curtis, but Austin and she were very close. Billie lived with Carrie Brady for a time and was trying to pull things together with the help of Bo Brady. All hell broke loose when Billie and Austin's presumed dead father turned up in Salem. Not long after his arrival, Curtis was found shot dead. An innocent Billie was charged with Curtis Reed's murder, and through the trial, the real killer was found to be Stefano DiMera, who had killed Curtis in self-defense. It was at this time that Kate Roberts was found to be Billie and Austin's biological mother. Billie and Bo became close during her trial and eventually married.
Gina came back to Salem without memory of who she truly was (Hope) until after Billie married Bo. With Hope back in Salem, Bo couldn't stick by Billie, and their marriage was annulled. During this time, Billie had been working for a Cosmetics Company, Countess Wilhelmina, and left for a brief time to Paris to promote the company. Upon her return, she again tried to rekindle her romance with Bo.

Bo had Billie go to Rome with him, undercover, when Shawn D. was shot by J.L. King, a drug lord. To ensure they were on the up and up, the two were forced to marry. It was there that Billie became pregnant with 'Georgia'.

Back in USA, Billie miscarried the baby. She was told that the baby died at birth by a woman in New Orleans. She blamed Hope for her loss of the baby, and it wasn't until much later that everyone would find that Billie had lost the baby on her own and that Hope had nothing to do with it. Eventually, Bo and Hope grew closer and re-married. Billie spent time with Roman, Bo's brother. While she always carried a torch for Bo, she had no luck in separating the duo.

Billie also always had issues with Kate, and the men who Kate was dating. Handsome Nicholas Alamain came to Salem and fell for Kate while Billie tried to romance him. Nothing worked, so Billie left town once again.

Billie came back to town in 2002. On her way into town, her car was hit with a meteor (containing pods carrying Cassie and Rex DiMera). She wasn't harmed. She decided to become a police officer and lived with her mother while she attended the academy. She was shot by Larry Welch, resumed her affair with Roman Brady and joined the ISA. She left town for London and the next she was heard of was when she messaged Bo. This was at the time of the Salem Stalker, and in her message, she told him that she knew who the stalker was. She then went missing, and turned up on Melaswen (New Salem) Island. She helped everyone on the island get back to Salem. Upon her return to Salem, with almost everyone else, Bo found that their daughter 'Georgia' was actually not stillborn, but alive and well and living somewhere in Europe. Bo and Billie left Salem to search for their 16 year old daughter, and found that Stefano DiMera had her kidnapped and adopted by a resident of Salem. 'Georgia' was not found right away, and Billie found that she couldn't stand the wait. She turned her attentions on Abby Deveraux's best friend, Chelsea Benson, whose parents were in a fatal car crash. Billie took Chelsea in and took care of her, then found out that she was Billie and Bo's daughter, Georgia. Chelsea was a bad girl, and hated Billie for the longest time. They've since bonded, and Billie has seen her daughter through some extremely stormy issues.

Billie had an affair with Patrick Lockhart, and although they're now just friends, she resided in his house with him, Chelsea, and his mother, Bonnie Lockhart. During this time, Chelsea had been trying to get Bo and Billie back together. During some difficult times when Bo and Hope's son Zack died, Billie was there for her old friend and things turned romantic. While Bo and Hope were separated, Bo and Billie had sex. They soon realized that they were better off as friends, much to Chelsea's chagrin.

Billie and Bo would go through many more issues with Chelsea. When she was found out to have been the one to be driving the car that ran over Zack, Billie's first instinct was to protect her and lie for her. However, eventually it all came out that Chelsea was driving the car that hit Zack, (her half-brother) and she did community service.

Billie stuck by her daughter through her difficult relationship with Max Brady, while Billie started to date Steve (Patch) Johnson. Chelsea didn't want Billie with Steve, and eventually Steve regained his memory (he was amnesic) and went back to Kayla. Billie thought she was being given one more shot at happiness and was devastated when she was turned down by Steve. She turned to the bottle and smoking one night, and wound up having sex with Nick Fallon (Chelsea's friend) and learned to regret it immediately. She turned to Bo for help, and he reassured her that it wasn't the end of the world and would probably give the younger man a confidence lift. He took Billie to an AA meeting.

Nick and Chelsea started a romantic relationship so when Chelsea found out about Billie and Nick's one night affair she broke up with Nick and resented Billie.

Billie's career took a shift when she developed a security system and proposed her business idea to EJ Wells, but Lucas warned her not to do business with EJ. After discovering that EJ slept with Kate, Billie decided against doing any business with EJ. She eventually got a job at Salem University as the head of security, and fixed her relationship with Chelsea. At Salem University, Billie feared for Chelsea's safety after the news that several rape crimes had been taking place. Chelsea confessed to her mom that she and her sorority sisters enticed Ford Decker (a male student accused of the rapes) to their sorority house where he ended up dead after falling down the stairs. Victor helped get the charges against Chelsea dropped, but Billie was fired from the University. Soon after, Victor offered her the head of security position at London's Titan office, and Billie left Salem. Billie returned March of 2012 to work with Kate at Countess Wilhelmina until she saw too many of Kate's schemes and decided to leave town in February 2013. Billie returned briefly after working for the ISA as a cleaner, in February of 2018.

Flings and Relationships

Franco Kelly (deceased)
Roman Brady (deceased)
Nicholas James Alamain


Curtis Reed (father - deceased)
Kate_Roberts (mother)
Austin_Reed (brother)
Lucas_Roberts (maternal half-brother)
Rex Brady (maternal half-brother)
Cassie Brady (maternal half-sister)
Philip Kiriakis (maternal half-brother)
Will Horton (Current) (maternal half-nephew)


Chelsea_Benson-Brady (daughter with Bo Brady)


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