Austin Reed (as played by Austin Peck on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Austin Reed

* Married Carrie Brady Roberts Oct 26, 2006.
* Moved with wife, Carrie to Zurich, Switzerland in 2006 where they now reside.
* Lived at 110 Guilford Street, Apt. 3-D then Apt. 34. Same building as Sami, Lucas, and now Billie and Chelsea and EJ reside.
* Lived in New York City.

Who's played Austin Reed over the years?

Patrick Muldoon (July 7, 1992 - April 6, 1995)
Tommy McDonough (1994 in flashbacks only)
Austin Peck (April 15, 1995 - April 5, 2002, September 20, 2005 - October 26, 2006; 2017)

Past History

Austin was born to Kate Roberts and Curtis Reed. The kids didn't know their real mother until much later in life. He has a brother, Lucas and a sister, Billie. Austin showed up in Salem as a pianist. He met Carrie Brady when he first came to the show in 1992. They fell in love but not to the liking of Roman Brady, Carrie's father. Austin turned to boxing and was supposed to lose a huge fight. He decided not to deliberately lose the fight and when he won, a loan shark threw acid at him. He ducked and unfortunately, the acid hit Carrie's face. She was scarred by the acid. Eventually, her face healed. Austin stayed by her side.

Abby Devereaux developed Leukemia and Austin donated his bone marrow to her, saving her life.

Austin's sister Billie was charged with murdering Curtis Reed. Curtis was a horrible man who got Billie into drugs and prostitution. Somehow, Austin turned out to be a good man, despite Curtis' less than stellar parenting. Unfortunately, Billie has had major tough times as a result of Curtis.

It was at this time that Billie and Austin found out that their mother was Kate Roberts. Austin accepted her into his life (Billie didn't until much later). Sami had an obsession with Austin, and tried different underhanded things to get Austin to notice her. She drugged and raped him (he thought she was Carrie, Sami's sister and Austin's girlfriend.) Sami drowned her sorrows in beer and then in his brother Lucas' bed, became pregnant and left town, while she convinced herself that the baby was Austin's child.

Austin and Carrie became engaged and while saying their vows in church, Sami came back to town and told everyone that she was pregnant with Austin's baby. While Lucas wondered if the child could be his, Sami reassured him that she knew it was Austin's child. Austin didn't marry Carrie, but devoted himself to Sami and his child. William Robert Reed was born (Will), and Sami married Austin when the French authorities took Will from them.

They got the child back safely, but afterwards, Sami and Austin continued to have issues. He wanted an annulment once he found out that Lucas was the father of Will, not him. After an argument, Austin accidentally ran over Sami (twice) with his car. This caused Sami to have amnesia, and since he couldn't annul their marriage until she remembered who she was, he stuck by her until he found out that a few weeks into having amnesia, she started to have memories, and was faking her amnesia. Eventually their marriage was annulled and Austin was free to marry Carrie.

Carrie and Austin lived together and eventually married. They eventually had issues of their own, and Carrie cheated on Austin with Mike Horton. Austin found out and divorced her. She left town with Mike.

Austin and Sami started seeing one another again. Austin thought that Sami had changed. Eventually they decided to marry. The wedding was called off when Austin learned that Sami had continued to lie and scheme against everyone. He left town and moved to New York to work. Upon Austin's return, he opened a new company (Austin Reed and Company) and hired Nicole Walker and Sami Brady. They ran the company out of Sami's apartment. Austin admitted to Sami that he was still in love with Carrie, and he went after buying a small company in Los Angeles. He didn't know that Carrie was the CEO of this company, (High Style) but Sami did. She kept it from Austin and hoped that once Carrie found out that he bought her company that she wouldn't forgive him. She had hopes that she and Austin would be together once again. Austin and Carrie fell in love again, but issues ensued when she eventually found out that he purchased her company. Carrie turned to Lucas. She married him, but her feelings grew for Austin, and she ended up annulling her marriage to Lucas and going back to Austin. The two married in a small ceremony, with Roman, John and Marlena in attendance and then moved out of the country. They run a company in Zurich Switzerland and have a son. The couple will returned in 2017 briefly and Carrie returned July 2019 for Grandma Caroline's memorial after she passed on. Carrie told Rafe and her father Roman that she and Austin were separated. Carrie had sex with Rafe Hernandez and left town again.

Read more about Austin in Patrick Muldoon/Austin's bio which can be found here.

Flings and Relationships

Caroline Anna Brady (lovers)
Brandi (dated)
Jennifer Rose Horton Devereaux (flirtation)
Samantha Gene Brady(rape - later dating)
Rory (ex-girlfriend)
Samantha Gene Brady(she raped him, they dated and later had a broken engagement and marriage)
Carrie Brady, (adulterous)


Curtis (Brown) Reed (father - deceased)
Katherine (Kate) Elizabeth Roberts (mother)
Billie Holiday Reed (sister)
Lucas Desmond Roberts (maternal half-brother) (maternal half-brother)
Cassie Brady (maternal half-sister)
Philip Robert Kiriakis (maternal half-brother)
Chelsea Benson (niece)
William Reed Roberts (maternal half-nephew)


One son.


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