Arianna Hernandez (as played by Lindsay Hartley on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Arianna Hernandez

* Rafe's sister
* Worked as a waitress at Brady Pub
* Was sent to prison for selling coke and worked for the Salem PD to bring down the head drug lord (EJ) but it didn't work out.
* Dated Brady on and off.
* Was set up to be the Salem mugger by Nicole.
* Died from extensive issues related to a hit and run accident.

Who's played Arianna Hernandez over the years?

Days of Our Lives - Arianna Hernandez (August 2009 - October 27 2010)
Felisha Terrell (April 15- August 2009)

Past History

Arianna and her brother Rafe, Hernandez, were on the outs for reasons they have yet to explain. She found him on the pier one day and they fell back into each other's lives. She is a protective woman, and loyal to her brother, but seems to think he has made some mistakes with women. She met and got to know Brady Black, and it appears the two are interested in each other, but they took some time in getting together. Once together, they've had an on again off again relationship and found it difficult to trust each other. An ex-drug dealer, Ari was let out of prison in order to find the drug lord in Salem. Ari was working for Roman Brady and the Salem PD and came close to learning it was EJ DiMera (was Victor Kiriakis). They pulled her off the case and she and Brady decided to elope to the islands. Nicole DiMera was caught in the middle when she realized she wanted Brady back and caused issues for the couple. Due to weather on the island, the couple never wed. When they returned to Salem, Ari and Nicole both got jobs at Titan TV. Ari was a videographer to Nicole's reporting. Ari and Brady continued to have issues as Nicole got between them and when Dr. Baker set Brady up to make it appear as though he was back on drugs, Ari didn't believe his innocence. They broke up. Ari was soon set up by Nicole and Dr. Baker as the Salem Mugger. EJ DiMera, who was assaulted by the mugger (Hope Brady) knew Ari was innocent and paid off her bail to get her out of jail. She and Brady stayed apart and EJ helped get Ari off completely. When the SPD learned Hope was the mugger, Ari was let out of jail, but bitter at Hope because her life was in shambles.

Arianna learned EJ was shot and vowed she'd find out who did it. She overheard Sami and Will discussing how Sami shot EJ and was going to tell EJ. Before she could, she argued with Will who attempted to reason with her and ran out into oncoming traffic where somebody ran her over and fled the scene. She died just afterward of extensive trauma to her lungs.

Flings and Relationships

Brady Black Dated, were engaged




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