Arianna Hernandez (Past) (as played by Felicia Terrell on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Arianna Hernandez (Past)

* Rafe's sister
* Works as a waitress at Brady Pub

Who's played Arianna Hernandez (Past) over the years?

Days of Our Lives - Arianna Hernandez (April 15 2009 - August 2009)

Past History

Arianna and her brother Rafe, Hernandez, were on the outs for reasons they have yet to explain. She found him on the pier one day and they fell back into each other's lives. She is a protective woman, and loyal to her brother, but seems to think he has made some mistakes with women. She met and got to know Brady Black, and it appears the two are interested in each other, but Arianna has backed off and seems to be hiding something. Please read the rest of her bio on this link, as Lindsay Hartley has taken over this role August 2009.

Flings and Relationships

Brady Black Love interest




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