Anne Milbauer (as played by Meredith Scott Lynn on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Anne Milbauer

* Has a vendetta against Jennifer Horton and has worked with both Chloe Lane and Theresa Donovan to bring her down.
* Loves gossip.
* Has a crush on Dr. Daniel Jonas.
* Is head of HR at the hospital.
* Is friends with Theresa Donovan.
* Has a sister.

Who's played Anne Milbauer over the years?

Meredith Scott Lynn (September 2, 2012 - present)

Past History

Ever since Anne Milbauer arrived in Salem, she has had it in for Jennifer Horton, bitter about the seemingly easy life Jennifer has had. First, she worked with Chloe Lane to make her look bad in front of Dr. Daniel Jonas, whom she has a crush on. Then she befriended Theresa Donovan, who was hired as Jennifer's assistant, in order to bring Jennifer down from the inside. That didn't work so she and Theresa have stayed friends. Anne has been a good friend to Theresa, always listening to her issues. Recently, Anne let Theresa know that she has noticed her friends is spiralling downhill and that she has nobody but herself to blame for burning bridges.

Flings and Relationships



Unnamed sister




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