Anna DiMera Brady DiMera (as played by Leann Hunley on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Anna DiMera Brady DiMera

* Full name is Anna Fredericks DiMera
* Anna was once married to Roman Brady
* Daughter is Carrie Brady- Reed with Roman Brady
* Works at a rival advertising agency against Tony
* Quit that ad agency and married Tony offscreen June 2008

Who's played Anna DiMera Brady DiMera over the years?

Leann Hunley (1982 - 1986, May 2007 - April 2 2009 - present. Recurring.)

Past History

Anna Brady came to Salem in 1982 searching for her husband Roman Brady, who assumed she was dead. She took their daughter Carrie with her and when asked where she'd been this whole time, she lied and told Roman she'd been sold into white slavery. In actuality, she had multiple sclerosis. She soon divorced Roman and moved on. She worked as a secretary to Tony DiMera. She worked undercover for Stefano DiMera and did Stefano's bidding to get Roman fired from ISA.

The next year, Anna drugged Tony and they married. Anna became pregnant and almost perished in a boating incident involving Renee, who was jealous of Anna and Tony. Anna lost the child. By then, Anna was in love with Tony, but the marriage didn't last. When Tony found out that she drugged him, he divorced her as soon as possible.

Anna eventually returned to her old job with Tony and once again was under another man's manipulative spell. She was forced to spy on him for Alex Marshall, who she had been involved with. When searching through Tony's place, she found Tony chained up. She realized, too late, that she was not in fact working for Tony but working for Andre DiMera! Andre had been impersonating Tony. The two were soon rescued by Roman Brady, and Anna went on to open a fashion company in 1984.

The very next year, Alex sold Anna's dress designs but Anna caught him at and fixed it so the fabric for all of the dresses disintegrated when put on. When Alex had a fashion show to show off his new threads, the fabric melted away on the models.

Anna then met and got involved with Prince Nicholas Arani II. The romance was short lived when the prince was murdered, and Anna turned to Tony. They became engaged and during their wedding, Anna was kidnapped. After her return, she and Tony were properly married and resided in Salem.

It was at that time that Anna would meet art dealer, Claus Van Zandt. The man was a charlatan and only stole profits from the art she sold him. Claus later kidnapped Tony, and Anna was blamed for that and the art theft. She had a devilish time trying to prove herself. When she proved she didn't have anything to do with the art dealings, she was let go.

Tony didn't return from his disappearance, but Anna received a court order saying that Tony divorced her! She left Salem afterwards and has been said to be residing in Europe ever since.

Anna returned to Salem and was reunited with Tony when he was found on the Island in exile. Stefano had put him there. They got back together, went island hopping and upon their return, Anna didn't get a proposal she expected from Tony, so she dumped him and started working for a rival advertising company.

Anna became jealous of Tony's business relationship with Kate and hoped for a marriage proposal from him. After Anna's struggles to get Tony to propose, he finally did and they got married. The advertising agency Anna ran went bankrupt, and Tony asked her to work for him. At first, she refused, but finally accepted on the condition that they would work together, side by side.

Tony's father, Stefano, came out of this vegetative state, so Anna and Tony moved into the DiMera mansion, in an effort to claim what's rightfully Tony's. They worked together and married off screen and Anna wasn't seen much since. Her last scene was after Tony died from a fall at the pier. She came to the mansion and slapped Stefano across the face, thinking that it was partially his fault that Tony died, because Tony and Stefano were at odds. Tony died while arguing with Philip and trying to get back the fuel project so he could look good in Stefano's eyes. Anna mourned and blamed Stefano and the whole DiMera family for Tony's death. She helped EJ DiMera kidnap his and Sami Brady's child, Sydney, in order to teach Sami a lesson. She was paid handsomely and took off. Rafe found her on some island and when Calliope turned up on the same island, Rafe got Calliope to help Anna spill about what she did. Rafe didn't learn who she was working for and Anna was poisoned before she could tell him. She was in the hospital recuperating until she awoke and tried to escape the hospital.

Past Marriages

Tony DiMera (lead to two marriages and ended in divorce, dated and married. Widowed.)

Flings and Relationships

Alex Marshall (divorced)
Prince Nicholas Arani II (deceased)
Roman Brady (dated)


Brett Fredericks (brother)



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