Anjelica Deveraux (as played by Morgan Fairchild on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Anjelica Deveraux

* Was married to Neil Curtis so also goes by Anjelica Curtis
* Married to Harper Deveraux
* Lived in Dubai
* Lived in Texas
* Kidnapped her son once
* Caused Hank Tobin's death
* Was presumed dead for almost an entire year in 1990
* Used Hattie Adams and Bonnie Lockhart as pawns in her scheme to get back together with Justin Kiriakis.
* Died of a heart attack during a heated debate with Bonnie and Hattie.

Who's played Anjelica Deveraux over the years?

Morgan Fairchild (June 2017 - present)
Shelley Taylor Morgan (1989 - 1990; 1991)
Judith Chapman (March 1989 - March 1990)
Jane Elliot (March 1987 - February 1989)

Past History

While married to Harper Deveraux, Anjelica Curtis Deveraux took a lover in Justin Kiriakis and while he was separated from Adrienne, the two had an affair. Anjelica became pregnant and since Harper was sterile, she soon realized the baby was Justin's. She told both men that the baby wasn't theirs and it was Victor Kiriakis who figured out the truth. Victor tried passing the child off as his own, even asking Anjelica to marry him but instead, she married Neil Curtis. That didn't last and when Neil's gambling had him deep in debt, she dumped him and tried to get Justin to marry her. She gave birth to a son and named him Alexander. Adrienne knew her secret, and faked her own pregnancy, in the hopes that Justin wouldn't leave her for Anjelica. Unfortunately for Adrienne, Anjelica exposed her lie to Justin and Justin divorced Adrienne. In a fit of anger, and hopeful to get rid of Adrienne, Anjelica blew up Adrienne's construction company, AJ Construction. Justin rescued Adrienne from the blast and took the blame, and Anjelica left town with Alexander, allowing Salemites to believe they had perished in a plane crash. It was almost a year when she finally returned Alexander to his father and took off for parts unknown. Anjelica returned summer of 2017 with revenge plans. She, as Sebastian Howard, bought out The Spectator in order to get back at Adrienne Johnson for "stealing" Justin and Alexander from her. Justin bought the paper back for Adrienne, without her knowledge, so Anjelica focused on using Hattie Adams and Bonnie Lockhart to get him back. She had Hattie drug Marlena and commit her to Bayview sanitarium, then Hattie took over Marlena's life. She then drugged Adrienne and Bonnie switched places with her. While Adrienne was stuck in prison, Bonnie dumped Lucas, though she was hot for him, and reunited with Justin Kiriakis. A devastated Lucas fell off the wagon and went to "Adrienne" drunk. Bonnie couldn't resist him and they had sex. Lucas realized part way through that she wasn't Adrienne but was too drunk to expound upon that. He passed out later. Anjelica and Hattie arrived and the threesome argued about how Anj treated Bonnie and Hattie. During their argument, Anjelica died from a heart attack and Hattie undressed her and placed her in bed with Lucas. The women took off and Lucas awoke to find a dead woman in bed with him. He called Chloe and she called in an anonymous tip to the police.

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Alexander Kiriakis (with Justin Kiriakis)


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