William Utay (Dr. Wilhelm Rolf on Days of Our Lives)

Current Character: Dr. Wilhelm Rolf

Birthday: 1947-09-07

Birthplace: Born in Dallas, Texas USA

Marital Status: Married - Susan


Wilhelm Rolf (1997 - June 10, 2003, June 4, 2007 - September 25, 2008; October 23, 2017 - present)

William Utay was born in Dallas, Texas USA in 1947 and has been in various television series, films and stage productions. You may remember him as a homeless man in Night Court, as a cop in Harlem Nights, or as Dr. Rolf on "Days of our Lives."

When not working, William and his wife Susan enjoy photography.

Career Highlights

Days of Our Lives (1997 - June 10 2003, June 2007 - Present)
Harlem Nights  cop (1989)
The Runestone Truck driver (1992)
Future Kick Dr Turner (1991)
Species Colleague (1995)
Bodily Harm Frangipani (1995)
Tin Cup Roy's first stand-in (Billed as Will Utay) (1996)
'Til There Was You Paul Pullman (1997)
Lover Girl Mr Smith (1997)
Shogun Cop (1999)
Play It to the Bone (Billed as Will Utay) Sal (1999)
Columbia Ali (2001)

Awards & Acclaim



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