Marcus Patrick (Jett Carver on Days of Our Lives)

Current Character: Jett Carver

Birthplace: Born in Bath, England.


Marcus Patrick was born in Bath, England in the 1970s. Marcus was active in piano, gymnastics, swimming, Tae Kwon Do and even became a Junior in Men’s Heavyweight champion. His goal was to become a professional fighter until he turned his passion to singing. At the young age of 17, he auditioned with Simon Cowell (of American Idol fame), and toured in a boy band until he was 20, at which time he went solo, with Simon acting as Agent and Manager.

Marcus moved to USA and began acting lessons and has been seen on several daytime dramas, including All My Children, Days of Our Lives and Passions, in addition to various parts in primetime shows and film.

Career Highlights

Days of Our Lives Derrick (2006) Jett Carver (Friday June 1 2007 - Present)
Burning Sands (2008)
Just Jordan Bryan Parker (2007)
I Do... I Did Marcus (2007)
Love... & Other 4 Letter Words Renee (2007)
The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks Michael (2007)
Descent (2007) Adrian
Dirty Laundry (2006) Rene
Beyond the Break Marcus (2006)
All My Children Jamal Cudahy (2006)
Passions Father Denny (2006)
Half & Half Vince Clark (2006)
Freezerburn (2005) Randall The Driver
CSI: Miami Luis Rivera (2005)
My Wife and Kids Dave (2005)

Awards & Acclaim



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