Julian Berlin (Eve Michaels on Days of Our Lives)

Current Character: Eve Michaels

Birthplace: Born in unknown


Julian is a violinist,playing both electric and classical. She had originally played with the St. Cloud Symphony for 3 years. She not only plays guitar but plays piano, and dances!

Julian danced professionally until age 17.She graduated early from high school to travel, traveling all over the world covering all seven continents!

Julian she speaks French and Spanish and is sometimes credited as Julian Nagle.

Career Highlights

Days of Our Lives - Eve Michaels (June 8 2006- August 31 2006) (killed off)
Saurian - Christa Carvel (2006)
Sideliners - Natasha Robbins (2006)
The Darkroom - Loretta (2006)
Just for Kicks - Desiree (2006)
Sisters in Law - Tara Holmes (2006)
Scarred - Kim Hansen (2006)
My Name Is Earl - Swedish Backpacker (2005)
Domino - Sorority Girl (2005)
Death by Engagement - Leila (2005)


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