Casey Deidrick (Chad Peterson Woods DiMera (Past) on Days of Our Lives)

Current Character: Chad Peterson Woods DiMera (Past)

Birthday: 1987-04-25

Birthplace: Born in Santa Clara, California, USA

Marital Status: single


Born in Santa Clara, California, Casey lived in Hollister, California for a time, then moved to Highlands Ranch, Colorado during his Sophomore year of High School to live with his mom. After graduating in 2005, he attended Metropolitan State College at Denver for a year. In 2007, Casey moved back to California. During these years, Casey had been an avid skateboarder. He skated for more than 10 years and was sponsored by the age of 17. After a severe head injury, during his first photo shoot for AIRO Skateboards in 2005, he took a two year break and returned to the sport in 2007.

Casey is a newcomer to acting, only having worked in a few episodes of the ever popular "90210," and "Wizards of Waverly Place," before settling in Salem, for the next several years on Days of Our Lives as Chad Peterson!

Career Highlights

Days of Our Lives Chad Peterson (June 18 2009 - Wednesday October 30, 2013)
Wizards of Waverly Place - Sal (1 episode 2009)
90210 - Julian (2 episodes 2009)


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