Brynn Thayer (Susan Banks Crumb (past) on Days of Our Lives)

Current Character: Susan Banks Crumb (past)

Birthday: 1949-10-04

Birthplace: Born in Dallas Texas, USA

Marital Status: Married - David Steinberg (2010)


Brynn Thayer was born October 4, 1949 in North Dallas, Texas. Daughter to William Paul Thayer, a Lieutenant Commander in the US Naval Reserve, and Margery Schwartz Thayer, Brynn has acted in numerous roles to date in television. She's well remembered for her role in "Matlock" portraying Matlock's daughter, Leanne MacIntyre.

Brynn Thayer co-founded the charitable organization ZazAngels with actor Michael Zaslow (ex-Roger Thorpe, "Guiding Light") and his wife, Susan Hufford, to generate funds for researching Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease, which Michael Zaslow contracted and eventually passed on from December 6, 1998.

Thayer will be portraying Susan Banks Crumb on "Days of our Lives," however, this is not her first foray into the world of soap operas. Thayer portrayed Kylie Quinlan on "General Hospital," and more recently portrayed "One Life To Live's" Jenny Renaldi.

Career Highlights

Life In General - Rachel Carlton Day 2008
One Life to Live - Jenny Wolek Renaldi (1978–1986)
TV 101 - Emilie Walker (1987–1988)
Hero and the Terror - Kay (1988)
Island Son - Maggie Judd (1989–1990)
Matlock - Episode - The Suspect - Roxanne Windemere (1991)
Matlock - Leanne MacIntyre (1992-1994) (End of Season 6 through Season 8)
General Hospital - Kylie Quinlan (1994)
Pensacola: Wings of Gold - Col. Rebecca Hodges (1997–1998)


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