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If there’s one thing Days of Our Lives knows how to do, it’s write about the rich and the powerful. Heck, at times, Salem seems awash in power hungry families. There’s the Kiriakises, the DiMeras, the Von Leuschners and the Alamains. While the first two families tend to get most of the attention on the main show, the latter two duked it out (sort of) over on the first chapter of Beyond Salem as Dimitri Von Leuschner (/Hathaway/DiMera) tried to get his hands on the Alamanian Peacock.

He failed, of course, after he and Drew were unmasked for the villains they were, and in the end, Lord Sebastian of Alamania happily took possession of the jewels, putting them back in their rightful place. He wasn’t one of the Alamains we’re accustomed to seeing, but Lawrence is still dead (Carly killing him was a bit of a sticking point for Lord Sebastian and Dimitri over who was the rightful owner of the Peacock) and Vivian in prison, so we took what we could get!

Though he didn’t have a huge role, after all was said and done, the dashing lord couldn’t help but notice Billie feeling down over having been duped by Dimitri and suggested she accompany him to dinner at the castle. Whether anything more ever came of that, we never found out — but that may soon change!

Beyond Salem's Billie, Shane and Lord Sebastian talking in front of Alamainian Peacock

As far as meet cutes go, an international jewel heist/world peril is certainly unique!

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According to Soap Opera News, British actor Noah Huntley is set to bring Lord Sebastian over to Days of Our Lives proper the week of May 22. There’s no information as to just what he’ll be doing, but it does make sense seeing as how he was a first-hand witness to Dimitri’s villainy the first time around, and the would-be jewel thief is now angling to have all the charges against him dropped.

As to what he has to do with the current story with Dimitri and Megan, we’ll just have to wait and see, but maybe we’ll finally find out how that dinner with Billie went! Lady Billie of Alamania has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

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