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We have great news for all of you Stitch fans out there. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Sean Carrigan’s Ben will be staying in Genoa City “beyond his limited run.” The actor created the role in 2013 and recently returned in June after a four-year hiatus.

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As viewers know, Stitch recently accepted a job as Chief of Surgery at Genoa City Memorial. When Abby heard the news, she offered to take him house hunting and they ended up finding an apartment in town. This extended stay will likely play into another storyline — the mystery surrounding Mariah’s disappearance.

A few weeks back, Mariah took off and claimed via text it was a sudden business trip, but Abby and Tessa received news from Jack that he hadn’t been aware of such plans. With Mariah carrying Abby’s baby, the mother-to-be has been worried sick, as has Tessa. And even though they are still receiving text messages from Mariah, who claimed she needed a little time away, their worry hasn’t subsided — and now Stitch has offered to help track her down.

ben spies on mariah yr

Which brings us to a theory — or two — that has been circulating… Could Stitch be the one who kidnapped Mariah because she’s carrying Abby’s baby? Or could his son Max be behind the disappearance? For those who aren’t aware, Max, who is said to be currently hospitalized in a psychiatric facility from the effects of a brain tumor, caused Abby to miscarry her and Stitch’s child when they were married in 2016.

max causes abby miscarriage yr

It’s safe to say things are about to get very interesting as the details to Mariah’s disappearance begin to unravel!

Are you happy Stitch is staying in Genoa City? Are there other characters you would like to see return? We have a few in mind! Take a look at our gallery featuring photos of characters that we miss and would love to see come back to town — if only for a little while.

— Amy Mistretta

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

ted king to bb as jack Finnegan

Last month, reported that Finn’s parents were on their way to Los Angeles to meet their soon-to-be grandson. Now that baby Hayes is here, we can confirm that daytime veteran Ted King will make his The Bold and the Beautiful debut as Finn’s father Jack Finnegan on Friday, July 30, as reported by Soap Opera Digest.

King is no stranger to daytime, having had roles on One Life to Live, General Hospital, Loving, The City and Another World, and will surely be an added bonus among the Bold & Beautiful cast. Though it’s unknown how long he’ll appear on the canvas, Entertainment Weekly first teased that viewers will learn about Finn’s parents extremely dramatic backstory.

steffy gives birth to finn's baby bb

For now, Finn and Steffy have been enjoying their new little boy, Hayes Forrester Finnegan — and have already had their fair share of drama surrounding Liam’s incarceration and all of the events leading up to it. Finn recently made it very clear that he didn’t want to wait a moment longer and presented his fiancée with wedding rings — and a proposal to get married as soon as possible.

bold beautiful steffy visits liam screenshot

Hopefully they will have a little more time to bask in their happiness before a bomb is dropped surrounding Finn’s parents and the past they shared. Expect to see Finn’s mom Li, played by Days of our Lives alum Naomi Matsuda (ex-Tori Narita), arrive shortly after Jack on Monday, August 2.

Until we wait for the next shoe to drop, take a walk back in time with us through our gallery featuring photos of Finn and Steffy’s romance.

— Amy Mistretta

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

GENERAL HOSPITAL - The Emmy-winning daytime drama "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH18(ABC/Craig Sjodin)KIRSTEN STORMS

General Hospital fans will be seeing less of Maxie in Port Charles in the coming weeks. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the character’s recent trip out of town will be for “an undisclosed length of time” while Kirsten Storms temporarily steps away from the ABC soap opera to recovery from brain surgery.

Back in June, we alerted readers that Storms had undergone surgery on the lower part of her brain, including the removal and drainage of a very large cyst, which thankfully was not cancerous. The actress revealed the details “before the Internet [went] crazy-wild with rumors.”

Peter falls down steps GH

While Storms has been recuperating, the onscreen drama has been in full swing surrounding Peter’s disappearance and Maxie and Brook Lynn’s plot to keep baby Louise safe by disguising her as the Quartermaine’s child with Valentin. Maxie has snuck in a few visits here and there but this past week, she said goodbye to her daughter before leaving town on Monday, July 19.

Brook Lynn with Louise GH

Maxie may be gone for a bit, but Anna is still on the hunt to find out what happened to Peter — and Finn and Liz are working overtime with worry about who’s going to uncover the fact that Finn accidently killed the bad boy and Liz helped to cover it up. At this point, it might be a good idea to get Jason on board to help keep the secret safe because before you know it, someone’s going to find out the truth.

We wish Storms a speedy recovery! Until we see Maxie again, take a look at how she started out as a mean girl only to try to be a better person, the one Nathan fell in love with, in’s gallery of General Hospital characters who went from villainous to… well, at least somewhat less villainous.

— Amy Mistretta

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Kyle Lowder at arrivals for The 71st Emmy Awards Season Daytime Television Academy Reception - Part 2, Wolf Theatre at the Saban Media Center, Los Angeles, CA August 28, 2019. Photo By: Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection

If a picture says a thousand words, the one that Kyle Lowder shared in a July 21 Instagram story said over and over again, “I’m returning to Days of Our Lives.” At least that’s how many a fan interpreted the image, in which Rex’s portrayer is seen in what appears to be the NBC soap’s hair and makeup room.

Further fueling the speculation? His “Back to work” caption.

Viewers will recall that Lowder last appeared on the show in the spring of 2021, when Kristen whipped up a Sarah mask in which she seduced Rex. Why? That was hella complicated. Kristen wanted Xander to catch fiancée Sarah in bed with her ex in order to facilitate a breakup that would allow her to keep the real Sarah from blabbing that the Susan who was traipsing around Salem wasn’t really Susan at all but Kristen.

Got all that? Got any of it? It was Kristen at her most extra.

If Rex is indeed returning to Days of Our Lives, his comeback will no doubt be tied to Sarah’s disappearance. Perhaps he’s discovered her whereabouts and is keeping them to himself in order to keep her to himself — a move that would inevitably blow up in his face just in time for her to discover that, in her absence, Xander has gotten a lot closer to Gwen.

While you’re here, check out a photo gallery of all of the other stars who are returning/have recently returned to Days of Our Lives.

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

paulina at the pub with a drink shocked days

Things in Salem are about to be “movin’ on up!” Legendary actress, Marla Gibbs, most recognized for her role as Florence on the family sitcom The Jeffersons, has been the latest big name to be cast on Days of Our Lives as Paulina’s mother, Olivia Price. Look for her to appear beginning on Tuesday, August 17, as first reported by Soap Opera Digest.

marla gibbs jackee harry 227

Incidentally, this will be a television reunion for Gibbs and Paulina’s portrayer Jackée Harry. The actresses spent years together on the series 227. The 90-year-old Gibbs, who has over 100 credits to her resume, including playing Aunt Irma on NBC’s Passions, recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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marla gibbs hollywood walk of fame

So, what brings Mama Price to Salem? Well, if we had to guess, she might not be too happy about the turn of events that has taken place, which include Paulina deceiving Chanel, Abe and Lani with her sneaky plans to destroy the Horton Square, even though she’s tried to make things right, or… it could be for a number of other reasons. Are they estranged with troubles of their own to face? Would her mother have approved of Paulina’s initial plans for Price Town?

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Like you, we’ll have to wait and see. In any case, having this iconic actress join the NBC soap opera will be a real treat!

While we wait for Gibbs’ big debut, invites readers to take a look through our gallery featuring an updated list of characters, past and present, who have walked through Salem’s revolving door with their returns.

— Amy Mistretta

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

AJ McLean at arrivals for THE CALL OF THE WILD Premiere, El Capitan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA February 13, 2020. Photo By: Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection

You want it that way? Fine, you can have it that way. Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean recently took to TikTok to reveal that he would be passing through soapdom.

“There was a certain daytime TV show that my grandmother and I used to watch when I was growing up,” he began, “and I’ll drop a couple of hints” about which one it was.

“Bo… ” he continued. “Hope… Patch… Ring a bell?”

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Oh, buddy, that rang all the bells. Even if you watch General Hospital or The Young and the Restless, you could guess that the show in question was Days of Ours Lives. “Well, yours truly is making a guest appearance as a driver,” he said. “Boom!”

Charmingly, McLean appeared to be as excited about his cameo on the iconic sudser as any fan would be. “Oh my God, I’m freaking out,” he exclaimed. And he knew that the pressure was on, given the relative who got him hooked on the show. “I hope I made you proud, Grandma.”

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No word yet on when the singer will be popping up — or whether he’ll get to hum a few bars of “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)” when he does — but if we had to guess, we’d imagine his appearance will be tied to Ciara and Theo’s wedding and that ill-advised abduction that Ben is planning.

While you’re here, indulge the song in your heart by poring over the photos of soap stars who fell for famous recording artists.

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

Greg Vaughan adventure sons Days

Like Nicole, many Days of Our Lives fans were thrilled when Greg Vaughan’s Eric showed up just in time to celebrate the couple’s first anniversary. After all, since tying the knot, the pair have spent more time apart than together thanks to his work in Africa.

Unfortunately, it looks as if this reunion will not be a happy one, as Soap Opera Digest reports that Vaughan’s visit was a short one. In fact, Eric will barely have time to unpack his suitcase before he’s heading to the airport.

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As detailed in our latest Days spoilers, what starts out as a happy surprise for Nicole — who’s been pretty miserable over the past few months — quickly goes downhill. Why? Well, let’s just say that she and Eric have not been paying attention to the warnings we’ve issued for Years. Because if there’s one surefire way to bring an end to a happy union in Salem, it’s by throwing a party to celebrate said union.

Ignoring years of precedent, Eric and Nicole decide to have a little impromptu anniversary party at which the secret she’s been trying so hard to keep under wraps — that she got drunk and slept with Xander, of all people — comes to light. (It should come as no surprise to anyone that Xander’s confession does not simply come out of the blue, but is prompted by Sami, who’s been chomping at the bit to expose her sister-in-law’s affair.

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Of course, Sami’s antics are only painting a huge target on her own back given that she’s also trying to keep an infidelity — in this case, hers with Lucas — under wraps. It seems likely that blowing Eric’s marriage out of the water will only serve to fuel Nicole’s desire to return the favor where Sami and EJ are concerned!

While there’s no word yet on exactly when Vaughan will exit, expect things to resolve pretty quickly once Nicole is essentially forced to confess. As we process Vaughan’s blink-and-you-missed-it visit, check out this gallery in which we look at all the other actors who’ve either left or are planning to depart Days of Our Lives.

— Richard Simms

Friday, July 16th, 2021

Michael Mealor out as Kyle Abbott Y&R

Although fans of Michael Mealor hoped against hope that rumors of his departure were just that, the actor himself has now confirmed that he — and alter ego Kyle — will soon be exiting Genoa City.

Upon joining the show in the spring of 2018, Mealor’s Kyle caught fans’ attention early on with a naked plunge in a pool on fictional GC Buzz. This after he returned to town bent on destroying his father, Jack Abbott, and was taken under the wing of his pop’s lifelong nemesis, Victor Newman. Kyle eventually reconciled with his dear ol’ dad and when the patriarch’s paternity came into question, even went so far as to get drunk and dig up Phillip Chancellor’s grave in an effort to get his hands on DNA which might settle the matter. With those antics behind him, Kyle next became embroiled in a classic love triangle involving Summer Newman and Lola Rosales.

Kyle was set to marry Summer — again — when a lover from the past was revealed to have had his child. This put a wrinkle in the proceedings and Summer accepted a job in Italy. Hunter King’s departure from the canvas left fans speculating about whether or not she and her character would return, and of course, about “Skyle’s” fate.

With Mealor’s exit now a soon-to-be-done deal, fans are awaiting both official word of King’s exit and maybe, just maybe, a happy ending (if off-screen) for Kyle and Summer. will update readers with any and all new information as it becomes available. Until then, please join us for a look back at Kyle and Summer’s romantic engagement in the park in our photo gallery.

– Candace Young

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

Melissa Claire Egan exit Maternity Leave Chelsea Y&R

Chelsea has been locked away as of late, but it looks as though she will be getting an early release very soon. Soap Opera Digest has confirmed that Melissa Claire Egan will in fact be heading out on maternity leave since her son is due sometime in August.

So, how will the institutionalized woman suddenly get sprung from the facility? In the Friday, July 9, episode it will be revealed that Chelsea’s mother Anita will need her daughter to care for her following a hip injury. Yes, you heard that right, only in daytime can someone be released from a mental hospital to tend to their mother’s broken hip.

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Of course, Victor is the mastermind behind having her committed so he will need to grease the wheels on her release papers in order for Dr. Hedges to convince a judge to open the doors to freedom. Not to worry though, the magazine also noted that Chelsea will stay in touch with those in Genoa City, now and then, via video calls, so she won’t be completely missing in action.

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One question remains… Now that Chelsea and her son Connor have been reunited, will she be able to leave the boy behind? Or, will she convince Adam to allow her to take him to be with his grandmother in order to make up for lost time? Stay tuned!

Chelsea has had her fair share of troubles — and caused plenty of her own — over the years. Take a look back at’s photo gallery documenting the different stages of Chelsea’s life in Genoa City.

— Amy Mistretta

Friday, July 9th, 2021

Tyler, Abby kiss Y&R

Is it a recast, or is it just a coincidence? has learned that Christian Telesmar will debut on The Young and the Restless this week in the role of Tyler, but what we don’t know for certain is whether or not he will be playing Tyler Michaelson, formerly portrayed by Redaric Williams from 2012 – 2014, or whether he is a new character with the same first name.

Fans may recall that Tyler came to town as the younger brother of Leslie Michaelson (Angell Conwell), a lawyer who was involved with Neil Winters and worked at Jabot, where he started a hot ‘n’ heavy flirtation with Lily. When it became clear there was no future in that dalliance, Tyler took up with Abby, who was none too pleased to be confronted by her new flame’s ex, the stalker-y Mariah, who was later revealed to be Sharon’s long lost daughter and twin to the late Cassie. In fact, it was Tyler’s ongoing sympathies for his redheaded ex that caused the end of his engagement to Abby, after which he left Genoa City.

Imagine Tyler’s surprise if he were to return now only to discover that Mariah is Abby’s surrogate and they’re sharing living quarters at the Chancellor Estate!

Christian Telesmar Y&R

Christian Telesmar first appears in Genoa City this week.

Christian Telesmar will appear on Young & Restless on Thursday, July 8 and Friday, July 9, so be sure to tune in and find out if Abby and Mariah’s ex has indeed returned to town, or if this is another Tyler entirely that we’ve yet to meet. In the meantime, look back on the life and many, *many* loves of Abby Newman in our photo gallery.

– Candace Young

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021


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