At the Lakeview, Lucinda comments that Sierra doesn't seem like her usual perky self. Sierra is annoyed that Lucinda wanted to use Lucy to get back at Craig. Lucinda makes excuses, but Sierra demands to know what she really wants with Lucy. Lucinda remains coy, but Sierra asserts she won't allow Lucy to be used or hurt! Lucinda thinks it would be good for Lucy to reconnect with Craig and Dusty. Sierra thinks Lucinda is totally delusional.

Alone at the Lakeview, Lucinda makes a call to Lily's business contact and wants to step up the operation and totally sabotage the business!

Craig arrives at Lily's home. An upset Lily tells him about a new problem requiring new money and thinks they have stumbled onto a money pit. Craig thinks there are glitches in every venture. Lily worries Carly will find out that he is the financial backing. Lily notices Carly at the door and quickly pulls a surprised Craig in for a kiss! Lily tells him not to react because Carly is watching. Lily ushers Carly in and Carly apologizes for interrupting. Craig kisses Lily and leaves. Carly notes that her relationship with Craig was more serious than she let on. Lily talks about his good points, but Carly doesn't believe she can trust him. Lily angrily wants to change the subject. Carly apologizes, but is happy they can be honest with one another even though they may disagree. Lily tells Carly about the construction accident and Carly wonders how Lily can afford to fix it. Lily promises she can manage. Carly thinks that Lily should come to Molly's bridal shower to show everyone she has moved on from Holden with Craig.

Holden and Molly discuss their vows over coffee at Java. While Holden is getting a refill, Molly reads Holden's vows. He admits they were his vows to Lily. Molly wonders why he would reuse his vows. Holden claims he was afraid he would accidentally say a phrase he said before to Lily. Molly buys his excuse and kisses him.

Craig and Johnny walk through Old Town together. Jack listens on as Craig makes a call requesting more money! Jack asks him when Anthony Blackhorn became his personal banker. Craig wonders why Jack thinks he is a crook. Jack lists off his crimes, but Craig points out that people can change. Jack tells Craig that Anthony grew up with Janet, but Craig remarks if Jack wants to patch things up with Carly, he should quit worrying about his ex-wife!

Craig and Johnny are sitting on a bench in Old Town and Johnny spies Sierra and exclaims, "Lulu's mom!" As he runs into her arms, a shocked Craig asks why she is there. Sierra says she is on a last minute visit. Craig wonders if Lucinda made the visit happen. Craig asks her if she has any idea how much pain she inflicted on Gabriel. Sierra wonders if he will forgive her since he conceived Gabriel while they were married. Craig apologizes and then asks how Lucy is doing. Sierra claims Lucy is fine, but that she doesn't discuss Craig much. Craig knows he was wrong to cut Lucy out of his life. Sierra hopes he will allow Johnny to spend time with Dusty, as both Jennifer and Lucy wanted. Craig tries to prove he has changed and asks Johnny if he wants to spend the day with Dusty.

Molly goes to see a priest. She asks him why she has a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. She talks about Holden's vows and worries that Lily will always be between them. The priest thinks she should trust that he chose her, not Lily.

Holden stops by Carly's house with supplies for Molly's bridal shower. He asks if she is okay being in the wedding and being so close to Lily. Carly admits she is worried that Lily is going to get hurt by Craig. Holden admits he doesn't like it, but he is about to marry Molly and she is his focus. Molly arrives and wonders what they are discussing. Carly tries to lie, but Holden admits that they were discussing Lily and Craig. He then tells Molly she looks amazing and kisses her. Molly tells Carly to act like she is on her side and reminds her that they are family. Molly orders Carly to keep her mouth shut! Jack arrives with Janet's food contribution. Carly and Jack go to prepare the food. Molly admits to Holden that she was feeling shaken about his vows to Lily and went to see a priest. Holden is happy the visit made her feel better.

Lucinda goes to Lily's house and tells her that Sierra is in town. Lily thinks Lucinda asked her to come home because she is spending more time with Craig. Lily wants Lucinda to stop interfering in her life. Lucinda thinks Lily thinks she is making a fool of herself with Craig and yells that she has to protect her from herself! Lily shoves Lucinda out of the house, but Lucinda reenters and thinks Lily should go to Molly's bridal shower.

Sierra goes to Old Town and makes a call. She says, "I saw both of them, but neither of them know you are in town."

Craig goes to Worldwide and asks Lucinda what Sierra is doing in town. Lucinda orders Craig to not be so paranoid.

As Holden is leaving, he is shocked to see Lily arrive! Lily claims she is thrilled to be there and show them both how happy she is for them.

While in their kitchen, Jack and Carly discuss Lily. He tells her to worry about their family. She asks if he still considers them to be a family. He leans in, kisses her and smiles and then tells her to have a great party.

Next on As The World Turns:

Lucy arrives at Dusty's suite. She tells him he looks good!

Anthony asks Janet out on a date.

At her bridal shower, Molly gushes about how Holden is pulling out all the stops for their wedding in front of Lily.

Lily tells Craig she needs to get away and wants him to help her.

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