Gwen and Will are startled to find Iris in their suite! Iris claims she is there to see her granddaughter, but Gwen tells her to stay away! They both accuse Iris of trying to capitalize on Barbara's disappearance. Gwen orders her to walk out and never come back! Iris informs them she has been in jail, but is now a reformed person and wants to make amends. An upset Gwen tells Iris they are in the middle of a crisis and don't need her. Will asserts that she is to stay away from their family. As Iris leaves, Halle runs up and hugs her and says, "Grandma, stay!" Iris worms her way into joining them for dinner. At dinner, Gwen leaves, but Iris follows and catches her trying to call the police. Gwen demands that Iris tell her what she wants! Iris won't, so Gwen tells her to say her good-byes and leave forever. Before leaving, Iris presents them with some of the money she owes Barbara. A rattled Gwen wants to pack and leave before Iris comes back. Gwen suggests staying at Fairwinds for protection until they find Barbara.

Walking through Old Town, Iris calls the Wagon Wheel Hotel and books a room.

At Carly's house, Lily and Carly happily go over their perfume company papers. Carly wishes she could have been in New York with her and asks for all the details. Lily flashes back to flirting with Craig, but hides her secret. Carly continues to go over papers and sees a substantial charge. Lily explains that she is covering the large charge and had to make a quick decision. Carly thanks her for being honest. Carly admits she has to leave and help Molly with her wedding. Lily promises her that she is fine with it.

At the farm, Lucinda barges in to talk to Holden but finds Gabriel instead. She reminds him she gave him money to go away. Gabe retorts he lost the money in a poker game. Lucinda comments that he is becoming more like his father every day. She then pries to figure out what Craig is up to. Gabe yells he has no idea and wonders why she is so mean. Lucinda ignores him and leaves.

At Java, Holden and Molly go over their wedding details. Molly tells him all he has to do is show up. She leaves to meet Carly at Fashions. Craig immediately arrives and asks why Holden wants to see him. Holden wants to know what he was doing with Lily in New York! Holden wants details, but Craig laughs and wonders if this is what keeps him up at night. Craig then asks if he got the memo that he's not married to Lily anymore. Holden tells Craig he will pound him into the ground if he doesn't tell him what he needs to know! Holden wonders where Craig fits in and knows he is up to something. Craig tells Holden he will keep his distance from Lily if and when she asks him to do so.

Carly meets Molly at Fashions to pick out a cocktail dress for the rehearsal dinner. Carly tells her that Lily has really seemed to move on. Molly claims she doesn't care because nothing can touch what she has with Holden. Carly gushes about how Lily handled a business deal all on her own. Molly laughs and Carly orders her to spill what she is hiding! Molly admits that Lily was with Craig in New York. A shocked Carly can't believe Lily kept it from her! Molly wonders why everyone is so worried about Lily. Carly thinks something else is going on between Lily and Craig.

Lily returns home to find Lucinda waiting for her. An excited Lily informs her she is so happy because she closed the deal on the perfume company. Lucinda asks if she did this all on her own. Lily claims she is lucky that Carly is her supportive partner, but Lucinda is skeptical. An enthusiastic Lily states this company has helped her put Holden and Molly behind her and been totally invigorating and given her purpose. Lucinda tells a happy Lily how proud she is of her. Lucinda thinks Lily can now start any business she wants.

Craig goes to the farm and asks Gabe why he isn't at the cabin working. Gabe states he came back to work on plans for designing French doors. Craig thinks Gabe is destined for greater things, but Gabe likes feeling like he's accomplished something at the end of the day. He then asks Gabe to come work for him. Gabe dismisses him, but Craig asks if he'll ever give him another chance. Gabe thinks he'll always be the same creep. Craig begs him for a chance again before leaving.

Holden finds Molly at Fashions to look at her dresses. Holden is distracted and Molly asks if she is boring him to death. Holden hugs her and lies that everything is perfect. Molly tells him that she and Carly discussed how great it is that Lily is moving on. As Holden hugs her, Lily walks by the window and makes eye contact with Holden before walking away.

Outside of Lily's home, Gabe listens to Lucinda call Lily's perfume business contact and discuss not prolonging the inevitable. She says, "Isn't ruining Craig what this is all about?"

Carly barges into Craig's suite and demands to know what he is up to!

Next on As The World Turns:

Janet introduces Jack to Anthony.

Carly asks Craig why he wanted her to think he was intimate with Lily.

Lily sadly remarks to Holden, "You're really getting married."

Craig tells Lucinda that Lily deserves to be happy in every way, but Lucinda warns him to stay away.

Lucinda is happily surprised to see Sierra!

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