Parker finds Liberty moping at Al's about how much work she has to do before tomorrow to finish school. She talks about how she doesn't want to disappoint Brad's memory. He offers to help her but she needs to do this herself.

At Dusty's Janet gets Johnny ready for his swimming class and sends him off. Dusty's impressed and he wants to pay her back. She asks him to help out Liberty. Janet's worried that Liberty is overworking herself at school. Dusty tells her to lighten up and let her daughter be normal. She admits that she doesn't want her daughter to graduate and go away to school; she wouldn't know who she was without her. Parker arrives and announces that Liberty needs their help.

Sheriff Dooley drops by the station to talk to Jack. He shows him the DVD he found and explains that it is a sex tape by Silas and Molly. The sheriff worries blackmail was involved in the shooting. Jack stands up for Molly and the sheriff agrees to hand the DVD over.

Lucinda grabs Gabriel on the street and asks him what his future plans are. She's eager for him to leave town and tells him to get over Liberty. After she walks off, Johnny comes by with his babysitter and asks Gabriel to visit Craig with him.

In the cells, Craig worries that the grand jury will indict him. He looks at a drawing Johnny did for him. Gabriel arrives to visit him. He tells his father to stop using Johnny against him and refuses to change his story. Craig offers to make things up to him if he tells the truth. When he tries getting him to give him a chance, Gabriel accidentally mentions Lucinda and then storms off. Craig calls the guard in and says he needs to send a message to Lucinda.

Liberty arrives at Java and finds Parker, Dusty, Mackenzie and Janet waiting to help her finish her work. They split up the workload. Mackenzie does chemistry with her and then Dusty reads Shakespeare. After the adults leave, Liberty and Parker keep working. She talks about the essay she wrote about her mom. She thanks him for his help and they hug.

Holden goes to Lily's to say that Molly has accepted his proposal. She stares and then congratulates him, but wonders if this is the best time for him to get married. Lily worries he's making the same mistake she made with Damian but he doesn't see the similarity. After he leaves, she sobs. Lucinda arrives. Lily tells her that Holden and Molly are getting married. Lucinda refuses to accept this and claims Holden is just trying to rescue Molly but Lily is the love of his life. She's sure something fishy is going on. Lily refuses to let her mom get involved but that doesn't accomplish much. Lily refuses to fight for Holden anymore and leaves for a walk. Lucinda gets a call. It's a message from Craig.

Molly goes to Carly's to tell her that she's accepted Holden's proposal. Carly's happy for her. Molly smiles so much her face hurts. They wonder how Lily is taking the news. Holden arrives to tell Molly that everything is good. Carly hugs him. Jack arrives and the couple break their news. He hands her the DVD. Carly demands to know what's going on. Jack explains. Holden and Molly depart and Carly accuses Jack of covering things up for Molly when he wouldn't do the same for his son. He says that Molly was the victim of a sex crime but she isn't swayed. He accuses her of never having faith in him.

Jack tracks down Gabriel and asks him to drop by the station later.

Holden and Molly go back to the farm. He promises that this mess won't be haunting her for long and suggests they burn all of the evidence.

Lily takes a walk and sees Holden and Molly burning the DVDs.

Dusty and Janet go home with Johnny. While Johnny gets changed, Dusty tries charming Janet. She never imagined she would have a family life like she got, but it seems perfect. They kiss.

Next on As The World Turns:

Jack and Carly argue about Parker.

Carly asks Gabriel to stick to his story.

Carly cringes at Jack and Janet.

Craig surprises Lucinda.

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