Gwen and Will are at Java, having a coffee. Gwen gets up, telling Will she's going back to the studio, thinking she shouldn't have run out on Adam like that. Will says, "But now you're running out on me!" They bring up Jade, and Gwen tells him, "I know Jade will use any excuse to talk to you." Will disagrees, thinking it's possible that she's trying to make up for what she did. Gwen can't believe that he doesn't see right through her, thinking that Jade probably has him on speed dial! She rants about Jade sleeping with her husband and lying about being pregnant, wondering if Jade's just looking for another opportunity to do it again. She sits back down, apologizing. "I just don't like her," she confesses. She goes on to say, "I love you and I trust you. She just reminds me of my Mom and I'm not giving either of them a second chance. I'm sorry." Will understands which puts Gwen's mind at ease. He asks if she can ignore Adam and Jade. Gwen can't, knowing that Jade only dates his brother to get to Will. He smiles, and tells her that he was happy that she needed him, but agrees to change his cell phone number so Jade can't contact him anymore. This makes Gwen smile, and he uses this chance to ask her to go home and spend the rest of the afternoon in bed with him! She can't, and he needs to get those college applications out, she reminds him. She kisses him and takes off for the recording studio.

After Jade and Adam finish making love on the floor of the recording studio, she jumps up, dressing quickly. She tells Adam she's worried someone will walk in and see them. She seems deep in thought, and he asks if she's thinking of Will, but she denies it, and proves it by kissing him. They start things up again, and while they're half undressed on the floor, Gwen walks in on them! She's visibly upset about it, asking how he could sleep with Jade at work! Adam tells her that this is none of her business. Gwen rants and raves a little and then grabs her things and storms out the door, yelling back at them, to "Go ahead, copulate; procreate; sing a song while you're at it; have a good time!" Adam doesn't flinch but Jade worries that Gwen will go tell Will about this, making her sound sleazy. He tries to reasons with her, but she thinks this is going to be a huge problem for him! A confident Adam tells Jade he's not sorry this happened and asks to see her again soon. She kisses him and she's off.

Katie arrives at the police station with information for Jack. She has a hard time spitting it out, finally blurting that she thinks Carly and Simon committed a crime and "Nobody knows it but me!" She shows him a copy of her book, where she has highlighted some parts that may be useful to him. She explains how she didn't realize a crime had happened until she saw Simon's reaction to the book! She tells Jack that she is positive that Simon and Carly stole the Royal necklace that night of the gala. Jack's unconvinced, wondering why the Prince hasn't noticed his jewels gone, yet. She answers that Simon must have replaced it with a copy! Jack rolls his eyes, hands the book back to her, and asks her to come back with solid evidence next time. He starts to open the door for her to leave, but she's not budging! She asks him to help explain how Simon got all the money to quickly pay off a contractor, and he thinks back. He remembers that Simon owed money to a guy named "Spiro". Katie is sure this proves her theory. Jack asks what this has to do with Mike, and she admits that Mike thinks she has a thing for Simon still, but she asks Jack, "Would I be here trying to get Simon arrested if I still had feelings for him?!" Jack digresses, still not thinking there is enough concrete proof to do anything, so he decides to make a call to Vienna! Vienna is very seductive on the phone with Jack. He finds out that she's still friendly with the Prince Adoulfo, and wonders if she could have the Prince take a look at the Royal jewels to ensure they were not switched when she was in town. She can, she says, but the jewels are always thoroughly examined before they go back in the vault. He thanks her for the information, and asks for her discretion. He hangs up, and once again tries to convince Katie that she's wrong, but she resists him, believing that Simon stole diamonds from someone. Jack wonders what all this will prove, and she explains, it'll prove that "Simon isn't who everyone thinks he is." She knows that Simon can be very convincing; especially if a woman thinks he's in love with her. With that, she goes off to do a little 'shopping'!

At Simon's place, he and Carly dress. She refuses to put on the necklace again as she feels people are going to become suspicious. He's confident that they'll get away clean this time, and says, "The best place for this is in plain sight! He puts the necklace around her neck and they leave to go shopping. Carly is uncomfortable, feeling that everyone's eyes on her rock, but Simon comforts her, thinking they're all staring because she's beautiful. They're interrupted by Lisa, who has a copy of Oakdale Confidential on her person. She's irate, and starts yelling at the two that they won't get away with this! She warns, "Wait until the police find out about this!" Simon and Carly are in shock, scared stiff until she bursts out into laughter! She is in the middle of reading the book and is just messing with them, she explains. They compose themselves as she tells Carly, "I do have to hand it to you for wearing that rock around your neck!" Lisa moves on and Simon asks her to take it in stride the next time someone makes a crack about the book! She agrees, and they kiss with a promise to meet later.

Later, Katie finds Carly sitting on a bench. She sits down, asking Carly straight out, "Where did Simon get that gorgeous diamond from?" Carly reminds her she has no interest in talking to her.

At Lakeview, Meg is about to leave for work, when she sees Holden. He notices she has champagne left at her table, and asks why she isn't drinking it. She explains nurses don't drink before going on duty, and asks why he's there. He has a business meeting, he explains. She tells him Paul has stopped obsessing about Craig and she thinks he can change, if given enough love and faith. Holden tells her you can't change someone just by loving them, they have to change on their own. He gives her his blessing, "I'm going to offer you my arm to walk you down the aisle," he promises.

At the hospital, Emily walks in on Paul trying to smother Craig! "What are you doing," she blasts him. She freaks out and dashes out of the room, telling him this isn't the way to fix things. Paul asks her to understand and allow him to finish what he started, promising to owe her forever, if she allows him to finish! Emily is disgusted. She wants to call the police but he blackmails her, telling her she's an accessory to the shooting of Craig. "I saw you in the car and I think you were in on it from the beginning," he says. She denies it, wondering how he could have seen her. He followed her, he admits, and is glad he did. She knows that she's found out and admits, "I was trying to protect Dusty. That's why I switched the bullets with the blan" She stops dead. "Oh my God," she exclaims. "You're the one who switched the blanks back to real bullets! He starts to walk away, but she stops him, becoming hysterical "How would Jennifer feel about you if she knew this," she asks and starts to leave to turn him in. He tells her she's looking for trouble but she promises she won't regret anything, and the two are interrupted by Meg, who asks what's going on.

Back at Java, Gwen returns to a puzzled Will. When he asks why she has left the studio so quickly, she denies anything is wrong, and asks him to take her home.

Simon is at home when he gets a hand delivered message from Vienna. It reads, "Simon you bad boy, I know what you did!"

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Katie to Carly, "Simon didn't buy that necklace, did he? My guess is,.. (and she leans in), He stole it!"