At the Lakeview, Johnny seems depressed as Janet shows up to see Dusty. He explains that the little boy isn't taking the news of Craig's incarceration well. Liberty calls her mom from the police station.

Carly and Jack are at her place making out when his phone rings. He's about to turn it off when he sees it's Janet. She fills him in about Liberty. He buttons his shirt. Carly advises him not to get involved and decides to go with him when he decides to go to the station anyway.

Luke catches Lucinda as she arrives at Lily's. They chat about Noah until Lily wanders out looking for Gabriel. The women try explaining things to Luke but he's confused. He drifts off to look for him and Lucinda tells her daughter to stop letting her bleeding heart put them in danger. They go inside and Lucinda warns her that bringing the kid into the house will only cause trouble. She says Gabriel is damaged goods and they should dump him. They keep bickering and Lily says that Craig has changed. Luke comes in and explains that Gabriel is gone... along with her car. They send Luke off to look for him at the Lakeview. She gets a call that he's in jail. Lucinda rolls her eyes.

At the hospital, Dr. Oliver discharges Noah, who keeps worrying about being able to see better. Reid advises him to do the therapy and not act like an idiot. Noah's friend, Richard, arrives to pick him up. When Richard points out that Reid is hot, Noah wonders why Luke never mentioned it. A nurse comes in and gives Noah some eye drops. He puts them in and it stings, but after cleaning his eyes, he can see much better. Richard returns and guesses Noah wants to call Luke and tell him this. Noah admits he's still in love with him.

Reid runs into Luke at the Lakeview. They talk about Gabriel going missing and then the doctor explains that Noah has been discharged. Reid offers to help him look for Gabriel. They wander around and Reid complains about what a dump Oakdale is. Lily sends a message saying they found the boy. Reid wonders if Luke is going to ask Noah why he asked another man to pick him up.

Jack and Janet meet with Liberty at the station and ask her what she was up to. They find out that she won't be charged with anything. Janet takes her daughter away and Carly worries that Gabriel could leave town before testifying against Craig. Lily arrives and tells Jack that Gabriel had permission to take her car. Lucinda begins sniping but Lily is sure this is what she wants to do.

Craig and Gabriel are stuck in a jail cell together. Gabriel claims he doesn't want a father like him. They argue about who the real Craig is and Gabriel explains that he only blackmailed him to watch him squirm. Craig takes the blame for being a crummy person, but he won't take the blame for leaving him for dead. "Don't take me on kid. You won't like what happens next," Craig warns him. As a guard arrives with Lucinda, Gabriel grabs Craig's hands and pulls them to his throat to make it look like he's being strangled. The guard pulls them apart and Lucinda shouts at Craig. Gabriel is led out. Craig warns his son that he will regret this. After Gabriel leaves, Lucinda tells Craig he's too late and he'll never be a father to him. She continues to taunt Craig and he tells her she owes him. Jack comes down and orders Lucinda out. Craig tells Jack he's his only chance. As much as he hates it, he's sure Jack's moral code will stop him from going along with this.

Upstairs, Lily tells Gabriel she doesn't care about her car but she still wants him to stay. Carly pokes her head in and chats to him alone. He apologizes about Parker's money and offers to give back what he still has. Lily takes him away.

Luke and Reid wander over to Lily's. No one is there. Reid is about to leave when Luke grabs his arm and asks him to stay. They sit down to play chess. Reid wins easily and explains that he used to be a competitive chess player. He gets embarrassed as he talks about his feelings. Luke asks him if he was out when he was in high school. Reid talks about what agony it was. He babbles nervously until Luke begins kissing him. Noah arrives outside, spots them through the window and gulps.

Back at Dusty's, Johnny is still upset about Craig. Dusty tells him how sorry he is. Liberty and Janet arrive. Janet sits with the little boy and he gives her a hug. They look at Johnny's drawing and Dusty suggests they give it to Craig. Liberty and Johnny go off and Janet says that he'll be okay. Johnny returns and feels the baby kicking. She smiles. Dusty tells her that this is what being a family would be like. Jack calls and asks Dusty to bring Johnny to the station. After Dusty and the child leave, Liberty admits to her mother that Gabriel asked her to leave town with him. She worries. Liberty admits she has feelings for him.

Lucinda and Lily take Gabriel out to lunch. He agrees to stay at Lily's. After she leaves, Lucinda offers Gabriel money to leave after he testifies against Craig.

Dusty brings Johnny to the station to meet with Craig. Johnny gives him a picture and Craig tells him how much he loves him. Craig tells him to get to know his new big brother and tell him how much he loves him.

Carly and Jack go home. He admits that he thinks Craig is telling the truth. She tells him to leave all of this alone.

Next on As The World Turns:

Chris collapses on Katie.

Henry tells Vienna he has feelings for Barbara.

Luke tells Reid he has feelings for him but still loves Noah.

Lily and Holden kiss.

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