Molly is at the farm house unwrapping another negligee from Silas when Holden startles her and asks what's in the bag. He snatches it away from her and then assumes she got it for his benefit. They flirt and he suggests they have a date night so they can have some private time.

Alison tries to keep Chris on the ground as he yells at the car that just ran him down. Katie gets out from behind the wheel and approaches them. A cop asks Katie why she tried to run him down. Chris won't press charges so the cop leaves and the women try to drag Chris to the hospital. He refuses but he can't walk so they take him to Katie's place.

In the hallway of the Lakeview, Henry is instructing a singer and flower girl about what to do. He bangs on the door. Vienna, who is in bed with Casey, yells at him to come back later. He won't budge so she asks him to meet her downstairs while she makes herself beautiful. Henry ushers his menagerie away and Casey demands some answers from Vienna. As she gets dressed, she explains that Casey is the first man she's been attracted to since Henry, but she still wants to marry Henry. She flounces off.

Henry runs into Barbara in the hall and asks her about the trophy she threw away. She claims it clashed with her décor. The singer and flower girl begin performing but Henry stops them, explaining Barbara's not the right woman. "You could have fooled me," the singer says. Henry sends them away and they talk about the christening. She's not sure he's invited. When he brings up Vienna's pregnancy, he admits to Barbara that the trophy they won meant something to him. She walks across the room as Vienna comes in. Henry calls the singer and flower girl over. Barbara watches and cringes. After she's serenaded, Henry and Vienna debate where they should go for the actual proposal. Henry pays his little crew and Vienna rubs this event in Barbara's face and asks her to be the baby's 'sweet old nana'. Henry drags her away.

In Fashions, Holden goes shopping for a gift for Molly when Silas drops in to taunt him about the negligee. Holden orders him to stay away from Molly.

Back in Vienna's room, Casey discovers her bag of pregnancy tests. He hears someone coming and hides. Henry and Vienna come in. He gets down on one knee and offers her a string of compliments until she rushes him along to the proposal. He slips the ring on her finger and they kiss. She notices Casey and waves him away. He listens in shock as Henry talks about the pregnancy. She declares that she is hungry, but feels nauseous and sends him downstairs to get food. Once he's gone, Casey comes out and asks if the baby is his. She insists she was pregnant before they slept together. They argue until she chases him out.

Molly is at WOAK when Holden walks in and asks her how many lies she's told him. She apologizes and says that she's told Silas to stay away and didn't want to bring this up because she's afraid it would ruin things between them. She assumes he wants to finish with her and offers to pack her bag. He asks her how they can make Silas go away.

Katie and Ali take Chris to her apartment. Alison leaves to get him some prescription painkillers. Katie apologizes again for running over him. He accuses her of spying on him. She gives him some ice, claims she wasn't spying, and asks about the date. When she asks him about kissing Ali, he claims he was licking tomato sauce off her face. Katie admits she didn't like thinking he was kissing another woman. They talk about their feelings until Alison returns with pills. The women pull Chris to bed so he can lie down. The painkillers knock him out and Katie sits with him. When he wakes up later, she glances at the photo of Brad and then jumps away, telling Chris to let himself out as soon as he feels better.

Henry runs into Barbara in the lobby and apologizes. She says this has made her realize she needs a clean break. She's decided to move out. He thinks that's awfully radical but she can't handle running into him and having flowers thrown in her face. She claims that Paul has asked her to move in. "Can I miss you?" he asks. Vienna returns and pulls him away. Barbara tries to stop herself from crying. She calls her son.

Casey is at the hospital attempting to track down Vienna's doctor but having no luck.

Silas arrives at Metro and finds Molly waiting. He flirts and she sneers before repeating that they will never have a future. After she orders him to go, she walks over to Holden and tells him it's finally over.

Molly and Holden go home and she tells him he's precious. She gets a text from Silas.

Next on As The World Turns:

Silas agrees to go but he won't give up.

Faith is surprised that Gabriel is living in her house.

Jack doesn't know if he and Carly can get past what's happened.

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