Iris shocks Gwen when she shows up at her recording session. "What the hell are you doing here?" Gwen asks. "Moral support," Iris answers. Upset, Gwen asks Adam to get her out, but Iris continues. She tells Gwen Candice is going to come to Oakdale to help her stay sober and get better. Iris goes on talking with Adam, but Gwen grows angrier by the minute, demanding her mother stop going down memory lane, ordering her to get out!

Meanwhile, Jade's watching the action. Immediately, she grabs her phone to call Will. When he answers, she tells him what's going on, then she says Gwen must be loosing it! Will says he'll be right there.

After Iris leaves, Gwen and Adam start to go back to work, but Gwen is too upset to sing. She lashes out, expressing her anger about her mother! Adam takes Gwen into his arms to comfort her. While calming her, Will walks in and sees his wife in Adam's arms! Gwen notices Will, releases her hold on Adam, then asks him what he's doing there. He says he came by to check on her, because he heard Iris was there. He goes on to say he doesn't blame her for being upset. Gwen says she's too upset to sing. Adam informs her its okay; he says he understands if she doesn't feel like continuing.

After Will and Gwen leave, Jade says to Adam, "Gwen was a basketcase!" Adam confronts her about chasing after Will, he asks if she has something better to do rather than chase after Will. Enraged, Jade raises her hand to slap Adam, but he blocks it! Shortly after, their squabble turns into passion as they begin to make out.

At Lakeview, Paul meets with Barbara for drinks. He tells her he and Meg are getting married next week. Excited by the news, they order drinks to celebrate. While discussing the wedding, Meg walks up and joins them at their table. Barbara offers to help her with the wedding, but Meg reveals they're getting married at Lily and Holden's home. She goes on to say Emma is already planning everything.

Changing the subject, Meg asks if they want to hear her good news. "What's your news?" Paul asks. She responds, telling them Craig is awake. Paul squeezes the wine glass he's holding in his hands; it breaks, shocking both Meg and Barbara. He says the world will be a better place without Craig! Meg disagrees as she expresses her opinion. Barbara reports to Meg that Craig drove Dusty to do what he did. Meg replies telling them she has something she must get off her mind before she becomes a part of their family. She says if Craig goes after custody again, they must protect Johnny in every way they can -- legally. "It's non-negotiable," Meg adds.

Later, after Paul leaves, Meg lets Barbara know that she doesn't want Paul to end up like Dusty. She says they need to keep Paul away from Craig as much as possible. "If they're in the same room together something bad is going to happen," Meg cautions.

At the hospital, Lucy stands by Craig's bed. In tears, she expresses her anger about what he's done. While expressing her anger, Margo and Katie enter the room. They attempt to try to comfort Lucy. "Maybe he'll find some sort of peace now," Katie says.

"Maybe I would if you three could just shut up," Craig says as he wakes up.

Katie and Lucy nervously rush out of the room to get a doctor! They all three appear to be surprised!

After Katie and Lucy rush out of the room, Craig shocks Margo! "It wasn't supposed to happen like that," he says. "Oh, that better not mean what I think it means," Margo replies.

Later, while standing at the nurse's station, Katie and Margo talk. Katie admits that she screwed up with Mike. She confesses that it made her realize how much their marriage meant to her.

"I am going to get Mike back."
"I hope so," Margo says, rummaging through her purse.
"And I am going to get Simon out of my life for good," Katie continues.
"Anything I can do to help you with that?" Margo offers.
"No, no, no, you're busy enough. I'll handle it."

Margo, irate by her response, turns around and says, "Oh, do you know how it scares me when I hear either you or Craig say I'll handle it?"

"It scares the he** out of me!" Margo continues as she walks away, leaving Katie bewildered and speechless.

At the jail, Jessica tries to prepare Dusty for court, but he isn't cooperating. He informs her it's over, because Lucy saw him! She can't believe he's just going give up! She continues to try to talk some sense into him, but he remains stubborn!

Later, Lucy arrives. Dusty asks her if it's over for Craig. "No, he's still alive," she replies. Dusty isn't happy to hear Craig is still alive! They argue! He says he'll do anything to protect Johnny from Craig. "If you can't accept that, then you gotta go," he adds. He goes on to say it's not an ultimatum -- it's just the truth!

During their argument, she admits she's screaming at him because Craig is too drugged to hear what she has to say to him. She goes on to say she has no pity for Craig, but he knows that. Dusty says he had to do what he did, but she says there's a line, and he crossed it! Dusty reminds her that the courts were on Craig's side, but she accuses him of playing by Craig's book. Then, she admits she did too when she didn't testify against him, but she says she didn't want Craig to hurt him. She goes on to say she can't live with what either of them did, so all she has to say now is "goodbye!" Lucy walks away. "Bye Princess," Dusty says. Outside the door, Lucy fights back her tears!

Back at the hospital, Paul enters Craig's room, grabs a pillow from the chair, walks over to Craig, then places the pillow over his face!

Next on As the World Turns...

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