Alison runs into Vienna at Java and brings up seeing her with Casey. Vienna shuts her up as Henry walks over. After Henry walks off, Alison tells Vienna she can't use Casey and dump him. "That's what you did." Vienna shoots back. Henry has slipped off to call and check on Barbara. She's still waiting for her test results.

Margo rushes to the Metro as the final preparations are being made for Lisa's party. Lisa is wearing a cast on her arm because she fell in the kitchen. "The show must go on," she declares. The family sits down. Bob goes up on stage and talks about being the first of Lisa's many husbands. Reading off a note, he lists her many last names as she walks onto the stage. She speaks of arriving in town and falling for Bob. She plays a video of her life. Alison plays Lisa and Casey plays Bob as they re-enact the early days of their secret marriage. Everyone claps. Lisa talks about how the marriage fell apart and Bob moved on with Kim. Lisa sings, "As The World Turns."

Katie is at WOAK having a meltdown when Chris arrives. He offers to help her out. She tells him to go and help his family. They bicker about their bickering. Vienna and Henry arrive after Chris mopes off. Vienna wonders what Katie was fighting with him about. Katie rushes off. Vienna paces around and Casey calls her to asks if she liked his scenes in Lisa's show. He asks her out but she has plans.

At Metro, the video starts again. Margo plays Nancy and tells 'Lisa' that she's a distraction and advises her to slow things down with Bob. Lisa and Bob are already married and pregnant though. She's welcomed into the family anyway. The video halts and Lisa talks about how grand Nancy is and then chats about Tom. She mentions how many times she's fallen in and out of love and then starts showing photos of her husbands.

Henry is in the office at WOAK. Barbara tracks him down. He tries to calm her cancer fears. She rattles off her regrets and then tells him she feels completely alive when she's with him and she wants more of that. He asks her to dance. After they cut a figure, she gets a call from the doctor. She's put on hold for a minute and then the doctor informs her that she's cancer free. They're thrilled, hug and kiss. As they lock lips, Vienna stares in at them. Barbara backs away. They split up. After he walks off, she spots Vienna hiding and guesses she saw them. Vienna blows up at her. Henry rushes between them. Vienna declares that Barbara's kisses don't matter because they're pregnant. She throws her arms around him. He tries to blink.

Katie runs over to Metro and asks Lisa if they can cut a segment of her show, the one featuring her. Lisa refuses. Everyone returns as Kim counts the broadcast back on. Chris arrives and watches with Katie as Lisa talks about her many men, including Bob's brother, Don. A video starts. Chris plays Don and Katie plays Lisa. They argue and call each other names before making out. Katie cringes in the audience as she watches. Chris chuckles as Lisa talks about how hot Don was. Another commercial break begins and Katie runs away from Chris in embarrassment.

Kim and Margo bring in a special guest. After they hide her, Margo talks to Tom about how Lisa never dwells on her mistakes. She wants to be like that too. They sit down and Lisa returns to the stage. She calls up April to sing a song. As she sings, Chris and Katie bicker at the back of the room. He insists that there is nothing going on between them. "Definitely. Right. Nothing. Right. Definitely," she stutters. Alison sneaks in and sits beside Casey. She tries to tell him something but stops herself. The sing stops and Lisa thanks everyone for being there for her for all of her life. She serenades her friends and they clap.

Chris chases Katie outside as she storms off. He asks her what she's afraid of.

Alison tells Chris that she genuinely likes him and doesn't want anyone to hurt him. He's not sure where this is going so she tells him that seeing Vienna is a mistake.

Next on As The World Turns:

Noah asks Luke about his fight with Reid.

Chris and Katie are trapped together.

Casey doesn't want to stop sleeping with Vienna.

Barbara tells Henry to get a paternity test.

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