Carly returns home and finds Parker and Jack together. She tries to send her son away but Jack explains that he already knows what happened. Carly tries covering but Parker already made a full confession. "How long were you going to keep on lying to me?" Jack asks her. He continues questioning his son and Carly admits she tried to keep everything quiet. She orders her son away so she can take the blame. Jack is irate and continues to demand answers.

At the Lakeview, Margo is shocked as Lily and Craig stubbornly explain how he cheated on Sierra with his housekeeper and Gabriel was the result. Lily insists that Craig never knew the truth thanks to her and her mother. She claims that Craig knew about his son even before the fire and was determined to make things up to him. Margo is miffed and wanders off to make a phone call. Craig wonders why Lily lied for him. She did it to cover for him. Margo returns and announces that they can go to see Gabriel.

Tom drops by Fashions to see his mom. Lisa is a bit distracted and says she wants some spice in her life. He encourages her to get a date and invites her out. She checks her datebook and notices that she's been in Oakdale for fifty years. She recalls her arrival and how she fell in love with Bob. Everything has sort of snuck up on her. "You've done pretty well. You've lived the lives of nine women," he says. She ushers him away. Moments later, a man comes in looking for an anniversary gift. Lisa talks about young love and remembers her life with Bob.

Jack and Carly take a walk to where the boat house was. He doesn't appreciate her using their past to manipulate him and wonders if she understands how much worse she's made everything. He thought things would be different between them for once but she's as much of a liar as she's ever been. "We're having the same exact conversation we always have," he complains. She's sure he will always judge her. They throw blame back and forth and she claims that he's only proven why she can't trust him. She insists that they can end all of this if they keep it secret. He guesses that she kicked him out as part of the cover up and can't believe she wants him to let Craig be punished for a crime he didn't commit. She admits that Craig already realized what really happened. Jack thinks this whole situation is impossible. She tells him that their son is a miracle and anything is possible for him if they fight for it. Jack thumps away.

Kim and Bob are at the Lakeview having lunch. He hands her a drawing and explains that it could be their dream house in Arizona; a place for them to retire to. She likes that idea. They start talking about design and kiss. "Get a room," Tom jokes as he walks in. He tells them about Lisa's anniversary. "Only your mother would keep track," Bob says. Tom thinks they should commemorate the occasion with a party. As they plan, Lisa arrives and eavesdrops. Kim doubts Lisa wants a surprise party planned by Tom and Bob. She thinks they should have it in the hotel and hold a tea party. Lisa rolls her eyes and then interrupts them. She's furious. "I'm not dead yet! You don't have to bury me before my time," she says, firing them all from party planning and declaring that she will do it herself. Lisa wants to do a musical about her life and broadcast it on TV. They joke around.

Craig and Margo arrive at the hospital. She tells her brother that he's not alone. They go to see Gabriel. Craig knows that he came to Oakdale simply for revenge. He becomes distraught. His sister can't promise him anything. "Please help me," he begs. She can't make guarantees and needs total honesty from him. He walks off and she stays to take a call. Parker arrives and asks a nurse about Gabriel. She doesn't have any. Margo walks over to talk to him. He pretends that all the money stolen from him was no big deal. She asks him if Gabriel ever talked about Craig. Parker anxiously leaves without answering.

Craig goes to see Lily at her place. He thanks her for lying to Margo. They bicker about who has told more lies. He thanks her for finally giving him a chance to get to know his son. She asks him to promise to be a father to his son. "It's an easy promise to keep," he says.

Margo meets with Jack at the station. Tom strolls in before they can talk. He tells his wife about the party. She tells him that Gabriel is their nephew. She's sure that Craig would never go after his own flesh and blood but she has no other ideas as far as suspects go. Jack stares at them and then walks off.

Parker goes home and worries that he's screwed things up even more. She doesn't blame him for anything. Jack calls and explains that he's kept his mouth shut. Carly promises her son that all will be well.

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