Carly worries about what Katie wrote in her book. Simon assures her Katie made the jewel theft up. Carly worries that if Jack reads the book he'll arrest them, throw them in jail, and she'll lose her kids. Simon re-assures her it's just fiction, but she still worries that Jack will believe it and follow-up. Simon says even if he does follow-up there's no proof, but Carly wonders if Katie has proof. Simon says she can't have proof if she made it all up. He tells Carly if the cops come after them he'll protect her. He reminds her that he promised her she wouldn't get hurt.

Carly answers the door; it's Jack. Simon leaves, kissing Carly goodbye on his way out. Carly looks worried as Jack walks over, picks up Katie's book, then opens it. Carly grabs the book from his hands telling him he doesn't really want to read the "trash" and "gossip" she wrote. She goes on to say because Katie wanted revenge, she wrote things about she and Simon that were untrue. Jack asks to look at the book.

"Why?" Carly inquires.
"Anything you're trying this hard to hide I want to read," Jack replies.

Carly gives in handing him the book. "Don't say I didn't warn you," she says. "You're warning me?" Carly confirms, saying everything Katie wrote was because she was jealous. Jack changes his mind; he gives the book back saying he'll pass.

Later, Jack admires her necklace, reminding her that Simon is a jewel thief! Before he leaves, he says, "Don't worry about the book. If there's anything in there I need to know I'll find it."

At the book signing, Katie informs Mike that he doesn't want the book and lays it aside. She goes on to say how much she regrets what she done, but she can't change things. She says she wrote what she did to get even with Simon. Mike informs her that he left because of her, not Simon. He says he's tired of being shafted, and orders her not to talk about him, or write about him. Again, she reminds him she wrote what she did to hurt Simon. He says the book is gossip! She corrects him saying, "No, most of it is true."

Later, she tells him she wants him, not Simon. "Prove it," he says. "How, I'll do anything?" Katie replies. He recommends she prove to herself that she can have a future without Simon -- get him out of her life! With hope in her eyes, she asks, "And if I can do that, I can hope that you'll come back to me?"

Before Mike can answer, Simon walks up apologizing for interrupting saying he really needs to have a word with Katie. "Help yourself," Mike says.

After Mike leaves, Simon confronts Katie saying she has to stop blaming him, because she was there too. "You told the whole world I'm a jewel thief," he says. "You are a jewel thief," she retorts. She admits she saw him put the necklace around Carly's neck at Lakeview. He asks her if that's when she got the idea to make them thieves in her book. Instead of answering, Katie demands he leave or she says she'll call security!

Back at Carly's place, Simon arrives and informs her that Katie doesn't know anything about the jewel theft. "We have nothing to worry about," he says. Relieved, Carly hugs him.

At the farm, Paul reports to Meg that Craig isn't a problem anymore. When she asks why, he just repeats that he's not a problem. She expresses how different he is. She reminds him that last night he was obsessed about Craig, but now he's not.

Later, while Meg and Paul kiss, her phone rings disrupting their moment. As she hangs up, she says she has to go, because Craig has been shot!

At the parking garage, Lucy, kneeling beside her father, begs Dusty to call for an ambulance! He informs her they're already on their way. "How could you do this?" She asks. "You weren't supposed to be here," Dusty replies, then walks away.

The paramedics arrive! They ask Lucy to step back while they work. She explains she's a doctor. Again, they ask her to step back. As she steps back, Margo arrives and asks her what happened. Tearfully, she tells her Craig has been shot. Wanting to see for herself, Margo walks over to take a look. She's shocked to see Craig as he lays bleeding on the ground! Margo turns to Lucy and asks who shot him! "Dusty," she answers.

At Lakeview, Emily and Dusty share a drink. "What are we drinking to?" Emily asks. "My son," Dusty replies. He goes on to say he promised Jennifer Johnny would never have to deal with Craig, then he confesses that he shot Craig! "He's dead. There was a lot of blood," Dusty continues. "That's impossible!" Emily says. He asks why she seems so surprised? She says because she didn't think he would really do it.

Moments after Emily leaves, Margo and two other officers arrive. They place Dusty under arrest. Before carting Dusty off to jail, Margo asks the other offers to take a walk. As they leave, she asks Dusty why. He explains he promised Jennifer. He goes on to apologize for any pain he may have caused her family. "You disgust me!" she says. The offers return, she orders them to take Dusty out of her sight!

At the hospital, Meg asks Lucy about Craig's condition. She says he's stable for now, but has to go upstairs for surgery. She reveals to Meg that Dusty shot him! Meg is shocked when she learns the truth!

Later, standing by Craig's bedside, Emily explains to him that she switched the bullets, but doesn't know what happened. "You... killed me," Craig says breathlessly. Emily is shocked! Before she can respond, his machine begins going off. "Craig! Craig!" Emily cries.

After Emily rushes out of the room, Lucy runs in with the other staff. They order Lucy to call surgery immediately to inform them they're bringing Craig up now!

Outside of Craig's room, Paul approaches Emily. She says she doesn't know how this happened. "Yea, it's funny how things work out," Paul replies.

At the book signing, Katie calls Jack telling him she needs to talk to him tomorrow morning. He says he hopes it's important. "It's about Jack," she says.

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Dusty asks Dr. Rourke if Craig is still alive. She confirms. "No, he's got to die!" Dusty says.

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"It wasn't supposed to happen like that," Craig says to Margo.