Lily, Holden, Faith, Luke and Jade arrive at the Snyder Farm for Thanksgiving. While preparing dinner, Meg fills Emma in about Craig's suggestion to marry Paul. Her mom cautions her about listening to any advice from Craig.

Outside the Snyder Farm, Luke receives a phone call from Lucy. She informs him she won't be coming. Once Luke hangs up, he goes inside and reveals the news about Lucy. Meg jumps in saying Lucy didn't testify against Craig yesterday. Worried about Lucy, Luke says he's going to go look for her.

After Luke leaves to find Lucy, the women and Holden chat as they continue to prepare the Thanksgiving feast. Meg mentions that she thought she saw Holden last night, but Lily says it's impossible, because he went to Springfield last night.

"Really, cause I could have sworn..."
"Well, I guess you were wrong, because I was here last night, and Holden was definitely headed out of town," Jade butts in, cutting Meg short.

Meg recants saying she thought she saw Bruce Springfield once, but she was wrong, because when she fell crossing the road after him he didn't come to her aid. She says Bruce would have helped.

Later, in the kitchen with Faith, Jade sneaks a piece of pie. Faith asks her how she can eat like that and still be skinny. Jade replies telling her sometimes she's hungry and can eat anything she wants, then at times, she forgets and doesn't eat anything at all. "Unlike her aunt who just has to look at pie and gain five pounds, Lily says as she walks in. Jade enlightens Lily telling her she's too hard on herself.

Outside, Jade asks Holden about the blonde again. He continues to say she's just business. Before walking off, Holden orders Jade to keep her mouth shut. Once Holden leaves, Lily comes out. She asks Jade if there's something going on between she and Holden. Jade assures her there's nothing going on. Lily brings up the lipstick she found on his collar, but Jade says she explained that to her. Lily asks her why she's being so defensive. Again, Jade swears nothing is going on.

Outside the store, Will and Gwen run into Iris. She hints at Thanksgiving dinner, but Gwen informs her she's not invited!

After Will and Gwen walk away from Iris, Will says he forgot to buy a gift for his mom, he says he thinks he'll go back and pick her up a copy of "Oakdale Confidential." Gwen says she'll wait for him. As he walks away, he approaches Iris. He confronts her saying they need to talk. He goes on to say he's glad she's getting help, but advises her not to push herself on Gwen, saying she's making Gwen uncomfortable. Iris asks him for cab money and says the parole board told her she has to stay in town. Will gives her the money and says it's just a one-time thing, not to come back asking for more. He goes on to say Gwen has her own life now, one she deserves. "She's done taking care of you now. You're not going to mess that up," Will orders.

After Will walks away, Iris places the money he gave her into her bra, saying to herself, "I wouldn't count on that Buddy Boy."

Paul arrives at Barbara's for Thanksgiving. She asks him where Meg is, he says they had a little argument about Craig. Barbara takes the opportunity to let him know about Dusty's plans. Paul expresses that he likes the sound of it.

Emily arrives asking about Dusty, saying she's been looking for him. Paul says, "Why go after him, let him go."

Later, Paul approaches Emily outside. He asks her if he can give her some friendly advice. She accepts, giving him her full attention. He advises that he appreciates her concern for Johnny, but he doesn't think it's a good idea to put herself in the middle of the battle between Dusty and Craig. He says he'd hate to see her get hurt. She smiles, wishes him a happy Thanksgiving, then walks away.

A while later, Will and Gwen show up. They give Barbara her gift, a copy of "Oakdale Confidential." Gwen takes Johnny; he starts to cry. Barbara hands her his bottle, then Gwen and Will leave the room with Johnny.

Dusty arrives and Barbara begins questioning him about his plans. He says the less she knows the better, then he goes upstairs to get Johnny. He hugs Johnny goodbye saying, "This ones going to have to last a while, okay?" He goes on to say he'll always love him.

Panicked, Lucy rushes into Java warning Craig that Dusty has a gun! She says he's going to kill him if he doesn't drop the custody case! Craig refuses, saying Dusty is not going to kill him. Lucy disagrees, begging her father to reconsider. He says for Johnny's sake, he can't drop the case! Not happy with her father's response, she walks away.

After Lucy leaves, Craig's phone rings. It's Dusty! He instructs him to meet in the parking garage, at level three, in one hour!

After hanging up, Emily enters joining Craig at his table. Craig reveals his meeting with Dusty, then he asks her to make sure she's there to see that Dusty shoots to kill! He leans over whispering something into her ear. Meanwhile, Paul is hiding trying to hear their conversation. Quietly, she asks him how she's suppose to break into Dusty's car. Craig looks around to make sure no one's watching, then he pulls a slim jim from his bag. She asks him where he got it. From a prison pal he answers. "What if somebody see me?" Emily asks. "I'll make sure no one does. Now, go on we don't have much time," Craig replies.

At the parking garage, Emily breaks into Dusty's car to carry out Craig's plan. Nervously, Emily does as Craig requested. While making the switch, Paul hides, watching her closely.

Emily leaves throwing something into the trash. Paul notices and checks it out. He pulls out a bullet, gets into Dusty's car, then undoes what Emily just did!

Luke finds Lucy at Java. As he joins her she cries saying she'll never get to patch things up with her father -- it's too late she says! Luke continues to listen as Lucy informs him of Dusty's plans.

Back at Barbara's, Dusty gets ready to leave. Before he goes, he says to Barbara, "By the time the day's over they'll have a lot to be thankful for."

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