Will invites Iris in and asks why she isn't in jail. She says she served her time. Gwen, a little confused, says she thought her sentence was longer. Iris says her time doing laundry must have paid off.

Iris makes herself at home while Gwen hands her coffee, informing her she can make that coffee to go. Iris asks if she's serious, Gwen confirms. She expresses her condolences after telling Gwen she read about the loss of her baby in the paper. She continues to try to make her visit a pleasant one, but Gwen instructs her to finish her coffee and then leave. Will steps in, asking Iris why she came back to Oakdale. She says she came back for Gwen, telling him that no matter how big she gets, every girl needs her mother. She continues saying her counselor, Brenda, suggested she return to apologize to everyone she hurt while she was drinking.

Later, she asks for another cup of coffee saying she got addicted to it when she quit drinking. While Will gets Iris coffee, Gwen offers to give her a couple bucks for a room. Iris informs her that's not what she came for, saying she's stashed a little money away. She goes on to say she came by to give her something. She takes the item from her purse, showing Gwen a bib that says, "Mommies little angel." She says she saved it. The bib only upsets Gwen. Gwen confronts her mom saying she threw away every single card, picture and valentine heart she ever made away, because she claimed those things were cluttering up the place. "So what's that suppose to be?" Gwen inquires, referring to the bib. Iris tries to explain and get Gwen to look at the bib, but Gwen turns away.

"I didn't know what to do. I was young. I didn't have anybody help me out. I felt like overnight... you made me old. I hated you for it," Iris continues.

Will comes back with the coffee and hears.

"I think you should go," Will recommends, laying the coffee on the table.
"No, let her finish," Gwen says.

Iris finishes, telling Gwen how proud she is of her, how nothing she did was her fault, she blames herself, not Gwen.

Before Iris leaves, Gwen stops her and asks if she is sorry. After Iris confirms, Gwen expresses her feelings, telling her mom how much she hurt her. She says she doesn't care where she goes or what she does, just as long as she leaves her alone! Will joins in, informing her about Gwen's music career. She expresses her happiness to Gwen, but Gwen asks her to leave.

While standing outside, raising her eyebrows, she says to herself, "So, what do you know, my little baby's going to hit the big-time."

Carly and Simon notice "Oakdale Confidential" in a department store window. Simon worries about what's in the pages of Katie's new book, but Carly suggests he relax. The two of them head off to the lingerie store.

At the cottage, Katie finishes the final pages of "Oakdale Confidential." Lucinda says she's earned her advance, asking her if she's certain she wants to go that direction with the book. Katie informs Lucinda she's sure.

"This is riveting!" Lucinda compliments.
"Worth the wait?" Katie questions.
"Just a little tweaking here and there," Lucinda replies.

Before leaving, Lucinda asks, again, if this is the way she wants it. Again, Katie confirms.

On Lucinda's way out, she bumps into Henry coming in. She says a quick hello and goodbye to him on her way out the door.

Sitting outside, Henry and Katie toast to her new book. Katie expresses how sick she is of Simon going on as if nothing happened. She informs Henry that once the book hits the shelves his life will be miserable too!

Once back inside, Henry reads the finished pages of "Oakdale Confidential." He says it's "quite a hit list!" Katie expresses how much she loves Mike, but he cautions her saying if her book goes to print any chance she has with him will be gone!

Later, Katie rushes up to Lucinda, thankful she found her. She demands Lucinda stop the book, telling her she needs the pages back, she needs to change a few things, she adds. Lucinda says she can't stop the book; it's already "being born!"

After Emily reveals the news to Barbara about Craig, Barbara confronts her about her involvement with him, saying she's only doing it for the story! She goes on to say she doesn't trust her, just as she doesn't trust Lucy. "Craig will be stopped! You'll have your next headline," Barbara says before leaving.

Craig advises Meg to marry Paul, to prove he's not an obstacle standing in the way of their happiness. He goes on to say if she marries Paul, she'll watch him drop on her list of priorities, they won't even know he's alive. Meg smiles saying, "That would be a miracle."

Craig's phone rings. It's Emily, she advises him to get to the Lakeview immediately or he'll be in his own funeral!

At Dusty's, Lucy walks in on Dusty pointing a pistol! "Dusty, what are you doing?" When he doesn't answer, she demands an answer. He says he's tried the law, but it failed him. Lucy tries to talk Dusty out of his plans, but has no success. He advises her to forget she saw the gun.

As Lucy continues to try to talk some sense into Dusty, a knock at the door interrupts them. Dusty answers, the man behind the door asks if he's Dusty Donovan. Dusty confirms. The man hands him a yellow envelope then leaves.

Dusty sighs after reading the papers. "What is it?" Lucy asks. "Read for yourself," he replies, handing her the papers. She discovers that Craig is suing for custody of Johnny. Lucy tries to talk to Dusty, but he says he's done with judges and lawyers; he will handle Craig his own way!

Outside the department store window, Simon suggests Mike get back with Katie. Mike refuses, expressing his anger toward Simon. As they talk, Lucinda walks up. She apologizes asking if she interrupted something.

"Oh, no, no, it's nothing," Simon answers.
"Nothing. Nothing. I happen to know... huh... unfortunately, that there's more to that 'nothing' than any of you want to admit, Lucinda reveals.

Before leaving, she says to Simon, "Well, Darling, I hope it doesn't turn around and bite you on the back-side."

Barbara and Chaz arrive with Johnny. Dusty shows Barbara the papers revealing that he's going to handle the situation on his own! Dusty asks Barbara to promise him if something happens she'll take care of Johnny for him. Barbara says she will, adding he can win this in court, but he says he can't.

Later, Dusty leaves the house with gun in hand! Before walking away, he takes one last look back.

Emily runs into Lucy and asks why she's in such a hurry. Lucy reveals that Dusty has a gun and is going after Craig. After Lucy leaves, Emily grabs her phone to call Craig.

Just moments after Emily calls Craig, he arrives startling her. She informs him Dusty has a gun, asking him to guess whom he's targeting! "Me, I hope," Craig smirks.

Next on As the World Turns...

"I told you that I don't want you in my life, and I meant it!" Gwen says to Iris.

Meg informs Lily that Holden wasn't in Springfield; he was in Oakdale!

Craig whispers something to Emily!

Dusty begins to put his plan in to motion!