At Will's place, Gwen asks him how his GED test went. He snaps, asking her to stop. Shocked, she asks him what's going on, reminding him they made a deal to be honest with each other. "Do you have a problem with what I'm doing?" Gwen questions. "Yeah, I do," he replies. Confused, she says she thought that's what he wanted for her. He replies, saying he wanted that for the both of them, but now he feels everything is moving too fast.

Later, Will apologizes, admitting he sounds like a "selfish idiot." He goes on to say he really is excited for her. She admits he's right, saying the record thing is going a little too fast. He asks what she means. She explains how, in the beginning, Adam reminded her of her mom, because he was being selfish and cocky. She says he made her feel like she had no talent. She goes on to talk about the relationship with her mom, how she was always drinking and didn't have much time for her.

"You never really told me that," Will remarks.
"Nobody ever saw anything good in me until you came along. I mean, I never, I never believed in myself," she replies.

Later, as they lie in bed after making love, they discuss her music career. Will asks how he's going to see her when she goes on tour. She says he can ride along on the bus. She says every song she writes is going to be about him. A knock at the door disrupts their conversation. Will teases, saying it must be Adam coming to fire her.

A few minutes later, after he opens the door, he yells for Gwen to come see. "Make it fast!" he says. Looking worried, Gwen gets dressed to go see who is at the door. She's taken aback as she finds her cheerful mother standing at the door!

At Lakeview, while sitting with Luke, Jade spots the blonde-haired woman she seen Holden with the other day. Jade suggests to Luke that they leave.

At Holden and Lily's place, Holden calls the blonde, he says he'll meet her at Lakeview.

Moments later, Luke and Jade arrive. Holden gives Lily a kiss, saying he'll see her later, but before he leaves, she stops him, curious about the lipstick on the collar of his shirt!

"Lipstick on my shirt?"
"Yea, its right here," she shows him.
"How do you know its lipstick?" he asks.

Jade butts in telling Lily it's her lipstick. She says she got sloppy putting on her make-up.

After Lily and Luke leave the room, Holden heads for the door, but Jade stops him! She confronts him about the lipstick! "You and I both know I lied for you," she says. Holden asks what she wants from him, saying he didn't ask her to lie. She reveals that she saw him with the blonde at Lakeview. He claims it was business. She goes on to say when she saw the same blonde at Lakeview earlier she rushed Luke out so he wouldn't see. He expresses that he would appreciate it if she keeps this to herself!

After Holden leaves, Luke comes back in the room and asks Jade what's wrong. She informs him that it's none of his business.

At Java, Paul delivers a rose to Meg, then asks if he can join her. He apologizes for accusing her of having something with Craig. She says she knows what kind of man Craig is, and she doesn't need him to warn her. She goes on to say she makes life and death choices in the ER every day, so she's capable of handling Craig!

Later, Paul tells Meg since she was honest with him he wants to be honest with her. He says he loves her, but a part of him will never get over Roseanna. Paul expresses he knew Roseanna was in danger, but he doesn't believe he done enough to protect her from Craig. He says now that he's been given a second chance he'll do any thing to fight for and protect her (Meg). He explains Lucy has what it can take, because her testimony will put her father in jail. As he gets up to leave, Meg asks where he's going. He responds saying he wants to be there to see Lucy put Craig behind bars.

In the courtroom, the DA asks Lucy about her father paying Wayne Larson to kidnap her. She replies that's what she thought at the time, but now she's not sure! The judge reminds her what the whole purpose of the hearing is about, he asks if she's going back on her statement now. "No, she's not!" Dusty jumps up answering for her. The judge orders him to be quiet. Lucy apologizes for taking so long to answer. Again, Dusty jumps up, telling Lucy she knows the truth, not to be afraid to answer, not to be afraid of anything! Once again, the judge warns Dusty telling him not to speak again unless he's told to. He refuses to listen, asking the judge if he can tell him about his injuries. Craig's lawyer intervenes, reminding the judge it's not a trial, and Craig is not a witness. Dusty sits back down saying he'll give Lucy a chance to set the record straight.

The DA asks Lucy if she has anything further to add to her testimony. With tears in her eyes, she replies she doesn't have anything else to add. The judge asks if she's recanting her "sworn statement." She confirms. Craig's lawyer adds that since she's "recanting" her statement, Craig should be released. The judge agrees, dismissing the case. The judge adds, speaking to Lucy, telling her the next time she wants to punish her father to forget the courts and go see a therapist instead!

Once the case is dismissed, Dusty says to Craig, "I'm here, whatever you got planned. I'm ready for anything. Anything you got."

Later, outside the courtroom, Lucy apologizes to Dusty. She explains Craig already hurt him once, there's no telling what he'd do next. She says she couldn't risk that. In anger, Dusty says she let him down. He expresses that he's worried about Johnny. Before walking away, he reminds her that she promised him.

While Dusty walks away, Craig approaches Lucy and thanks her. He says he didn't realize how much she loves him. She pulls away looking toward Dusty, then back to Craig. "Your love means nothing to me. Don't flatter yourself about why I didn't push this case. I hate you! You make me sick!" Lucy says to Craig.

After everyone walks away, Paul approaches Lucy, he demands to know what just happened, saying he just seen Craig walk out! Lucy explains why she didn't testify. Paul, before walking away, says, "You have no idea what you've just done!

Back at Lakeview, Lily and Lisa talk over drinks. Lisa says she knows it's not her fault she was in a comma, but it's certainly one way to "pack on the pounds" she adds. "Oh, that makes me feel much better," Lily replies, without much enthusiasm. Lisa suggests she give herself a break. "It's not like you were just lying around ordering pizza, beer and drinks," Lisa continues. She advises her to learn to be patient, to be in the arms of her family and her "wonderful, handsome, adoring husband."

Holden walks into Lakeview, noticing Lily and Lisa. Quickly, he hides behind the wall and motions for the blonde, sitting at the bar, to come to him. He says they should go somewhere else, informing her that his wife is in there!

Dusty arrives home, finding a note from Barbara saying, "Now that Craig is no longer a threat, Chaz has taken Johnny to the children's museum while I run a few errands. See you back her later to celebrate."

Dusty crumples the note, throws it, then he heads for the safe! Opening the safe, he grabs a pistol! Confirming it's loaded, he places the clip back into the pistol!

Next on As the World Turns...

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Katie informs Simon and Carly that she has just finished the new pages of the re-release of "Oakdale Confidential," or what she likes to call "Sweet revenge."

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