Jack pulls away from Carly and tells her be can't betray Janet. She blurts out that his wife slept with Dusty. "We're married!" he says. Carly tells him that Janet confirmed it to her. She would have told him earlier but Janet and Liberty need him. Now, she's sick of seeing him drowning in guilt while his wife is sleeping with someone else. She offers him some coffee and then asks when he will confront Janet about this. "You're free," she says. "This doesn't change anything," he tells her. She doesn't understand why he's giving Janet a free pass. He tells her that he forced her into it after Brad. His loyalty is to his brother and his daughter. She thinks this will make everyone miserable and urges him to walk away from Janet. He loves Carly but he can't do that. He walks out on her.

In a Minneapolis hotel room, Janet tries to avoid Dusty but he offers to hold her until she falls asleep. They kiss. Her phone interrupts. It's Liberty. Her hair has started to fall out. Janet thanks Dusty and runs for the door. He says she's in no shape to drive and offers to do it.

They go over to the hospital. Dusty waits in the corridor as Janet goes in to see her daughter. Janet gives her a hat and Liberty remembers playing dress-up when she was little. They recall their first manicure together and Janet promises her that they still have everything they need. Janet goes back into the corridor and talks to her daughter's doctor. He explains the next round of treatment. Janet doesn't think she can stay away from her daughter while this is going on. She returns to Liberty's room and they chat about what a great guy Dusty is. Janet gives her a hug from Jack and tells her how brave she's being. Liberty cries and asks her to go. "I love you, I love you, I love you," Janet says.

Jack goes to Metro looking for Dusty. He's told that he's out of town. Jack stalks off.

When Dusty returns to Janet's hotel room, he finds Jack waiting for him. Jack tells him to get out. Dusty thinks he's going to walk out on Janet and surmises he knows everything. Jack rants at him about how much his marriage means to him. When Janet calls Dusty to tell him she's on the way over, he asks her to meet him at a diner instead. Dusty tells Jack that he's better for Janet than he is. Jack finds that impossible to believe. "I'm in love with your wife," Dusty claims as Janet walks in and sees them together.

At the Lakeview, Craig meets with Ellis to talk business. They make arrangements for him to take over Parker's trust fund. After Craig walks off, he bumps into Carly and she rambles about getting Monte Carlo off the ground. He assumes Jack must have burned her again. Craig hopes she is actually walking away from Jack this time. She tells Craig she just wants his money, not his advice. As they sit down to eat, he's evasive about financing details. When he asks the waitress about Dusty, she tells him he's out of town and someone else has asked the same thing. Carly tells Craig they should go to Minneapolis and says it's a mecca for young designers. He doubts that but agrees to have the jet fueled.

Carly and Craig arrive at a hotel in Minneapolis. She tries to get rid of him. He assumes she's up to something and accuses her of being there for Jack.

After Reid and Katie put Jacob to sleep in his room, she tells the doctor how much she will miss him. He thinks she should actually get a life and take Henry up on his offer.

In his room, Barbara tells Henry that she thinks they just invented an Olympic sport. He brings in champagne and tells her that they are inventing a new, heavy-petting based relationship. She wonders if he'd rather have something more substantial. She laughs and they drink and kiss. As they begin rolling around in bed, Katie comes out the door. Henry asks Barbara to hide and then lets her in. Looking around the room, she sniffs the air and accuses him of spending his inheritance on hookers. He tells her the woman he was with was classy and nice and then they bicker about Reid. She finally explains that she is reconsidering his offer about the money. Katie changes her mind about the money and storms out. Barbara comes out of hiding, fully dressed and offended. She slams the door on his hand as she walks out

When Henry takes his injured fingers to the hospital, he finds that Reid is on duty. Henry's not happy to see him. Reid tells him it's just a sprain and calls his situation with Katie pitiful. He accuses him of always finding ways to screw things up with her. Reid says that Henry will never have a chance with her because he's already convinced he's not good enough for her.

Katie runs into Barbara is the lobby of the Lakeview. They talk about Henry. Barbara insists that Henry is no concern of hers and then they argue about him and his fortune. They sit down for cocktails and chat about Henry. Katie doesn't like to see him being used and accuses her of going after his money. Barbara accuses Katie of using him. "If you want him, he's all yours," she says. Katie gets offended and stomps away.

When Reid goes home, Katie makes him a sandwich and tells him how much she'll miss him. They talk about their days and eh assumes Henry is blowing it again.

Henry finds Barbara in the lobby and shows her his bandaged middle finger. She laughs. He apologizes if he seemed ashamed to be seen with her. He thinks they are actually good together. They wonder what everyone would say if they went public and then begin kissing.

Next on As The World Turns:

Damian tells Faith that only he can help her father.

Holden tells Lily to take the kids into hiding.

Carly says that this situation is wrong for everyone.

Janet tells Jack that they are going to have a baby no matter what.

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