Parker goes downstairs to notice a jittery Carly cleaning. After he leaves, a distracted Carly flashes back to Janet informing her she is having a baby with Jack. Craig interrupts and she asks him why he can't take no for an answer. He boasts he has a solution for her problems with Jack and suggests that they move to New York! Craig tries to persuade her that the best designers and distributors are in New York. Carly doesn't want to uproot her life and family, but he reminds of her of Jack and Janet having a baby together. They are interrupted with a call from Jack, but Carly doesn't answer. Craig thinks she isn't over Jack, but begs her to think about New York and leaves.

Jack and Janet make small talk at the farm. Janet is nervous about Liberty's immune system. Jack promises she'll pull through and Janet comments how nice it is to be with him. She thinks they will get used to one another again. She gives him a small kiss before leaving for the hospital.

At the hospital, Liberty overhears Dusty talking about her on the phone. After pressing him, he admits he heard of a special study for leukemia patients in Minnesota. Janet arrives and is frustrated to see Dusty. He asks her to meet him in the waiting room. She steps aside with him, and he tells her he is upset she is having a baby with Jack. He then fills her in on the study and thinks it is a better solution than having a baby with Jack. Janet thinks Dusty is jealous and reminds him she is Jack's wife, but Dusty remarks she doesn't have to be! He then gives Janet the information on the study before he leaves.

Parker visits a visibly frustrated Liberty in the hospital. She admits her head is itchy and it is a sign of losing hair. Parker offers to bring her popcorn for a movie night. She fills him in on Dusty's study he found in Minnesota. He is crushed when she tells him she wants to go alone. He then sets up her laptop and shows her a live feed he set up to communicate when he isn't around. She doesn't want him to see how bad she will look. Parker tells her she will always be pretty and sweetly pulls her in for a hug.

Janet enters Liberty's room and they discuss the study in Minnesota. Liberty really wants to try it and Janet promises to go with her and be supportive.

Janet meets Jack in Old Town and informs him of the study in Minnesota and how Liberty can be treated immediately. She reminds him he can't go because of his chicken pox. Jack assures her everything will be fine. She still doesn't want to give up on the baby and kisses him good-bye.

Carly heads to fashions for retail shopping therapy. While she's trying on clothes, she spies Jack and Janet talking. After seeing them kiss, she begins shaking and accidentally falls over! After knocking everything over, she tells the clerk she'll pay for the dress she's wearing later and runs out. Jack enters and the attendant tells him that Carly left wearing the dress!

Craig calls his attorney, Ellis, to discuss giving more money to Carly to sweeten the business deal. Ellis informs him that he couldn't finance socks!

Parker goes to see Craig at his Lakeview suite and asks for money from his trust fund to visit Liberty. He tells Craig about Liberty going to Minnesota. Craig slyly tells him he has inspired him and no amount of money should be spared on the ones you love!

A frustrated Carly returns home and begins talking to herself. She is upset for making a fool of herself. She has a vision of Jack and Janet celebrating their new baby's first birthday together. Her nightmare includes her arriving drunk and Jack telling her to go away and not come back! After she snaps out of it, she calls Craig and tells him she's ready to talk about New York!

Janet and Liberty arrive and settle into her room in Minnesota. Liberty thinks Janet should go ahead and check into the hotel. They are shocked when Dusty arrives and offers her a ride! Dusty tells them he had to follow and make sure everything was okay. Janet pulls him into a hug and thanks him!

Craig meets with Ellis at the Lakeview. Craig suggests that they use Parker's trust to finance Monte Carlo! Ellis thinks it is a bad idea, but Craig has no doubt he can pull it off.

While resting in bed, Liberty is upset when she pulls a chunk of hair out of her hand. Parker calls her on the computer, but she lies that her computer isn't working so he can't see her.

Dusty escorts Janet back to the hotel. She admits she has no idea what she wants when it comes to Dusty. She thanks him for his help with Liberty. Dusty asks her not to have a baby with Jack and then orders her to rest.

Jack arrives at Carly's and asks her about the dress. She explains it was a misunderstanding and then shocks him with the news that she is moving to New York! Jack doesn't want to lose the kids, but Carly reminds him that he made promises to her that he can't keep and it is torturing her. Jack doesn't want her to leave, so she seductively asks him to help her unzip her dress so it can be returned! He moves in close and begins to unzip the dress. The sexual tension is undeniable and they begin to kiss. Jack eventually pulls away and yells that he can't betray Janet. Carly sarcastically laughs and informs him that his faith-driven wife has been cheating on him with Dusty!

Next on As The World Turns:

Holden tells Lily that Damian has something else up his sleeve as she worries he might come after her!

Damian says, "I am the only one who can keep your mother safe."

Jack angrily tells Carly, "This doesn't change anything!"

Dusty gets down on one knee and asks Janet to marry him. Janet faints into Dusty's arms!

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