Alison chases Casey down before he can push Mick off the roof in his wheelchair. They argue, Mick taunts him to push him. Casey asks Ali if the psychopath is guy she really wants to be with. Alison says that Casey is the one he loves. Mick is outraged and ends up knocking Casey to the ground. Casey's hand is cut open and Mick wheels away.

Alison and Casey go inside and she cleans up his wound. She can understand if he never wants to see her again. He doesn't blame her for being confused considering all of the craziness that's been going on. He can't shake the feeling that, deep down, they weren't ready to get married. Things soften between them. "Just so you know, I still love you too," he says.

Alison finds Mick in the stairway. She tells him he should turn himself in before the cops find him. "Will you come visit me in prison?" he asks. She thinks he needs medical help, not a prison term and offers to speak up for him. He doesn't think she should burn any more bridges because of him. She just wants to help. He tells her that the way he felt about her was never a lie. Alison says he'll just have to learn to be Mick Dante now. A cop comes in with his gun out and arrests him.

At the station, Molly and Holden don't understand why the country would violate his rights and extradite him to Malta. Tom explains that the case isn't very good but there's a lot of government pressure to do it. Holden asks Molly to get Lily. Tom leaves to set some things in motion. Holden tells Molly again that he needs Lily there so they can prepare things for the kids. She's reluctant but agrees. She asks him to promise not to give up. "I'm not going to let them take you away from me without a fight," she says, kissing him.

At the hospital, Luke explains to his mother that Dr. Oliver told him that the dead body couldn't have been Damian. Down the hall, Dr. Oliver is dealing with a patient. He tells her that he's been looking for a case as hopeless as hers so he could take a shot at it. Luke looks in. Reid slams the door in his face. He comes out a moment later and sends his patient off. When he tells Luke that he'll leave his boyfriend blind if he interrupts him again, Lily gets offended. They ask him to confirm that the body couldn't be Damian's. Molly rushes in and tells Lily that Malta is trying to extradite Holden today. Luke begs Dr. Oliver to speak to the US Attorney. They bicker, Reid refuses and Luke storms off.

Noah arrives at the hospital to see Dr. Oliver. Reid complains about Luke and tells him that Damian can't be dead. Noah's shocked and tells him he can't blow this off, he has to help. Reid think he needs a lawyer, not a neurosurgeon. When Noah tells him it's time to do something for someone else, Reid declares their meeting over and walks out.

Lily and Molly arrive at the station as Tom starts his counter arguments with the attorney. They leave Holden and Lily alone. She explains that the body that was found couldn't be Damian's. Luke arrives and explains that Dr. Oliver said he was too busy to come. Tom returns and explains that there's already a judge for the case and it's going ahead. When Holden leaves to calm down Molly, Lily and Luke tell Tom about the dubious medical evidence. Reid wanders in and explains that the body couldn't have been Damian's. The attorney leaves to make calls and Tom suggests that Reid get a confirmation of his findings from Bob. Reid groans, rolls his eyes and walks out. Luke follows him. Molly hugs Holden and he tells her it's not all over yet. Lily looks away.

Outside, Luke tells Dr. Oliver that what he did means a lot and he owes him. Reid's glad to hear him say that. He wants Luke to speak up for him at the hearing so he can leave. He promises to still treat Noah, even if he goes back to Dallas. When Luke returns to the interrogation room, he discovers that the case is still going ahead. Molly throws a fit and storms out. Holden tells his son that there is still something they need to talk about. He's had notes prepared for the children and wants Lily to tell the them that he loves them. She insists that he will still be around to do it.

Molly runs to WOAK and prepares to go on the air with what's happening with the Damian case. She goes on the air live and everyone watches at the station. She explains that the attorney is fighting to have Holden extradited and implies that corruption could be involved. The Attorney General suddenly calls the case off a moment later.

Tom runs into Casey at the hospital. Casey explains what just happened and how he was attacked by a man in a wheelchair. He wonders if all of this was his fault and he pushed things too fast. Since Casey still loves Alison, Tom says it might not be too late for them. He tells his son that they can have his criminal record expunged and he can still go to law school.

"Thank God for Molly Conlan," Lily tells Holden at the station. Tom returns and tells them the extradition has been suspended.

Damian is seen trashing his desk when he gets a text saying that the extradition has been postponed.

Alison goes to see Casey at home. The joke around and then she tells him that Mick has been arrested and sent off for psychiatric evaluation. She assures him that it's over with Mick and notices he's reading "Law School For Morons." He's embarrassed but she encourages him to pursue his ambition. When he asks her if he's a lost cause, she tells him he's not.

Next on As The World Turns:

Janet is eager to get pregnant.

Dusty tells Janet he doesn't want her to have a baby with Jack.

Craig tells Carly that New York is beckoning for them.

Carly informs Jack she's moving to New York.

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