Bob runs into Alison at the hospital. Things are awkward. She asks after Casey and says she never meant to hurt him. Bob doesn't think he's the one she should talk to about this. He wonders if she just came back to work so soon because Mick is there. She doesn't answer and drifts down the hall to Mick's room. When she's about to leave, he wakes up and asks her not to go. He grabs her hand. "I need you to get me out of here," he says. He assures her that James in no longer part of him and asks her to take him to the roof. Being hit by a truck knocked James out of him. He claims that he just wants to see the sky and breathe without James in his head. She wonders why she still feels safe with him and then agrees to his request.

Bob runs into Casey outside. Casey explains that he's heard that Mick isn't dead yet. Bob tells him that revenge isn't the answer. Casey feels like a loser. Bob is sorry but tells him he'll have to heal himself with time. He urges him to try and remember more about Alison than just what went wrong on the wedding day.

Alison wraps Mick up and wheels him onto the roof of the hospital. When they hear someone come up, they hide. It's Casey. He shouts for her. She rushes over to him and he demands to know where Mick is. She claims he's not there. He doesn't believe that. Casey rants at her and she swears that she isn't trying to help Mick escape. He wishes that he didn't care about her so much and didn't still want to believe her. As he shouts at her, Mick wheels out of hiding and orders him to step away from her. Mick says that Casey just wanted Ali to save him but she failed so he's angry about it. He thinks he's desperate to prove that he's a victim and Alison deserves better than both of them. Mick continues taunting him until Casey flies off the handle and wheels Mick to the edge of the building.

In her room, Barbara takes out an old family picture and cuts James out of it.

Paul and Emily go out for lunch. Henry arrives. Paul explains that they have to settle things so they can be normal. "Dad's blood money is yours," Paul tells his brother. Henry doesn't want the cursed money either. Paul says he already wired it into his account and then he hobbles away with his wife.

Katie is grossed out when she walks into her kitchen and finds Reid stuffing his face. He hands her two months rent and says that he expects Bob to talk to his judge friend for him so he can finally leave town. She seems upset. "Holy co-dependency! You don't want me to leave," he says. Henry rushes in and explains what just happened with Paul. He tells her that he wants Jacob to have the money. She doesn't want to touch that money. He thinks this is the only way to reverse the curse. Reid tells Katie she's being ridiculous and then leaves for work. Katie tells Henry that the doctor is leaving town. "This day keeps getting better and better," Henry says. He begins planning what they can do with the money. She refuses again and tells him she likes living there with Reid; she doesn't share a history of loss with him.

Paul and Emily go back to Fairwinds. As they make out, Barbara walks in with a stuffed Panda named Polly and tries to 'lighten the mood'. "There isn't a big enough sun in the sky," Paul says. She knows they are bitter and tells Emily they were both Mick's victims. Emily doesn't buy that and thinks she just wanted to take control of Paul's life again. Paul tells his mother to get lost and says he's given James' fortune away. Barbara is impressed. She says that being shot did him some good because now he has finally grown up. "I am through mothering you," Barbara says, storming off. "Thank God," he says. "I'm not sure if I won that round or she did," he jokes to Emily.

Reid and Bob are at the hospital chatting about a case. Dr. Oliver thinks that Bob owes him for coming to his rescue and asks him to call his friend and have the charges dropped. Bob says his legal problems are not his concern. Reid says working there is worse than jail. "You haven't seen our jail," Bob says. They go over a case and Reid gets excited. He offers to take care of it but he tells Bob that he hasn't tricked him into this. "Whatever you say," Bob says.

Barbara tracks Henry down at the Lakeview. He pours her some champagne. They drink and talk about her relationship with Paul and Mick. When she claims that she only wanted what was best for her son, he laughs and says that it was all about her. She thinks he doesn't have a clue about selfless love. He says that he was selfless about Katie. She laughs at that and says his greed killer her husband. As they argue passionately, they rush upstairs and tear off their clothes. After sex, they complain about why they shouldn't have just done that. They're needy and she's his brother's mother.

Emily and Paul go home and make out. "I'm an invalid. Take me to bed," he says. Bob calls and informs them that Mick is no longer in his bed. Paul takes out his gun. She gets angry; she doesn't want him looking for trouble. He puts the gun away and they return to making out.

Reid returns to Katie's and helps her fold laundry. He explains that he'll be sticking around a little longer but tells her that she shouldn't get used to having him around. She doesn't know the real him. "Tell me what I need to know," she says.

Next on As The World Turns:

Casey asks Ali if she really loves the 'psycho'.

Lily worries that it sounds like Holden is saying goodbye.

"I owe you," Luke tells Reid. The doctor already knows how he can pay him back.

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