At the station, Luke, Lily and Molly worry about what Holden and Margo are saying. Molly gets nervous when Lily tells her that she already handed the ring over to the cops.

In the interrogation room, Margo tells Holden that she can't turn a blind eye to vigilante violence. He insists that he was only protecting himself, but he should have come froward about the fight sooner. She doesn't think the police in Malta will let this go. A cop comes in with proof that the ring and note were faked. She tells Holden to stop talking and get a lawyer. Luke comes in. Holden apologizes. Luke thinks this is just like when they thought he was dead. He asks him if he did it. ''I don't know,'' Holden says. He explains his fight with Damian and claims he left him on board a ship. Luke tells him he shouldn't have lied. He walks out to Margo and requests to see her report on Damian's death.

Molly runs off to Java to call the jewelry store and make sure they don't rat her out. Lily arrives and confronts her about it, explaining that it's landed Holden in even more trouble. Molly claims she had no choice and accuses Lily of doing nothing but moaning and never caring about Holden. Lily claims she's just trying to be fair. Molly thinks Damian must have brainwashed her and says that what she did, even if it has backfired, is more honorable than anything she's done since Damian came back.

The women return to the station as Holden is being processed. He says Tom is on the way. Lily wants to talk to him. He asks to speak to Molly first. They go into the interrogation room and he confronts her about the ring. She offers to take the blame for it but he won't let her. She says that Lily's on the warpath so he calls her in. The three of them bicker until Holden sends Molly out. Lily and Holden argue about who has been judging who and he tells her that he stopped believing in her the day she married Damian. She doesn't want him to go to jail for this so they agree to work together. Margo walks in to say that Malta wants to extradite him.

Luke literally runs into Dr. Reid in the hospital and drops his papers. Reid helps pick them up and notices the photos of the head injury. He asks to look at all of them. After doing so, Reid tells him that the man in the pictures had an advances case of Huntington's disease and would have been nearly a vegetable.

At the hospital, Jack calls Liberty to tell her he's sending her a DVD player. Dusty runs into Jack in the corridor. Since Jack has never had chicken pox, he can't go into Liberty's room so he sends Dusty in with the DVD player.

Carly corners Janet in front of the hospital. They argue. Janet insists that Dusty is not her boyfriend. Carly explains that Teri accidentally confirmed it and asks her how she can do this to Jack. Janet insists it only happened once. Carly doesn't care for her excuses and tells her that she knows it's still going. She orders her to tell Jack that their marriage is over or she will. Carly tells her to do the right thing and let him go. Janet doesn't want a lecture on morality from her. They continue to bicker. Janet insists that she still loves Jack and walks away.

Jack catches Carly before she can walk into Yo's. He apologizes for the whole pregnancy thing and claims it is still in the consideration stage. She can't believe he would seriously consider having a child with Janet just to get a donor. He can't think of an argument against it. She thinks he should think this over and points out what an enormous responsibility a child is. He wishes Brad was still around. She's sure he'll do the right thing.

When Janet goes into her daughter's hospital room, she finds her punching a punching bag which Dusty brought her. They laugh and then Janet asks him to step outside. She asks him to call her before he comes to see Liberty. She's worried about what Jack will think. He tells her that he wants to be with her and the sooner she admits what she wants, the easier it will be for everyone. ''He's a part time husband at best,'' Dusty says, offering to take care of her and Liberty. Janet doesn't know how she feels, she just wants to get her daughter better. He just wants to help her. She asks him to go away.

Dusty meets Carly at the Lakeview. She confronts him about Janet. He tells her that Jack is breaking Janet's heart and they don't belong together, even if they are married. They agree that liberty doesn't need support from a screwed up marriage. He's made his offer to Janet and she's thinking it through. Carly already assumed she knows what the answer will be. She tells him about the baby plan.

Janet goes home. She tells Jack how exhausted she is. He holds her and tells her they should have a baby. She thanks him. They go upstairs. As they sit on the bed, they talk about how messed up things have been between them. She says that what they are about to do is the greatest act of love possible.

Next on As The World Turns:

Paul tells Henry their fathers money is now his.

Henry and Barbara get into bed.

Mick asks Alison to help him escape.

Casey looks for Alison and Mick on the roof.

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