Holden and Lily meet at Al's so she can apologize for persistently questioning him about Damian. She's realized that he can't have killed Damian and hands him the ring and note Damian supposedly sent her. It was driving her crazy not knowing what happened but now she has closure and he'll be out of their lives forever. "I can start over again," she says. Molly comes in and Holden tells her the news. She hugs him. Lily squints and decides it's time to leave.

Molly and Holden take a room at the Lakeview. They toast to Damian. He's relieved that he didn't kill him and thanks her for sticking by him. She just wants to see him happy so they can move on together. He peels off her clothes and they climb into bed. After sex, she tells him that she never thought they could be together like this again. They begin talking about Abigail and he says they should go and see her.

At Lily's, Noah has packed his stuff. Luke wonders if he still wants to leave. Noah insists that he has to learn to do things on his own again. He needs to be able to focus on himself so he can recover. Margo arrives, looking for Lily. She explains that the Maltese authorities contacted her. Remains washed ashore and they've been confirmed as Damian's. The coroner is convinced that there was foul play involved. Weeping, Luke tells her about the last time he saw his father. Margo pays her condolences and leaves. "Luke, I'm right here," Noah says. They sit down. Noah offers to be there for him but Luke asks him not to change his plans. He doesn't want his pity and says that, even if he stayed, he would walk right out as soon as he felt better. "Either you're with me for good, or you're not," Luke says. After Noah leaves, Lily comes in and shows him the note and ring. Her son breaks the news that Damian is dead. She doesn't believe it.

Margo goes down to the docks and finds a little boy. He tries to run away but she keeps him there for questioning. He tells her about the fight he saw. Lily calls and tells her about the note and Holden seeing him leave. Margo asks her to bring everything down to the station.

Craig meets with Ellis at the Lakeshore and complains about how business is going. Craig decides that he's going to put everything he has into Monte Carlo. Ellis thinks Craig just wants to get Carly back in bed.

Outside of the farm house, Janet walks in on Carly before she can explain Janet's affair to Jack. Janet tells her this isn't a good time. Liberty is back in the hospital and might have chicken pox. She explains that they are now planning to have a baby for a bone marrow match. Carly stutters, glares, squints and boggles before declaring she has to go. Once she's gone, Jack asks Janet why she did that. They bicker but she insists there is nothing to argue about. He wonders where the church would stand on this. She points out that a child is a huge commitment and suggests that he would do anything to save Liberty except make a commitment to her. She doesn't know what else to do. He asks her to let him think about it.

Carly runs to Craig's room and asks him to have dinner with her later. She babbles. He asks her what's going on. "I want a drink so badly I'm crawling out of my skin," she admits. She explains that Jack and Janet want to have a baby. "How do I trump a dying kid?" she asks. He tells her to take it. She's not good at being noble. He tells her this might be a good thing because something always gets in between her reuniting with Jack. Craig thinks she'll make herself crazy pining after Jack when he's devoted to another woman. "What you had is gone," he says. She says it will be gone if he has a baby with Janet. When she cries on his chest, he makes a move on her so she storms out.

Molly and Holden go to the farm house. Margo arrives and informs them that Damian is dead. Holden's shocked. Molly gulps and gets defensive. Margo explains that she has a witness to the fight. Holden admits there was a fight. Margo has to take him in. Lily and Luke arrive as they go and Lily calls out that he couldn't have been involved.

Craig arrives at Carly's and finds Jack there. He sarcastically congratulates him on the baby. Jack tells him this is none of his business. They bicker. Craig wonders how he can keep two women on the hook and tells him that children don't save marriages. Jack says he doesn't walk away from his responsibilities. "I'm counting on it," Craig says.

Janet runs into Carly at the hospital. Carly was dropping something off for Liberty. Janet tells her that she's done enough and she wants her to leave her family alone. "You're spending too much time with my husband and I want it to stop," Janet commands. They bicker and Carly accuses her of destroying her marriage on her own. Janet plays dumb until Carly brings up Dusty.

Next on As The World Turns:

Dusty tells Janet he wants her.

Jack tells Carly there's no reason he shouldn't have a baby.

Lily tells Molly her plan has blown up.

Holden may be extradited.

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