Molly runs into Jack at the farm house. He's having his beer and toast breakfast. She asks after Liberty. He fills her in on the latest. She thinks he's a real 'mensch' for hanging in with Janet through all of this. Rocco calls and asks for Janet. He tells Jacks that the test said he's a match so he's coming to Oakdale. Jack is amazed. Rocco curtly tells him this isn't a social visit and hangs up.

Carly bites her lip and sneaks out of Metro after she spots Dusty and Janet kissing. Janet breaks away and says they shouldn't be doing this. She begins frantically cleaning and tells him they can't be together. "Then why does it keep happening?" he asks. She compulsively cleans and tries to run away. Jack walks in and explains that her father called the house and he's a match. She's ecstatic. Dusty admits that he went to see Rocco. Jack stares, briefly interrogates Dusty and then tells Janet they should go back to the house. She worries about how weird meeting her father again will be. She stutters and worries about what to cook before running off. Dusty tells Jack that he was just trying to help. Jack wonders why he's 'going above and beyond' for his wife. Dusty claims he did it for Liberty. Jack suggests that he come to him first next time he wants to help.

Carly runs into Teri on the street and asks her how Janet is. "I was referring to her affair with Dusty," she says. Teri asks her to stop saying things like that. Carly taunts her about how everyone will have to deal with this, including Liberty. When Teri tries to walk away, Carly grabs her and says that there are no secrets in Oakdale. Teri slips up and confirms the affair.

Carly runs over to WOAK to gloat to Molly that Janet is sleeping with Dusty. She unpacks the situation. Molly wonders what she'll do next. Carly wants to blow Janet out of the water. Carly does her makeup and complains about how unfair this situation is. Molly wonders if she really wants to be the reason the marriage ends. Carly insists that she won't be the reason. Molly thinks this whole thing could backfire on her and offers to poke around for some details from Dusty first. She agrees to that so Molly runs off.

Liberty goes over to Parker's to drag him out for the day. He frets about her but she wants to be active while she still can be.

Liberty and Parker go out for coffee and she tells him how rough chemo gets so she just wants to be normal. She wonders how her dad would handle this and they try to change the subject. A little later, she gets a head rush. He thinks she should get home. When he touches her, she's hot. He panics and helps her up.

Janet goes home and does her makeup. Her father shows up. "I never figured you'd end up on a farm," he says. They soon begin bickering. He won't turn his back on Liberty; God wouldn't forgive him. She wonders how he could have turned his back on her then. He threatens to walk away if she starts dragging out their dirty laundry. They continue arguing until Jack comes in. They're polite. Jack leaves to wash up and Rocco brings up Dusty and how impolite he was. He wonders how friendly she is with him. Janet spots Teri through the window and runs out to bring her in. Teri rushes into her father's arms.

The family go over to the hospital to see Dr. Hearn. They spot Parker and Liberty and then introduce her to her grandfather. Liberty's not happy to see him. "You waited until I had cancer to meet me?" she asks before launching into a rant at him. She doesn't want his help and tells him to get lost. As they walk away from her, Dr. Hearn arrives. He explains that this isn't going to work because Rocco's heart condition makes it impossible. After he walks off, Rocco apologizes. Janet thanks him anyway. Jack takes Rocco aside and asks him not to abandon his daughter again.

Parker promises Liberty that they will work things out. She's doubtful. He assures her that she's not going to die and promises that she will still get to do the things she wants to.

Jack and Janet go home. She asks him if he was serious about doing everything they can to save Liberty. He was. "We can have a baby," she suggests. He thinks that's crazy and can't believe she's even suggesting it. She claims a baby would complete them. After she begs him, he agrees to think about it. He spots Carly through the window and goes outside. "There's something you need to know," she says.

Molly drops by the Lakeview to see Dusty. She flirts with him and asks how he is. They catch up on her love life and he claims he's not involved with anyone. "My trouble days are over," he says. He tries walking away. She tells him to go for it, whoever she is.

Next on As The World Turns:

Janet interrupts Carly and Jack.

Henry and Barbara leap into bed.

Casey catches Ali and Mick on the roof.

Lily tells Molly and Holden that they all need to move on.

Luke asks Holden if he killed Damian.

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