At the studio, Gwen asks Adam what happened back in LA. Attempting to avoid the question, he asks if anyone ever told her what happens in LA stays in LA. Confused, she says she thought that was Vegas and not LA.

Sensing he's uncomfortable talking about LA, she changes the subject, asking how he was able to pull a couple of in session musicians who were tight with a guy like David Geffen. He replies the guy owed him a favor. He seems surprised Will didn't tell her how big of a deal he was out there. She wonders why he keeps putting off going back, if he's such a "big deal" there. He says it should be obvious that he's there for her. She's says she's grateful, but continues to question him. When he snaps at her, she asks if they're fighting, saying it sounds as if they are. "No, of course not," he replies. He goes on to say he just gets a little "bitey" with too many questions. She apologizes, explaining she just wants to know about the business -- how he survives.

Later, she asks him about the record deal. He explains that he thought he had it, but didn't. He says it happens all the time, you just move on. She expresses how much it sounds like her life, expect for Will. She goes on to say it's been one big disappointment after another with Will. He asks her how she copes. "I dove head-first into music," she answers.

At Java, Jade lets Will know about Adam canceling their date, and then she offers to buy him a cup of coffee, but he refuses.

Later, while sipping the coffee he refused earlier, Jade cautions Will. She says she believes there may be something going on between Adam and Gwen. She goes on to say Adam always seems to be watching Gwen's every move. Of course she finishes telling Will he has nothing to worry about, Gwen wouldn't do that, he's just making her dreams come true is all, she says to Will. After finishing what she has to say, Jade reminds him about his cake then she leaves.

Later, back at the studio, Adam and Gwen go back to work. They begin listening to the song he thinks she should cover. While listening, he gives her advice on where to make improvements in the song. As they listen and discuss the song, Will walks up and sees them smiling together. It looks like they're having a blast! Suddenly, Gwen notices Will. Happy and excited, she runs over and gives him a hug. Wearing a big smile, she says he should have been there.

Back at the cottage, Mike informs Katie, "We've said everything there is to say. You slept with Simon, part of you still loves him. That's pretty much a deal breaker. So no amount of crying or explaining or whatever else it is you have planned here is going to change that. So, either let me out or I'm going to go downstairs and get a crowbar and open it (referring to the door) myself." Realizing the plan she and Henry cooked up isn't going to work, she grabs the walkie talkie and instructs Henry to open the door for Mike. Henry asks if she needs back up, she declines saying she's fine, once again instructing him to open the door. Henry continues to ask if she's sure. Mike takes the walkie talkie over ordering him to open the door! Henry finally opens the door!

Outside, Henry comes up and explains his actions. "Hey, it's great to have you back. It's great to have you here, talking things out like a responsible, mature, married couple who belong together. Which is the only reason I locked you up in there, Mike. I always have your best interests at heart -- yours and Katie's best interests." Not looking happy, Mike voices for Henry to "get lost." Before taking Mike's advice, Herny says, "When you two lovebirds decide to spread your wings, I will be at the Lakeview. And Champagne is on me."

Once Henry leaves, Mike and Katie go inside. She continues to beg him to give their marriage a second chance. She says she needs to make sure he don't do something they'll both regret. "Like what?" Mike inquires. "Like walking out on a wonderful marriage. I know I've made my mistakes. But we're so much more than that."

While arguing, she asks him if he remembers why they got married. She says it was so they could think about their vows and all the wonderful things they said to each other, all the promises they made. "For better or for worse," she reminds.

He flashes back to their wedding day, remembering what he told her: "If I need inspiration, all I need to do is look in your eyes. You are my light in the darkness. And you are my most loyal friend. And you will always and forever be my snow angel." It's all he can do to hold back his emotions. "Do you remember?" Katie asks, interrupting his thoughts. "Of course I remember," he says. He remembers everything: the wedding, their plans to have kids, adding on to the house... everything, he remembers it.

Later, he says he can't do this. He asks her,"why would something like this just happen?" She explains she was stressed out from everything (the book, getting pregnant, etc.). He responds saying she did that herself, including letting her guard down. He continues saying she grabbed Simon thinking he would save her. He reminds her that she still has feelings for Simon, telling her he can't deal with that. She continues to beg for another chance, saying they can start over. She tells him how she's dreamed about their baby. "Me, too. Turns out, that's all it was. It was just a dream. Good-bye," he says as he walks out the door.

At Lakeview, Simon swings the necklace back and forth like a hypnotist in front of Carly repeating the words "it's so beautiful." It's evidence," she retorts. She explains no matter how much she loves excitement, she doesn't want to go to jail. She goes on to say she doesn't believe it's a good idea to "flaunt" the necklace around town. Simon says since the necklace seems to be bothering her so much, he'll just get rid of it. Getting up, he asks the bartender if there's a trash can behind the bar. Carly is shocked! She changes her mind snatching the necklace from him!

Over coffee at Java, Lucy worries about what Craig may do to Dusty if she testifies. She expresses to Dusty how she believes Craig is threatening him all because of her. She goes on to say if her testimony puts him in prison, she's afraid he'll make a phone call from there and have him (Dusty) killed. She shocks him when she says she doesn't think she should testify. He advises her not to let Craig play with her mind. She says she doesn't like seeing him get hurt. Dusty assures her he'll be fine. "Put him away," Dusty says. "All you have to do is tell the truth."

Later on, Lucy arrives at the courthouse. She watches as Craig talks about Johnny with his lawyer. After discussing Johnny, Craig informs his lawyer that Lucy is trying to win Dusty's approval, "especially after last night," he adds. "So it's true! You set up Dusty's accident to scare me!" Lucy storms in interrupting their conversation. She continues saying, not only is she going to testify, but she's going to make sure the judge hears what he done!

Before walking away, Craig's lawyer warns her, saying she'll object to anything she brings up that's "unsubstantiated" or "off point."

After his lawyer walks away, Lucy continues her anger toward her father. Craig informs her to do what she has to do. "If I testify you'll kill Dusty, won't you?" she asks. He's not making any guarantees, but says to remember, "Accidents happen." She warns, "You'll be facing more than just kidnapping charges, it'll be attempted murder!"

Later, Dusty arrives asking if she's okay. She reveals her father tampered with his breaks. She expresses how worried she is that he'll do something else. Again, Dusty assures her she'll be fine.

Katie meets Henry at Lakeview. He asks where Mike is, she says he's gone. Seeing how upset she is, he suggests they forget the champagne and get lots of scotch instead.

As they walk into the dining area, she witnesses Simon and Carly kissing. "Look at them, their so happy. He's all over her like nothing happened. Mike was right, Simon never loved me!" Katie expresses to Henry. Sensing the tension, Henry suggests they get some burger and fries at Al's. "I'll eat, you can cry," he says. "I'm not gonna waste one more tear on that pathetic excuse for a man," she remarks. "Okay, we'll both eat. But sparingly. I'm a little short on cash. I was two hearts away from a straight flush," Henry jokes.

Katie notices the necklace, she points out how beautiful and expensive it looks. Henry says the rumors must be true, telling her he heard they got a lot of money from the building they renovated. Again, he suggests they go to Al's. Katie changes her mind, suddenly inspired to work on her book. He asks what her theme is. "Revenge," she replies.

Lucy swears in and takes the stand. Immediately, the DA begins questioning her. He reminds her that in her deposition she stated Craig admitted to her that he paid Wayne Larson two million dollars to abduct her. "Is this true?" Without answering, Lucy looks at her father. She remembers his words before they entered the courtroom: "accidents happen."

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