Casey finds Ali outside of Mick's room. "You can't stay away from him can you?" he asks. She begs Casey not to hate her. She doesn't know how to apologize enough. He says that she chose Mick; he's the man she's been dreaming of. "Don't let this cancel out our whole relationship," she says. He storms away and she runs after him.

Paul wakes up in a hospital bed and begs Emily to tell him that Mick is dead. He's not. Paul wants Mick to pay, though Emily thinks he was just another victim of James'. She asks her husband to focus on getting better, then kisses him and walks off to take a call. Paul instantly climbs out of bed and gets on some crutches.

Paul hobbles down the hall to Mick's room. He knows that he was likely just James' pawn but he will still never forgive him. He reaches for the plug. Mick opens his eyes and motions for him to do it. "With pleasure," Paul says... but he won't do it because dying would be the easy way out for Mick. He hobbles out.

Alison chases Casey down at Java to apologize again and repeat that she loves him. He asks her for details about her affair. She admits that she slept with Mick in the church where they were supposed to get married. That makes things worse. "I feel like the world's biggest chump," he says, storming off again.

When Casey goes home, Alison is there, packing so she can move out. She thinks she's proven that she's not up to being a Hughes. "Welcome to my world," he says. Before she leaves, he wonders if everything just moved too fast. They soften for a moment. A nurse calls and tells Ali that Mick has just taken a turn for the worse. She takes off her ring and places it on the table before walking out. "Well Grandma, it looks like you're getting you ring back," he says with a sad laugh.

Paul has returned to his room. He tells Emily what just happened with Mick. He couldn't kill him because he likes what his life is now and doesn't want to risk it. "I might actually turn into someone I like eventually," he says.

Alison goes into Mick's room. She tells him that he's a good person and she wishes she could have helped him more... but she's no one's savior. He flatlines. She kisses his face and his pulse returns.

At the farm house, Janet walks Jack out the door. When she goes into the kitchen, she finds Liberty reading the list of possible bone marrow donors. "Am I dying?" Liberty asks. "The cure can be worse than the disease," Janet tells her, before explaining that the donor is just a precaution.

Liberty and Janet arrive at the hospital. An orderly tells them that they are suspending chemo for now because her counts are too low. Janet tries to put a positive spin on it but Liberty is sure this is bad.

When Liberty returns home, she pretends to be Janet and calls the hospital to see if any of the potential donors were matches. None were.

Craig and Carly meet at the Lakeview and go over their plan for a business meeting. He needs her to pretend that she likes him. She's confused so he explains that their investor thinks they are a couple. When the investor arrives, Carly acts flirty and kisses Craig. As soon as the investor walks off, Jack catches them kissing and demands to know what she is doing. Carly drags Jack off and orders him to get off his high horse. He knows he has no right to be jealous but he is anyway. They bicker. She needs this for her business. "Why does it have to be with Craig?" he whines. She tells him he has no say in her life and asks him to leave her alone. Jack says she knows he's right. After he leaves, she returns to Craig. She tells him he went overboard with the kiss. He says it's worth it if they're back in business. She walks off. The investor returns and says that Carly is too much trouble.

Carly goes to see Jack at the station and they bicker about the scene he made. She says he's not the only one who is jealous; she's jealous of Janet. He worries about Craig. "You go home to your wife at night and I'm alone," she points out. He tells her that he wants her and they begin kissing. Liberty starts knocking on the door. Carly hides. Liberty comes in and explains what happened today. He assures her that they can still find a donor. She's worried about breaking the news to her mother that no donor has been found. After they leave, Carly asks herself what she's doing.

Back at the farm house, Janet calls to check on the results. They tell her there is no match. She calls for her daughter. Liberty and Jack walk through the door. They tell her the news and Janet assures her that all is not lost. When Liberty goes upstairs, Janet admits to Jack that she's never been more scared. He thinks she should reach out to her family. "It's been so many years..." she says, worrying about seeing them again. She's tired and wants a nap. Jack tells her he has to go back to work.

Carly shows up at Craig's and tells him she wants to go out for an expensive dinner to celebrate. Craig lies and tells her that their investor came through.

Next on As The World Turns:

Jack tells Carly that he can't get her out of his mind.

Janet tells Dusty she's running out of options.

Dusty tracks down Janet's relatives.

Lily suspects something more happened between Damian and Holden on the docks.

Holden tells Molly he's turning himself in.

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