At the church, Casey asks Mick to repeat what he just said about sleeping with Alison. Mick calls Emily up and confronts her about her marriage to Casey and how she had her tubes tied. He then prompts Alison to come clean. Casey defends her but Alison finally blurts out that it's true. Casey pouts. Mick gloats. When he begins boasting, Casey lunges at him and the gun goes off.

Outside, Margo is trying to keep the rest of the cops away. Unfortunately, they've already sent a SWAT team. She tells Tom to get out of there. He won't leave until they have everyone out safely. She tries calling Mick but he won't answer. Tom tells her to try thinking like James. She asks him to call Susan to see if she knows anything about a connection between Mick and Alison. She hears a gun go off and calls again. Mick lets her talk to Casey to prove he isn't dead.

Inside, Mick continues mocking his hostages. Alison begs him to listen to her. When she asks him if he killed the cop, he begins demonstrating his ability to choke people. As he grabs her throat, he has a headache. Backing off, he orders that his hostages be tied up. Margo calls again and he tells her that they're just playing truth or dare. She begs him to let someone else out. "No one's leaving until I win the game," Mick says, hanging up.

Mick leads the bride and groom into the back room and ties them up. Casey tells him that he will kill him when this is over. Mick wonders if he is is going to marry Alison or become her porn producer. He continues taunting them. She does her best to keep him there, away from the other hostages. He knows that's what she is doing, takes out his gun and leaves them alone. She asks Casey to help with the knots. Casey is furious. He asks her when she started things with Mick. She insists that it was only once and she can't explain why she did it; she wishes she could blame this on Mick but she couldn't stop herself. Casey can't believe that he's been knocking himself out trying to be a better person for her. "I never want to see you again!" he shouts. She breaks free. Once he's free, he looks for a way out. She refuses to leave everyone else. He won't let her go after Mick. She insists that she still loves Casey and wants to be with him. He asks her if he's the man in her mind or if it's Mick. "I was dreaming about him," she admits, before running back into the chapel.

The SWAT team arrives outside. Margo can hear Emily yelling through the door. Mick returns and grabs Emily. Mick yells that he has everything under control now. Henry tries convincing him to let the other hostages leave. Paul does the same. Mick shoves Paul to the ground and makes him beg. He tells him how Emily would have betrayed him for the chance to have a baby. "You're a monster!" Emily screams. Paul begs. Mick sneers. Barbara begs. They trade insults until Henry lunges at him. Mick pistol whips him and the bickering continues. He turns back to Paul, who says that his father can't touch him anymore, not now that he has real love in his life. Paul and Emily kiss. Barbara tells Mick that he's lost. He's about to shoot Paul when Ali runs in. "I'm ready to go. Come with me," she says, begging him to do what's right. Mick screams at her and tells her they were only together out of lust and he doesn't want her compassion. She denies that. Casey steps up and tells Mick that she confessed that she dreams of him and only wants him. Mick seems to be swayed for a moment... his nose begins bleeding. She begs him to go with her. They run.

Outside, Tom remembers that there is a tunnel that runs from the nearby classroom to the church. Margo calls over the leader of the SWAT team to sort things out. She and Tom rush into the church. Mick and Alison are already gone. Casey chased after them. Tom calls Margo to run after them without calling for back up.

On the street, Mick tells Alison that everyone is safe now. She can see that he is Mick again, not James. He's grateful that she's tried to save him and everyone else, but he's not sorry that he stopped this wedding. He's sure that she didn't want to be married to Casey. "I love you," he says. She smiles. He asks her to go away with him. Casey runs at them. Mick levels his gun at him. Alison throws herself in front of him. Casey pushes her out of the way. Margo runs up and yells at Mick to surrender. He drops his gun and leaps into the path of an oncoming van.

Paul and Emily are at the hospital. He tells her that his father can never hurt them again. When he offers to give her a child, she tells him that just being together is enough for her.

Henry takes Barbara home. They talk about Katie and she encourages him to go to her. He tells Barbara that she is strong and sexy and she's only gotten better over the years. She tells him he needs to find someone younger than her. He begins giving her a massage.

Mick is brought to the hospital with internal injuries.

Down the corridor, Casey arrives to see his parents. He explains that Mick and Alison slept together. After he walks off to wait in the car, he walks by Alison. She has blood all over her gloves.

Next on As The World Turns:

Jack tells Carly that he wants her.

Alison tells Casey that she loves him.

Mick asks Paul to pull the plug on him. "With pleasure," Paul says.

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