At home, Margo is doing up Tom's bow tie and worrying about the wedding. She wonders if she should tell her son that Mick is on the loose. Casey comes in and they take pictures. Tom jokingly tells him not to screw this up. Casey hopes his marriage can be as strong as theirs.

Barbara rushes into Fairwinds to find out what happened between Paul and Mick. Paul tells her that Mick isn't a problem anymore and, no, he didn't kill him. They bicker and he asks her to stop obsessing about this and stay away form the wedding.

Paul runs into Emily outside of Fashions as she picks up a dress for Ali. He wonders if she regrets not having an extravagant wedding... they kiss.

Kim shows up at the hospital to drag Bob to the wedding. Dr. Oliver stops by to complain about patients. Bob tells Kim about Reid putting Henry into quarantine. The doctors begin bickering and Bob orders him to start respecting their standards.

At Katie's, Henry complains to her about Reid. She laughs and wonders why he's so obsessed. He says he's only trying to protect her. She likes Reid and tells Henry he's being annoying. Shoving him out the door, she announces that she is not going to the wedding with him. Reid shows up once Henry's gone and she tells him what just happened. He takes the ice cream vat out of her hands and announces that they are going to the wedding together. He wants to prove to Bob that he's not a total jerk so that he can get out of the more menial work at the hospital.

Henry shows up at Barbara's and asks her to the wedding. She doesn't think she should be her rebound date while Paul is angry with her. He tells her she should go and prove she has nothing to be ashamed of. She hurries off to dress. A moment later, she walks out and he's stunned. "You'd upstage the bride," he says. She asks him to zip her up and she giggles as he does it.

Alison goes into the church. Mick strides over to sarcastically congratulate her. She asks if it's him or James talking. "Mick isn't here," he says, brandishing a gun and announcing that he has some scores to settle. They hear people arriving. She convinces him to go to the tower and wait for her. When he walks off, she rushes out and tells her sister that Mick is there and he has a gun. Emily calls Margo and tips her off. She tells them to run. Alison goes up to the tower instead. She claims that she wants to be with Mick and help him break James' hold on him. When she kisses him, he pushes her off. Margo rushes in with some cops and arrests him.

Paul arrives outside of the church. Emily runs out to him and tells him that Mick has been arrested. They go inside. "Don't worry son. I forgive you," Mick tells Paul. Alison says Mick needs help. Paul thinks he needs to be pushed off a cliff. Alison explains what Mick told him about being brainwashed. Casey decides that it might be wise to postpone the wedding. She refuses to wait another day and hugs him close.

As the cop drives Mick over to the station, Mick begins to yell and fake a seizure. They pull over. Mick attacks the cop then steals his keys and cuffs him. After grabbing his gun, he runs off.

Susan and Emily help Alison get dressed. Margo comes in and tells them Mick is on his way to the station and they have nothing to worry about.

Bob and Kim are in the chapel talking to Lisa. Tom and Casey come over and they all discuss the police coming by. Tom downplays everything. Katie and Dr. Oliver arrive. Bob's impressed that he's stopped by. When they turn around, Henry and Barbara arrive. As everyone sits down, the music begins to play and Alison starts down the aisle. At the altar, Casey thanks her for making him a better person and nervously runs through all of the things he loves about her, like her honesty. She admits that she's made mistakes but promises to make him happy for the rest of his life. Margo suddenly runs off. Paul and Emily go up to read a passage from Shakespeare. As soon as Paul open his mouth, Mick storms in and shoots him. Reid and Bob gather around Paul. Mick orders everyone to throw their phones on the floor. He yells at Henry to stop trying to escape. Barbara is sure that not even James would stand by to watch Paul die. Paul asks Mick to let everyone go so they can sort things out alone. Margo calls Mick after finding the cop in his car. She tells him to leave now. He tells her that if he sees a cop outside, he'll start killing hostages. "I'm in a room full of hypocrites who act like I'm the only criminal that Oakdale has ever seen!" he yells. Bob asks Mick to let the women go. Kim refuses to leave him. Mick says no one is leaving. Bob has a stroke and collapses. Everyone begs Mick to let Bob go. He agrees to let some of the hostages go. Everyone bickers over who should leave. Susan and Reid leave with Bob, Lisa and Kim, Tom, the minister and Katie.

Outside, Tom fills Margo in on what's happened. She calls Mick and asks him to let Paul go. He refuses and tells her that he's not negotiating any more. He just wants 'quality time' with his family.

At the hospital, Susan checks Kim over and then leaves to check on her daughters. Bob explains to his wife how he faked the stroke to get out. "I just thought, what would Dr. Oliver do?" he says.

Back inside, Casey begs Mick to end this. Mick points his gun at him and challenges him to follow through on the 'hero act'. Alison tries to talk Mick down. Barbara offers to help him. "What makes you think I want to go anywhere with an old sex kitten like you?" he asks. He begins mocking Emily and says she would have believed in the tooth fairy if she thought it would get her a baby. Alison begs him to be a good man and hand over the gun. He doesn't want to be psychoanalyzed by a 'porn queen' and then tells her to pick who he'll kill first. When Casey defends her, Mick blows up and blurts out that he slept with Alison.

Next on As The World Turns:

The hostage situation continues.

Henry gets beaten down after attempting to defends Barbara.

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