Susan arrives at Fairwinds and tells Emily that Ali has vanished and Mick escaped from the hospital. Susan explains that Ali and Mick slept together. Emily sputters. "It's bad," Susan says. Emily says she has no idea how bad it is. She explains the Mick story and the results of the DNA test. Susan can't believe anyone's buying this. They run off.

At home, Casey is making a rambling video message for his wedding day. Bob arrives and Casey begins interviewing him for the video. Bob says that he and Alison are a perfect couple and then talks about how nervous he was on his wedding day. "It made surgery look like making a sandwich," he says. Casey admits that he has doubts about Alison and doubts that he has what it takes to make a good husband. Bob reassures him and advises him not to take things for granted. Emily and Susan arrive looking for Ali. Casey tries calling her but there's no answer. Bob suggests that he interview them for the wedding video. The Stewart women are uncomfortable but do it anyway.

At the hospital, Henry is freaking out for being held in quarantine. Margo calls to ask him about Mick. She fills him in on what's happening. After she hangs up, Henry coughs all over an orderly until he runs off. Henry escapes.

Paul rushes to his mother's room and asks her where his father's 'science experiment' is. He waves his gun and vows that he is going to get rid of James for good. He threatens to shoot her if she sides with James over him again. She tells him that Mick must be in the church. After Paul runs off, Henry runs in, still wearing his hospital gown. He pulls on a sheet and warns her about Mick. She already knows. "Mick is James," she insists. Henry stutters and asks her if she's been hitting the schnapps. She insists that he's back to make things up to everyone. Barbara adds that she's been taking the anti-aging treatments for both of their sakes. He's confused. She tells him that their time together was what she needed; he proved that her life isn't over. Since she felt that she couldn't compete with Vienna or Katie, she wanted to try to be younger. Henry tells her she only needs to be who she is and says she's 'sexy as hell'. She asks him to be his date to Casey and Alison's wedding. He says he's already going with Katie.

Alison is with Mick in the church tower. He explains that he doesn't want to hurt anyone but James is in his head and he can't fight him off. When he tries to resist him, he gets nosebleeds. He says that James took him in and looked after him. James saved him from a life on the streets and the only thing he had to do in exchange was come back and get revenge on Paul. Ali decides that helping him has been a big mistake. He thinks that they are fated to be together. Sitting down, he explains more about James and the things he asked him to do. When he began to doubt James' ways, James brainwashed him and began implanting his thoughts in his brain. He never wanted to fight that until he met her. She suggests he turn himself in but he refuses. Alison tells him again that she belongs with Casey, not him; she just has to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone. They hear Paul screaming for Mick downstairs. Alison runs down and tells him that having a gun in church isn't right. Paul rants and demands to know where Mick is. She tells him that he's gone. Paul tells her that he won't hurt anyone again and offers to take her home. She says she'll be fine. As soon as he leaves, Mick comes out of hiding. "You lied. We both know why," he says. She can't hide him but she can't walk away. He takes her hand and asks her to leave with him. She can't do that. Mick is sure it is the only way he can finally be free of James. He asks her to be honest with herself and admit that she slept with him because she doesn't really want Casey. She orders him to go. He pulls her into a kiss. She runs away.

Emily returns home and finds Paul sitting with his gun. He tells her that he saw Ali and he's going to wipe Mick off the face of the earth. Since his DNA proves he's a dead man, they can't prosecute him for shooting him. When he heads for the door, she stops him and tells him that he is doing exactly what his father would want him to do. She talks him into handing over the gun. After she locks in the safe, she tells him that she believes in them.

Casey walks outside and finds Ali. They go into his house and she begins kissing him. Mick watches through the window. Mick makes a noise and angrily runs off. Casey looks out the door. She's jumpy and runs off.

Mick returns to the church tower and fights with James who repeats his orders to destroy the family for celebrating his death. Mick refuses to ruin Alison's wedding but James tells him that she doesn't care about him and he needs to get rid of them all at the wedding. They continue fighting. James wins in the end.

Next on As The World Turns:

Mick crashes the wedding.

Jack tells Carly he wants her.

Carly walks in on Janet.

Carly tells Molly that she's going to tell Janet everything and blow her out of the water.

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