Jack walks into the farm house and finds Janet sleeping on the table. He puts a blanket on her and sneaks away. As he drives off, she wakes up and calls out to him.

Carly is at Metro waiting for someone. She decides to leave. Before she does, she shows Teri some sketches and says that Liberty helped with them.

Janet goes to the hospital to have her blood tested. She finds that Dusty is also there being tested. Janet worries about passing out when she gives blood. He offers to stay and comfort her. The nurse comes in and draws blood while Dusty makes faces. Teri soon arrives. Janet thanks Dusty and he walks out. Her sister begins questioning her and demands to know if she slept with their boss. Janet tries to cover but Teri is sure that she has feelings for him.

Jack waders the streets and realizes it's Valentine's Day. He runs into Fashions to buy something for Janet. As he holds up some lingerie, Carly comes in. He awkwardly explains himself. "Stop acting like I caught you cheating on me," she says. Whatever was happening between them is no longer an issue. She begins searching for something for Janet to wear. He notices a nighty and remembers she used to wear one just like it in Montana. Jack runs outside and Carly trails after him. He doesn't know what he's doing but he can't ask Carly to wait. They sit down and she rests her head on his shoulder. Dusty walks by and interrupts. Uncomfortable, Jack runs away.

Janet returns home. Jack is in the kitchen. She worries about not being a match for Liberty. As she babbles, he pulls out the gift he got for her. She's thrilled with it and wonders how he could have picked it out by himself. She changes into it and models it for him. They make out. He tries undressing her but she stops him, explaining that she isn't ready yet. As she goes up to change, she thinks of Dusty and he thinks of Carly.

Dusty sits with Carly at Al's. They each claim that they are only friends with Jack and Janet. "You ever wonder what it would be like if things were different?" she asks. He doesn't.

At Fairwinds, Paul and Emily are shocked when the lab test come back saying that Mick is really James. She finds this hard to believe but he's sure death wouldn't stop his father from pulling something like this.

"You sir are no James Stenbeck," Margo tells Mick at the station. He insists that he is James and threatens to make a lot of noise if he's not released. When she walks out, he gets a headache and begins arguing with himself, "I want you out of my head. I want a chance with Alison! You have no chance with Alison."

Paul rushes into the station looking for Mick. Margo asks him how long he's been claiming to be James. She needs proof that Mick actually committed a crime if she's going to lock him up. She lets Paul go in and see Mick, but she makes him go in with a guard supervising. "What took so long, son?" Mick says as Paul comes in. He wants this to be a rebirth of their father-son relationship. Paul still thinks that he's a conman and warns him not to ruin things between Casey and Alison. Mick's nose begins bleeding. He collapses on the floor.

At the hospital, Casey tells Ali that he knows she's been pacing around at night and worries. She assures him that he is everything she wants. Emily comes in and asks for some girl time. He leaves and Emily shows her sister the test results. Ali freaks out when she reads them. Casey runs in after she yowls. Ali says it's nothing she's just nervous about shopping. After he leaves, Emily tells her that this is for real and she needs to watch her back. Alison goes into denial. After Emily leaves, Mick is wheeled in by some EMTs. Emily takes him into an examining room and sends Paul out. Eventually, Mick opens his eyes. She admits to him that she feels like they are connected but she doesn't understand why. Regardless of the evidence, she knows that he's not James. She begs him to fight against the thing which is ripping him apart. He promises not to give up. When the guard comes in, Mick leaps up and knocks him out. "Come with me?" Mick asks her.

Paul returns to Fairwinds and tells Emily what happened with Mick. He feels like he's being haunted by his father all over again. When James died, he felt liberated, but that's gone now. "You are your own man," Emily says. She walks off when Eliza starts crying. He calls the hospital to check on Mick and is shocked to discover he's escaped. Paul grabs his gun and leaves.

Casey goes home and runs into his mother. She tells him Mick was arrested and is claiming to be James Stenbeck. That sounds crazy to him. When she questions him about Ali and Mick, he gets defensive. She suggests he postpone the wedding. This infuriates him and he accuses her of trying to prevent his marriage.

Mick and Alison arrive at the church tower. He tells her that he can't stop himself anymore but she can stop him.

Next on As The World Turns:

Emily goes looking for her sister.

Paul threatens his mother.

Paul goes looking for Mick at the church.

Mick asks Ali to run away with him.

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