At Lily's, she and Holden bicker about what happened to Damian. She's sure that Meg went after him but he claims that he just ran off. Molly arrives and tells them that Meg has turned herself in and is back at the hospital. Lily continues to panic. He tells Lily to stop worrying about her husband and focus on her kids. "Like he told me to forget about you when we thought you were dead?" she says. Molly backs Holden up but Lily points out that Holden's story doesn't jive.

At the office, Luke continues to question the first mate of Damian's boat. He doesn't know if the bloody body was really Damian's, but, whoever it was, they're dead now.

At Katie's, she listens to Dr. Oliver as he takes a call about a patient who died. He refuses to let it get to him and heads for the door. As he walks out, Henry walks in. "That guy gives rude and insensitive a bad name," Henry complains. She informs him that she is going to meet the doctor for lunch. Henry rants about Reid and how cold and self-centered he is. When she defends him, he storms off.

Noah and Maddie are having coffee at Java. He complains about how hard it is to avoid Luke. When she talks about looking for an apartment, he suggests that they become roommates. She agrees to that and offers to start looking for places. She sticks around Java and reads ads as Noah goes to an appointment. Henry comes in and complains about Dr. Oliver. She tells him about Luke blackmailing him into coming to town. "So the all important doctor has something to hide?" Henry asks with a smile.

Luke shows up at the hospital to see Dr. Oliver. He assures him that he is doing all he can to stay away from Noah. Nonetheless, Luke explains that he needs to talk to his boyfriend. His father has disappeared and he has no idea what to do. Reid isn't impressed and ratchets up the sarcasm. After Luke storms away, Noah comes in for his appointment. The doctor rails at him about Luke but refuses to turn this into a therapy session.

Katie runs into Reid at the hospital. She's there to have Jacob tested to see if he is a match for Liberty. She's getting cold feet. "What the hell is the matter with you?" he asks. He rants at her and tells her to get over herself. After she strolls away, Henry saunters over. "You trying to make trouble for me Hank?" Reid asks him. He confronts Henry about someone calling around and digging into his past. When Henry begins arguing with him, Reid calls an orderly and then announces that Henry has TB and has to be quarantined immediately. Henry's dragged away yelling.

Luke goes back to work. His mother calls and tells him how worried she is. He asks her to come over. When she arrives, he tells her about what the first mate told him. He's sure that it was his father who was dead on the deck and assumes that Meg or Holden left him there. She refuses to believe that about Holden and tells him that suspecting him like this would break his heart. Lily begs him not to let Damian steal the trust he has left for his father.

Holden goes to see his sister at Deerbrooke. She hugs him and apologizes for running away. He promises her that he's 'taken care' of everything so she doesn't have to worry anymore. She tells him how much she owes Molly. He says that they are both lucky.

Holden meets with Molly at the Lakeview. She says that she is just trying to keep him out of trouble. "Sometimes I feel like I can't win with you," she says. He feels like his life is a mess. Damian blew up the life he planned and he doesn't think he'll ever get it back. She assumes he's talking about Lily. He admits that Damian didn't steal Lily from him; she was already moving on without him. It doesn't matter now though; it's not like he could get past Lily marrying Damian ten minutes after she found out he was dead. Molly offers to be a team with him from now on. They kiss.

Luke runs into Noah at Java. He's reluctant to sit down but Noah asks him to. He explains what he's found out about his father so far. Luke isn't sure how he feels about his father being dead considering the way he hurt everyone. "It's okay for you to hate him," Noah says. Luke can't do that. Maddie rushes in and explains that she's found them a place. She notices that Luke obviously hasn't heard their plan yet. Noah tells Luke that he needs to learn to be independent.

Lily goes home and is startled to find Holden there. He's there to help Natalie with a school project. They talk about Meg. Lily's sure that Meg wasn't the one who hurt Damian. Natalie comes in and interrupts. She and Holden start drawing up her family tree. Lily gets uncomfortable but joins in.

Molly arrives at WOAK. She's assigned to cover Damian's disappearance. Molly argues that there is no story but she has no choice.

When Reid gets to Katie's, she's crying. He tries to avoid her but ends up asking what's wrong. She's crying because life is so unfair. She doesn't know how to teach her son to be hopeful with Brad dead and Liberty suffering. He tries comforting her, but insists that he's not hugging her. She needs him to help her with her grief. He suggests that she grow thicker skin and then explains that he keeps the photo of all the patients he's lost. They make him fight death harder every day. She decides to use her grief to help fight for Brad's daughter. When she leaves to see Jacob, he calls to check on a patient.

Next on As The World Turns:

Teri guesses Dusty slept with her sister.

Dusty sees Carly with Jack.

Dusty and Carly assure each other that they aren't involved with Janet and Jack.

Ali and Emily find that the DNA test prove Mick is James.

Paul goes after Mick.

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