At the farm house, Liberty wakes up and goes downstairs. Jack offers to make her breakfast but she's not hungry. She apologizes for being rude to him before and tells him how much she appreciates everything he's done. When Liberty goes upstairs, Carly calls him and he runs off.

Liberty is in bed but can't sleep. Parker comes into her room and offers her some gum. She's nauseous and asks him to take the flowers out of the room. Crying, she tells him about the drug cocktails she's been taking. He thinks she should try thinking positively. They hold hands and she admits she's never been this afraid in her life.

Jack meets with Carly at school. They talk about Liberty and then about them. He's sick of small talk and thinks they should face up to things. She says it's the only way they can be together. "You can't just ignore what's going on," he says. The principal asks them into his office and tells them that Parker has been skipping class. When he asks Carly if there has been more 'turmoil' at home, Jack flips out at him and Carly offers to talk to Parker.

Jack and Carly go back to the farm house. She admits that she actually slipped and drank some beer after he disappointed her again. They go upstairs and find Liberty and Parker sleeping in bed together. They go back downstairs and Parker soon follows. He expects his parent to rant at him but they understand why he's been skipping class. He worries about Liberty and Carly says they will all be there to help her through this. "What if it's not enough?" Parker worries. Carly urges him to have strength. That's hard for him. He's never felt as strongly for anyone as he has for Liberty and he doesn't know what to do. After he goes back upstairs, Jack tells Carly they must have done something right with him. He tells her that Parker gets all his passion from her and then kisses her. She breaks away and tells him they can't do this. Carly runs off.

Liberty wakes up in her bed and Parker is lying beside her. She's glad he's there but she tells him that things are going to get worse. He offers to hold her hair back when she starts puking.

Luke is at the station asking the cops if they have any leads on what's happened to his father. They don't have anything.

Holden and Molly are at Java discussing where Meg could have run off to. Luke pops up and explains that he's gone to the cops about Damian. He refuses to stop until he finds out exactly what's happened. Molly gets uncomfortable and runs away. Holden assures his son that things will be fine and says that they all need to forget about Damian for now. When Luke continues to worry about his father, Holden cuts him off and bellows, "I'm your father!" Holden calms down. Luke agrees that he's his father but he will always have a connection with Damian too. They decide to go to the hospital to have their DNA tested in case they need to donate marrow to Liberty.

At the hospital, Holden offers to try and track down Damian as long as Luke doesn't get involved. Luke agrees to that.

When Lily walks into her house, she's shocked to find Meg there. Before can run, Meg corners her. "Everything I've told you about Damian is true!" Meg says, launching into a rant about him. She asks Lily for her help. "You need a doctor," Lily suggests. Meg says that they have a bond because they have been equally stupid and should trust each other. Lily reminds her of her attempts to kill her. Meg says that Damian was actually responsible for most of them. When she hears sirens in the distance, she freaks out. Lily offers to protect her but asks her if she did something to Damian. Meg runs off.

Molly drives up to Meg and asks her to get into her car. Meg admits she's been hiding out at the Lakeview. She worries that the cops will send her back to the hospital and begins to cry as she thinks about her daughter. Molly assures her that her family misses her and wants her back. Meg is determined to get out of Oakdale and asks Molly for her help. Molly can't do that to Holden so Meg runs off. Molly chases after her. She tells her that her family needs her and explains what's happening with Liberty. "What if you're the one chance to save Liberty?" Molly says before explaining that they've already gotten rid of Damian and Sharkey. They climb back in the car and Meg beats herself up about what she's done to her mother.

Holden and Luke arrive at Lily's. She tells him Meg was there. She panicked and pressed the silent alarm. Holden insists that Meg didn't do anything to Damian and is angry that she called the cops. Luke gets called back to the office, leaving his parents to argue. He orders her to back off and insists that Meg didn't do anything. She wonders how he can be so certain.

Luke meets with the first mate of Damian's frigate. He explains that he found a bloody man on the deck but he disappeared. He's afraid that he was washed into the sea.

Next on As The World Turns:

"Is this a hug?" Katie asks. "Absolutely not," Reid claims.

Reid tells Henry that making trouble for him is a big mistake.

Holden tries to stop Lily from asking questions.

Luke guesses his father must have attacked Damian.

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