Adam drops by Will's place. Gwen asks Adam if she's running late, but he says she isn't, there's just been a change in plans and they need to get started right away. He says there was some time open in the recording studio so he grabbed it. Before leaving for the studio, Adam asks Will if he'll be joining them, but Will declines, saying he has a GED test to take today. He says he'll join them later. Gwen says they'll probably be finished before he is.

Later, Casey and Maddie meet them at the studio. Adam has a big surprise for Gwen! He asks her to wait there a minute, and then he opens up the door. Gwen glows as Roy Thomas, Sherdrick Brose and Trey Cuttingham walk out. The three of them shake her hand and introduce themselves, but Gwen already knows who they are. She says she's a big fan of theirs.

Moments later, Adam is getting things set up for Gwen to record with Roy Thomas, Sherdrick Brose and Trey Cuttingham. While preparing, a nervous Gwen walks in and says she doesn't think she can do it. She confesses that she doesn't think she's good enough. Adam expresses that she is good enough, or he wouldn't have brought them in. She accepts his reply and begins helping him prepare.

Meanwhile, Jade shows up and Adam steps outside to meet her. He says he forgot they were suppose to hang together today, but he promises he'll make it up to her with dinner. A little disappointed, she accepts and Adam says he must get back to the session.

Later, Gwen sings with the band; Adam smiles through the whole session. After it's over, one of the guys asks Adam if it was as good as it sounded where he (Adam) was. "Better, he replies enthusiastically. Adam seems surprised because Gwen didn't ask for his opinion. She says she figures since he didn't add anything she thought he liked it. He confirms, saying she done an excellent job!

Henry drops by Katie's and hands her the laptop he found outside. She weeps as she tells him Mike left. He asks her what she wrote in the laptop, and she confesses everything. She goes on to share her feelings of guilt. "I'm over Simon," she states. He wonders why he always gets involved with women who sleep with other men. Katie says it's because he's a good friend. "I'm going to help you get Mike back," Henry advises, asking if she's with him. "Yes," she accepts.

While setting their plan in motion, Katie notices that Lucinda called and left a message saying she needs the pages for "Oakdale Confidential." Katie relays the message to Henry.

Jack stops by Carly's to let her know he saw she and Simon kissing. She tries to explain, but he says he doesn't want to hear about her love life. He says she won't have to worry about him anymore, because he won't get in the way. He goes on to say the next time Simon lets her down or hurts her, don't come running to him.

As soon as Jack leaves, Carly's phone rings. She smiles seeing it's Simon calling. Simon requests she meet him at Lakeview. She says she'll be right there.

On her way out the door, she runs into Mike. While talking, she confesses she's still with Simon. "After he cheated on you?" he asks. She says she forgave him and suggests he do the same with Katie. Carly continues to lecture Mike about Katie, hoping she can get him to forgive Katie. Mike says she should listen to Jack and take him back. Ignoring Mike's suggestion, she goes back to he and Katie.

Mike's phone rings, interrupting their conversation. It's Henry calling to express Katie has some papers by the fireplace. He says they must be his construction papers, but he doesn't believe she would burn them. Henry says he's not sure. He claims it looks like she's been drinking, suggesting Mike come by and take a look.

Simon waits for Carly at Lakeview. While waiting, Jack arrives and joins Simon. Sitting down, Jack notices a black box on the table. He asks if he can see it. "Sure," Simon says. Jack opens up the box and whistles as he examines the diamond necklace. "Is it real or fake?" Jack inquires. "You tell me," Simon replies. He says it looks like he's trying to buy Carly. He goes on, telling Simon not to lie to her, use her or under estimate her, because there's no piece of jewelry that will get her back. Simon wants to know if she told him what happened between them last night, but Jack says he doesn't want to know. He continues by saying a piece of jewelry won't make up for what he done, and advises him to be good to her instead.

After Jack leaves, Carly arrives and Simon gives her the necklace. "It's beautiful!" she says. While admiring the necklace, she notices the diamond and asks if it's the diamond from the necklace he stole from Vienna. Simon attempts to avoid the question, but she asks him again. Without avoiding the question again, he confirms. "Are you out of your mind?" she exclaims.

Will bumps into Jade at Java. She pries, wanting to know what he's doing there. He answers, saying he's buying a cake. She wonders whose birthday it is, but he says it's not a birthday cake it's a celebration cake. He goes on to say he's celebrating finishing the first part of his GED. "That's great," she voices. He says this time he's doing everything right, including no cheating. She says she's happy for him. Then she asks if he's celebrating at the studio. "Uh... nope. This is going to be a private thing. Just Gwen and me," he shoots back. Looking all innocent and sweet, she says, "Oh... well, I hope you weren't planning on cutting the cake anytime soon."

Back at Katie's, Mike stops in to pick up his things. While collecting his things, he lets Henry know he's in a hurry, because he doesn't want to run into Katie. Mike turns back around and Henry is gone. Mike quickly continues gathering his belongings. Turning around again, he sees Katie coming down the stairs; she catches his attention. All dressed up in a black dress, earrings and a necklace. She looks stunning!

Next on As the World Turns...

Katie tells Mike she wants to make sure he doesn't do something they both regret. "Like what," Mike questions. "Like walk out on a wonderful marriage," she replies.

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