Susan runs into Alison at the hospital and asks her what's wrong. Ali claims she's fine. Her mother prods her for the truth so Ali finally explains she is there for the morning after pill. "It wasn't Casey was it?" Susan asks. Ali says she made a mistake. Her mother reminds her this wasn't the first time and assumes she must have slept with Mick. "You're not ready to get married," Susan says. Ali insists that she is just friends with Mick and they are both confused. She explains that being with him is like 'an out of body experience'. Susan doesn't trust him and suggests that he caused Emily's coma. She writes a prescription and tells her to let go of Mick. If she can't, she needs to let go of Casey.

At the farm house, Janet worries to Jack about Liberty and how vulnerable she is. He tries to calm her fears and tells her just to trust the doctor. Liberty comes in and Jack gives her a vampire book as a gift. As her mother tries to chat with her about it, Liberty asks her to try 'keeping it real'.

Liberty and her mother go to the hospital. Janet tries to be chatty but Liberty leaves for the bathroom. Janet turns to Jack to tell him how badly she thinks this is going. She just wants to be a mother and comfort her daughter. He tells her not to give up. As they hug, Carly walks into the corridor. She sees them and backs away, bumping into Liberty. She's brought her a care package of sketching materials. Liberty asks her to stick around for awhile. They go into a room to start her IVF. Liberty tells Carly about her plans for a prom dress. Her mood changes and she becomes depressed.

In the corridor, Janet continues telling Jack that she has spent her whole life trying to keep her daughter happy and safe. He insists that she's done that and there is no more she can do. Carly comes out and tells Janet that Liberty needs her mom right now. Janet runs in. Jack gets Carly some coffee. Susan wanders over to them and tries to reassure them about Liberty. She suggests they have family members tested in case a marrow donor is needed. Carly decides that she and Jack should get tested. They join hands and walk off. After they get tested, he buys her a chocolate bar. Janet comes out and they explain that they were just tested. She starts flipping out and accuses them of acting like the chemo will fail. Jack calms her. She apologizes. He promises that they will help her daughter through this.

Carly goes into Liberty's room to say goodbye. "Are you still in love with Jack?" Liberty asks. Carly asks her not to worry about that right now.

At Fairwinds, Paul doesn't know how to respond when Barbara tells him that Mick is really James. "This is the best that you could come up with?" Paul asks before bursting out laughing. Mick claims he can reverse the aging process and says he is there to reverse the damage James did. Paul grabs Mick and punches him to the floor. He accuses him of being a conman and tells him he's sick. Paul orders him out. Barbara asks him to let Mick prove himself. Mick tries making the case that he is James and tells Paul how hard it was to be on his deathbed knowing that his son wanted him there. Emily has called the cops. They come in and arrest Mick. As he's taken away, Paul yanks out some of his hair. Barbara tells Emily that she just lost her last chance at getting pregnant. Emily wants to warn Alison. Paul vows that Mick will pay for this. He asks his mother how long she's been in on this and threatens to have her thrown in jail. Paul can't believe how naïve his mother is being. Barbara claims the treatments are working but her son says, "You're older now than when you met Mick and I'm poorer now... To me, you just look like a fool."

When Alison gets home, her sister shows up. Emily explains that they just had Mick arrested. He put her in the coma and he's been lying about everything. "He's claiming to be James Stenbeck," Emily adds. Alison says none of this makes sense. Emily explains everything they know and Alison tells her about Mick's problems.

Mick is at the station getting processed. Alison arrives to see him. He offers to explain everything. "Who the hell are you?" she asks. She finds it impossible to believe that he could really be James. He claims that their connection is real and honest. The battle going on inside of him is at the heart of what's going on, he says. Barbara storms in and tells Ali to get out. "Be a good little wife and stick to things you understand," Barbara tells her. Alison asks him again for an explanation but he won't say anything.

Emily returns to Fairwinds. She and Paul talk about what's happened. He wonders if his father could have planned something like this. When he tells her it's all over, she's skeptical. She wonders if there is anyway what Mick claims is true. He decides to have the hair he tore out of Mick tested. Emily begins crying as she realizes that they can never have a baby. He says that they can figure something out... and they still have each other.

Next on As The World Turns:

"I'm your father!" Holden yells at Luke.

Parker comforts Liberty.

Carly and Jack kiss.

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